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Thread: Links to History

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    Deutschland Gloria
    Heil dir im Siegerkranz
    Preußens Gloria - Florian Geyer lied *new*
    Königgrätzer Marsch - Ostpreussen Marsch *new*
    Imperial German Navy
    Preußenlied - Ich bin ein Preuße. kennt ihr meine Farben
    Schneidige Truppe
    Die Wacht am Rhein
    Was ist des Deutschen Vaterland
    Das Lied der Deutschen
    Deutschland Gloria (zwei)
    Tannenberg Marsch - Waidmannsheil
    Düppeler Sturm Marsch - Frei Weg
    Erika - Jagdgeschwader Richthofen *new*
    Viktoria Marsche - Unter dem Grillenbanner *new*
    Von der Tann - Siegesmarsch *new*
    EDELWEIß - Badenweiler Marsch *new*
    Alter Jägermarsch *new* - Panzerlied *new version*
    Glory to Britannia
    God Save The Queen
    The British Grenadiers.
    The British Grenadiers Song

    DeutschenVaterland's Channel, here are some good videos, for people who enjoy the none liberal Deutschlands/Germanys.
    Hail to the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, rulers of the Commonwealth
    and Belgium!
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    Default Re: Links to History

    Interactive Historical World Atlas since 3000 BC

    I think this website may be very interesting as a complementary tool for the study of history and of the information contained in the documentary sources, historiography, or enciclopedias.

    It contains a sequence of maps covering the political history since 3000 BC.

    It ables you to position in any geographical area, both with a background map or relief map, zoom, navigate in time, search and create links that contain the geographic and historical situation that is desired.

    It also includes the ability to embed in digital media sites or topic sites, geographical areas and their evolution over time.

    And clicking on each country you can go to the relevant information in Wikipedia or Britannica online!

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    Default Re: Links to History

    Excellent Link +rep!

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    Icon3 Re: Links to History - Ilkhanids & Arabs in Jami' al-Tawarikh

    Illustrations in the 1305-14 Jami' al-Tawarikh (Universal History or Compendium of Chronicles) by Rashid al-Din.
    Ilkhanid Heavy Cavalry
    Ilkhanid Light Cavalry
    Arab Cavalry

    Ilkhanid Light Cavalry by Ian Heath
    A modern drawing of, & notes on, Ilkhanid Heavy Cavalry by Ian Heath
    Drawings of, & notes on, Heavy Cavalry by Ian Heath: Persian Cavalryman c1320 Persian Cavalrymen c.1335 Persian Cavalrymen c.1335

    Individual Folios:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Edinburgh manuscript Or 20:
    City of Iram, f1r
    Prophet Salih Produces a Camel from a Rock, f1v
    Hushang, f4r
    Manuchehr enthroned with Rostam in attendance, f6
    Moses in the Bullrushes, f7v
    Moses Hearing God's Voice, f8r
    Musa Slays the Giant 'Uj ibn 'Anaq, f9v
    Lohrasp enthroned with scribes in attendance, f12v
    The dying Rostam shoots Shaghad, f15v
    Eskandar enters the Land of Darkness, f19r
    Abd al-Muttalib and al-Harith about to Discover Zamzam, f41r
    Birth of the Prophet Muhammed, f42r
    Mohammad as a youth meets the monk Bahira
    Mohammed receiving revelation from the angel Gabriel
    Mohammed positions the Kaaba
    Mohammed and Abu Bakr on their way to Medina while a woman milks a herd of goats
    Night Ride of Mohammed on Buraq
    Mahmud of Ghazni in robe from the Caliph
    Mahmud of Ghazni crosses the Ganges
    Besieged defenders of a town advancing to battle, f125
    Battle Between Abu'l-Qasim and the Samanid Muntasir, f170r
    Muntasir Crossing the Jayhun, f170r
    Mongols besieging a City
    Kublai Khan on an elephant
    Khalili manuscript 727:
    Mongols in battle
    The emperor Xuandi of the late Liang, f14b
    The mountains of India, f21
    The mountains between India and Tibet, with a female pilgrim in Indian dress, f22a
    Battle of the Pandavas and the Kauravas, a scene from the Indian epic, the Mahabharata, f25a
    The Execution of Jalal-al-Din Firuzshah II (r1290-96), the Khalji, sultan of Delhi, by his rebellious nephew, f27a
    The nobles of Kashmir enthrone a fakir as King Yashaskara (r939-48), f28b
    Ravan, king of Lanka and king of the demons, lies dead before Rama, a scene from the Indian epic, the Ramayana, f30b
    Shakyamuni offering fruit to the devil, from the life of the Buddha, f34a
    The Grove of Jetavana, where the Buddha achieved Enlightenment, f36b
    Kushinagar, where the Buddha achieved Nirvana, f37b
    Noah's Ark, f45a
    Jacob, with three of his sons and his two wives, Leah and Rachel, f47b
    Joseph, his robe torn by Potiphar's wife (Zulaykha), appears before Potiphar, f48a
    Joseph and his brethren, f49a
    Moses commands the Levites to behead those who had worshipped the Golden Calf, f52a
    The death of Moses on Mt Nebo, f54a
    Saul, abandoned by Jehovah, is defeated by the Philistines and falls on his sword, f56a
    Jonah and the whale, f59b
    Mohammed exhorting his family before the battle of Badr, f66a
    Mohammed (on the left) leading Hamza and the Muslims against Banu Qaynuqa
    Mohammed receiving the submission of the Banu Nadir
    Two Emperors of the Qi and Liang Dynasties, f254r

    Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers

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    Default Re: Links to History
    Shows Roman sites and towns on a map. The towns/cities are based upon those named on the Tabula Peutingeriana (Itinerarium Antonini) and it also shows the locations of villas, baths, amphitheatres, theatres, baths, forts etc. It is being added to all the time.
    This shows Roman towns/cities on a map. it is based on the Tabula Peutingeriana.
    Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo.

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    Icon3 Links to History - Cuman and Hungarian Soldiers in the Saint Ladislaus legend

    Cuman and Hungarian Soldiers in the Saint Ladislaus legend including:
    Mural in the Székelyderzs (Dârjiu) Unitarian Church, Romania
    The Saint Ladislaus legend in the Képes Krónika
    The Saint Ladislaus legend in the Fresco of the Catholic church of Gelence (Ghelinïa), Románia
    The Saint Ladislaus legend in the Fresco of the Tereske church, northern Hungary
    The Saint Ladislaus legend in the Fresco of the Türje church, western Hungary
    The Saint Ladislaus legend in the Fresco of the Velka Lomnica church
    The Saint Ladislaus legend in the Anjou Legendarium, Vatican Library
    The Saint Ladislaus legend in the Church of Rimavska Bana (Rimabánya), Slovakia
    The Saint Ladislaus legend in the Church of Sepsikilyén, Transylvania
    The Saint Ladislaus legend in the Unitarian Church of Homoródkarácsonyfalva / Craeciunel / Krötschendorf, Romania
    The Saint Ladislaus legend in the Church of Bántornya, Slovenia
    The Saint Ladislaus legend in the Church of Maksa, Romania
    The Saint Ladislaus legend in the Fresco of the Bibarcfalva (Biborteni) church, Romania
    The Saint Ladislaus legend in the Chronicle of Johannes de Thurocz (Thuróczy János), 1488
    Paintings and drawings based on the above:
    Cuman warrior, 13th century by Angus McBride from Mounted Archers of the Steppe 600 BC - AD 1300 by A.Karasulas
    Cuman Mercenary c1300 by Angus McBride from Byzantine Armies 1118-1461 AD by Ian Heath
    Cuman Mercenary 14th Century from Byzantine Armies 1118-1461 AD by Ian Heath
    Cuman, 12th-13th centuries, from Armies of Feudal Europe 1066-1300 by Ian Heath
    Hungarian Knight, 13th century, from Armies of Feudal Europe 1066-1300 by Ian Heath
    and Cuman in an extract from Armies and Enemies of the Crusades 1096-1291 by Ian Heath

    MIRROR site:
    Cuman and Hungarian Soldiers in the Saint Ladislaus legend

    Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers

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    Icon3 Re: Links to History-Ottoman Illustrations by Jean Brindesi, 1855

    Illustrations by Jean Brindesi, 1855
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Sultan Mahmud II . Minister of the Interior . Grand Vizier
    Janissary Aga . Foreign Minister . The Executor of the Laws .
    Grand Judge . Grand Admiral . Officer of the Admiralty
    Janissary worker . Captain . Galleon Sailor . Fireman
    Inspector of Roads . Sergeant of the Guard Corps Commander . Commander of a Guard Corps
    Janissary in official costume . Battalion Chief of the first Reform of Sultan Mahmoud . Chief of Artillery . Battalion Chief of the Reform
    Gunner - Horse Artillery . Captain of Foot Artillery . Gunner
    Mortar Gunners
    Soldier of the Reform . Soldier (1st Reform) . Soldier (Reform of Sultan Selim) . Soldier (1st Reform of Sultan Mahmoud)
    Chief Cook's Assistant (Officer) . Cook's Assistants . Water Carrier (Officer) .
    Janissary of the Guard Corps . Pay Officer of the 25th Battalion . Room Leader . Sub-Officer of the Guard Corps
    Officer of Order . Lieutenant General . Chamberlain . Regimental Fourrier
    Chasseur of the 33rd Battalion . Senior Officer (ceremonial dress) . Chasseur of the 33rd Battalion
    Weapons Room Guard . Colonel of the Armorers . Guard of the Imperial Palace of Adrianople . Courier
    Soldier of Police (Patrol) . ADC to the Lieutenant General . Messenger of the Palace (Officer) .
    Chief of the Buffoons . Dervish . Buffoon of the Volunteers . Chief of irregular cavalry
    Footman of the Grand Vizier . Usher of the Divan . Guard of the Ambassadors
    Herald . Chief of Volunteers . (saddler of the 64th Battalion) . General of Artillery
    Chief of the Black Eunuchs . Dwarf . Chief of the White Eunuchs
    Page in the Palace . Palace Dwarf . Palace Mute (Page) .
    1st Valet of the Sultan . Sword Bearer . Archer bodyguard to the Sultan . Messenger/Guard of Honour
    Master of Ceremonies . (& lower order) . White Eunuch in the Service of the Harem . Crier of Prayers

    Generally larger images from a set of Turkish postcards made in the 1950s
    Sultan Mahmut II . Kethüda Bey . Sadrazam
    Yeniçeri Orta Ağası . Reis-Efendi . Şeyhülislam (Shaykh Al-Islam) . Çavuş Baş Şatırı
    Kazasker (Kadi El Asker) . Kaptan Paşa . Çuhadar
    Pırpırı Esnaf . Kaptan . Kalyoncu . Tulumbacı
    Yol Hasekisi . Bölük Ağası Çuhadar . Bölük Ağası
    Keçeli Nefer . Nizam-I Cedid Bimbaşı . Topçu Başı . Binbası
    Suvari Topçu Neferi . Piyade Topçu Yüzbaşısı . Suvari Topçu Neferi
    Eğri Kalpaklı . Şubara Neferi . Nizam - I Cedid Neferi . Şubara Neferi
    Baş Karakolluktçu . Karakolluktçu . Orta Sakasi .
    Kolluk Neferi . Keçeli . Oda Başı . Kolluk Bayraktarı
    Baş Çavuş . Kul Kethüdası (Kâhyası) . Kapıcı Başı . Orta Çavuşu
    Karakullukçu . Usta . Karakullukçu
    Cephane Karakullukçusu . Cephane Çorbacısı . Bostancı . Şatır
    Salma Neferi . Nöbetçi . Haseki Ağa .
    Soytarı Başı . Bektaşı Devesi . Soytarı . Deli Başı
    Çuhadar . Divan Çavuşu . Yasakçı
    Müjdeci Başı . Serdengeçti Ağası . Saraç Başı . Salı Usta . Cebeci Kâhyası (Cebeciler Kethüdası)
    Kizlar Ağası . Cüce . Kapısı Ağası (Ak Ağa)
    İç Ağaları . Cüce . Enderun Dilsizi .
    Baş Çuhadar . Silahtar Ağası . Solak . Peyk
    İç Oglan Çavuşları . . Zülüflü Baltacı . Eski Saray Baltacısı . Müezzin

    Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers

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