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Thread: RTW Tournaments and Clans

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    Default RTW Tournaments and Clans


    Ladders & Tournaments a place where all tournaments, official and unofficial, are held. Multiplayer campaigns can also be held there.

    Clan Haven a place for all regular clans to post a thread with any and all details they wish to disclose to the TWC populace. This forum is limited to only threads of this nature or anything else concerning clans specifically. However, if there are any suggestions on what else can be allowed/added here, do feel free to suggest them.

    If anyone has any constructive criticism regarding this forum structure specifically, please do share your thoughts. This is a work in progress as far as setting it all up goes, and the more help and enthusiasm for it, the better.

    Please leave your comments, questions, or suggestions here. You may also PM me with any additional inquiries.


    P.S. All forums should be visible, if for any reason you experience problems viewing/finding them, please let me know.

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