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Thread: Pirates Über Alles & Russian Сompany

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    Icon7 Pirates Über Alles & Russian Сompany

    Pirates Über Alles & Russian Сompany
    This modification for Empire Total War © by Sega & Creative Assembly is for free usage

    Home page of the author - Tortuga

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    * Modification is intended for installation in version 1.6 game Empire Total War (with established - all DLS, updatings, patches and addony a Warpath)
    * Before installation, the old version the fashion is removed completely, with all appendices!
    The general size of the PUA_version_3.7 folder - 10 Gb.
    It is possible to swing according to files, it is possible - to choose.
    The obligatory - is specified in the instruction!
    *In more detail (English) HERE!

    Change that makes the game modes.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    - First of all , mod makes the game a complete reorganization of gaming space .- Modification provides total conversion mechanisms for the development of fractions AI and player's faction .
    - The original fashion CAI extremely aggressive throughout the game continuation . But it is adequate and has a strictly historical logic of behavior tied to the real development of the historical balance of forces in the world of the 18th century .
    - Upgraded and developed combat system BAI - none, in any modifications to the EMPIRE: TOTAL WAR. AI Generals do not climb under the bullets and not rush to the bayonets, troops are able to protect them. AI troops to surround the enemy and know how to maneuver , operating from defense to attack from the flank, and retreat back to the battlefield when the danger has passed . For the player has a number of applications that affect the system BAI and customize the game to everybody's taste . This , for example, application or game without walls - forts ; application for configuring several different degrees of roughness in the battle area - a mountainous , fences, buildings, trees , stumps , application for AI activity in the " action " - a cinematic battle protracted melee fire - by felling !
    - Added the original author «groupformations» from the developer ! Adequate system, logical behavior of troops , as well - is unparalleled .
    - Full technical processing and replenishment quantitative physical models of units ! Bringing their velocity , mass , size and other things to truly balanced parameters and types of behavior on the battle map . This processing touched not only people, but also horses, which have multiplied types .
    - Redistribution and multiplication of different types of weapons for the troops.
    - Add various types and variations of shots from different guns for all the armed forces .
    - For AI added new features to confront the player with additional skills and abilities . For example, the AI now skillfully uses buckshot , grenades and many other things , which previously could not use AI .
    - Individually balanced size ammunition for all troops. For example, " horse " pistols shoot only twice , giving riders the AI ​​to move quickly to melee attack , immediately after the shot, almost at full gallop . Grenadiers and scorers have a small supply of grenades , which gives the possibility to use the AI ​​fighting qualities and grenadier in the melee .
    - All available types of shooting infantry optimized and arranged in a hierarchical structure - each new type of shooting effectively mastered the previous one. Or complements it tactically .
    - The mod introduces the concept of a realistic historical perspective expansion bullets when fired from handguns . At long range fire is not very effective and has more impact on the morale of the enemy. In the Middle - fire performance increases significantly. In this regard, on the tactics of great importance to maneuver , and then - who to whom faster approach to counter volley .
    - Modification increases the arsenal of weapons for factions. This new shoots , new shells, new tools and new machines of war - such as fire-ships or Turkish galleys with Greek fire ! All arsenals gaming space systematized and brought to a common technical and physical balance .
    - Arrange and provide expanded system animated characters. For example , animation officer exists in many versions , depending on the period of the appearance of his squad in the campaign of the armed forces and factions . There are also alternatives animation software units in applications.
    - Playtime century divided into three periods : early, middle and late . To play the maximum number of open fractions. All major factions have their own scenarios .
    Own scenarios to occur within fractions of common historical scenario of the global geopolitical development of the 18th century . The overall scenario is designed in strict historical key events of the epoch .
    - To maximize the historically correct atmosphere in the game modes complicates the technical structure of the game and adds to the original four nine other cultures ! This makes it possible to simulate new events and personal graphics , games and historical atmosphere for fractions belonging to one culture or another .
    For example , the pirates , but his own original forces , and full diplomatic presence in the game more pirate factions have now also own religious doctrine - they are atheists ! And instead of building their temples , brand new (!) , A chain of religious buildings " Tavern ", " gambling house " and - " Pirate brothel " ! Just on the strategic map pirate pirates have now Modelview generals and Colonel , pirate kind portraits - ministers, generals, admirals , kings and queens ! Similarly, all of "his" now have many other factions: Rebels Kondrat Bulavina , Hetmanate Ivan Mazepa , Warsaw Union Leszczynski , Moldovan Gospadarstvo , Transylvania, Khevsurian Domains , Persia , Britain, France, Russia , Sweden , etc ... And it only a small part of what bring into play an additional nine crops ! Opportunities to diversify the game space ETW are now very wide !
    - All cultures were realized in distinctive style , from the models on the strategic map , and to the presence on the tactical map faction leaders - Peter , 12th Karl Friedrich 2nd . All cultures were studied in detail in terms of national colors , from the Caucasus and ending pirates.
    - Well, as you may have noticed , mod brings into play a number of new factions with their unique line troops scenarios of behavior in the game space and a private atmosphere! For example , the establishment faction pirate Edward Teach - " Yellow Rose " - a completely unprecedented event in the history of modification ETW! Campaign for " Yellow Rose " is a collection of puzzles that virtually every move the player must guess not to disappear from the map of events. The company is filled with a high degree of role-playing elements , which brings into play the charismatic personality of the famous pirate .
    - Maud seamlessly integrates into the game and the addon " warpath "! With all the atmosphere , units, agents and technologies. On the strategic map Indian chief instead of swords in hand gets the spear !
    - Shopping factories now acquired great economic importance in the game. With skillful use them , they can easily cover the cost of maintenance and selling them to the ships ! And even - guarding their navy !
    System range of movement fleets set as follows : coastal , small ships and boats float in one move far less distance on the strategic map , than large intercontinental ships. All ships game in this sense , are strictly hierarchical system Balanced .
    - Hiring and construction of large naval fleet in strict relation to the historically real shipbuilding areas on the map of the 18th century . Everywhere you can find some fleet , but really important - only in Europe and Boston.
    - Power and skill ship teams have different levels of effectiveness depending on the membership to a particular faction. For example, the strongest teams in Europe , according to different characteristics , it is - the British and pirated . Weakest - the team of small states in Central Europe. A hierarchy in this respect there is in the eastern states.
    - When setting the physical parameters of motion parameters , morality and reactions ships on the tactical battle map , a model we have taken the parameters of known marine modifications Grand Fleet for ETW. However, our options are not complete copy and can not completely follow the settings Grand Fleet because of the large reorganization and enhancement of the entire fleet of the whole game ! Relatively vanilla version. The fact that the restructuring of the fleet, which makes the game modes , and even differentiates fleets in the parameters space , time and supplies. And it leaves its mark on the averaged parameters .
    - Ships " Indians " in vogue acquire special meaning and value. With a small value in its price range , they are merchant ships coaches, capable of doing quite far displacement per stroke . And thanks to its capacity , can carry not only goods, but also troops and agents over long distances. Correlation: price - range move them very profitable . Limit their employment for all factions is very limited.
    - Construction and hiring of all types of ships sparingly limited modification . - Depending on the actual historical possibilities of a country at a given historical period . Terms of gaining too close to reality .
    - Established firm limits on hiring and recruiting all types of troops for all factions . And - according to the real historical possibilities for the various states and nations. Ie - can not now churning out countless soldiers . Hiring troops of any quality has certain limits . Limits exist and relative areas of employment - can not hire everyone everywhere. All the rage in terms of engaging historical logic . There are assumptions , but only when necessary .
    - Units - interesting and different, altered and made ​​from scratch , historically accurate and hypothetical , and author of partners - all of all modifications and all of the original game (!) , Passed through the optimization and upgrading of censorial eye Developer main modifications! Enumerated , unified and expanded all the textures and models of all the characters of all the armies of all the factions available ! And work on their modernization continues!
    - Rebels in fashion organized by ethnic full satisfaction to those areas in which they arise . As for tactical and on the strategic map . In Moscow, the early period of revolt , such as archers , France - sans-culottes and a whole series of revolutionary groups in Scotland - different Scots in Ireland - Irish People's Army .
    - Agents added function " sabotage in the army ." Now they can suspend the promotion armies on the course, with the successful organization of sabotage.
    - According to a new balanced all the effects of buildings and agents worldwide.
    - The Church is not the fetus is more religious buildings agents without a certain level of administrative buildings . Churches and monasteries built in the villages , not in cities puts the player a choice between gaining spiritual nourishment and physical . This complicates the game algorithmic model .
    - Assimilation territories with a population professing alien faith difficult.
    Temple alien faith in areas with a population of dissenters , initially causes strong resentment , and only when treatment becomes a sedative for the region.
    - In the gaming space woven three trading action campaigns : British, French, and Portuguese . They act as independent factions with historical influence zones ( areas) in India and South America.
    - States historically were trading in human beings , have an opportunity to build " centers of maritime slave trade" , instead of trading ports. Some of these states added technology associated with the slave trade , colonial genocide and the first experiments of bacteriological warfare .
    - Pirates of the Order of Malta and the added chain alternative construction of naval shipyards.
    - The various factions added many additional historical personal technology , balanced with the general system of technological development in the game.
    - In chains of buildings from various factions many new exclusive historical buildings.
    - For the countries of East and India selectively abolished certain technology related to typical European way of development and add your own .
    - Troops East, India , America and Europe have different relations with respect to the balance in the recruitment of troops compositions . If in Europe , for example, the emphasis is on the line infantry , in the East - on many units and melee cavalry in the Indian factions at the archers and melee units with tomahawks . Rifle Balance European , colonial and native troops also differentiated by quality and performance . Of course, not any infantry troops in East and India - there are only sabers !
    - Absolutely entire game is voiced by modifying a whole new way . From every kind of background music and ending with the sound of gunfire , explosions and groans of the dying. To suit different tastes there are applications for those or other settings sound campaigns.
    - Text description of the game is heavily altered and contain historical information science and cognitive character .
    - With applications to the game can be added to the original author and developer of interface kits additional graphics applications ranging from alternative to flags and various mega- sets with themed boot screenshots.
    - The most developed place in the game, is the theater of the Northern War . In the center of which is , of course, Russia . Also extremely polished, including in terms of creating an atmosphere homepage Petrine era . And also in terms of scenarios - military , technological, political and economic . Young Russian Czar Peter , in a situation which can feel like a player will experience all the vicissitudes of their real historical destiny. - Heavy war with the Swedes , betrayal Mazepa uprising Kondrat Bulavina and perhaps - strelets uprising Tatar raids and mountain on the southern borders of Russia , and all-out war with the Ottomans . All this will be accompanied by overcoming various conditions for a new Russian army and navy.
    - The political life of the rest of the world is also quite active. In Rzeczpospolita begins a civil war between the Swedes protégé Stanislaw Leszczynski - Warsaw Union and King Augustus - ally of Russia. Moldovan Gospodarstvo exits under Ottoman protectorate , and expresses its readiness to be a staunch ally of the Russian Tsar. In Transylvania seizes power Ferenc II Rakoczy and starts a war of liberation against Austria. French mature revolutionary mood , threatening to pour out the fire of world revolution , but in America its way of becoming heavy fraction passes Edward Teach .
    These are just some aspects of the political life of the historical development of situations in the game.
    Describe it all , from the fact that the mod makes the game impossible.
    Play with pleasure ! ) )
    * Unfortunately, the mod is not fully translated . Translate - nobody.


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    To read HERE!



    *Attention, note!

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Pirates Über Alles & Russian Company

    v3.89. (the version from 01.04.2015).

    Download: torrent !!!

    *Version 3.89 is updated (if necessary) files of Yadisk to version 3.9.
    *The file with English translation technically is present. English is caused in the menu. All descriptions are present at an English location, but the part them isn't translated.
    It is necessary to edit most - in the replying file, in the folder: PTXTeng. And then it is possible to lay out it for all. Good luck!))

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    Default Re: Pirates Uber Alles

    Hey Faviuss!!! good to see ya over here as well at ETW!
    As promised attached Localisation file which allows the unit names to appear in english

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    Default Re: Pirates Uber Alles

    Pirates Über Alles!
    (Fully included in the version of "Pirates Über Alles & Russian Сompany", with changes and additions to the script)
    Home page of the author Tortuga:


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Pirates Über Alles adds a new pirate faction, led by the famous English pirate Edward Teach, Blackbeard. Edward Teach - his own faction, with diplomacy and destiny!

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

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    Default Re: Pirates Uber Alles

    Flavius, if you need anything translated and don't have a translator, tell me I can't work with game files but can translate everything neatly into good english in a text file. The readme, for example.

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    Default Re: Pirates Uber Alles

    Sorry, that did not immediately answered. I left. Yes, I really need a help! Now I will make a text file with the pirates and Vacabunni, and lay out here. Bring it to me please. It would be very grateful!
    Here are all the Russian texts Pirates_U_A_mod_v1.6.TXT in traditional document Microsoft Word.

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    Default Re: Pirates Uber Alles

    Quote Originally Posted by Flaviuss View Post
    Sorry, that did not immediately answered. I left. Yes, I really need a help! Now I will make a text file with the pirates and Vacabunni, and lay out here. Bring it to me please. It would be very grateful!
    Here are all the Russian texts Pirates_U_A_mod_v1.6.TXT in traditional document Microsoft Word.
    Flaviuss - Here ya go mate, all done in the Queens English!!

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    Default Re: Pirates Uber Alles

    I wouldn't call it Queens English old chap

    ah well, I didn't even get a chance to try myself, but who am I to judge?

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    Default Re: Pirates Uber Alles

    Quote Originally Posted by ♛☧Priscilla☧♛ View Post
    I wouldn't call it Queens English old chap

    ah well, I didn't even get a chance to try myself, but who am I to judge?
    Feel free to change mate, two heads are better than one

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    Default Re: Pirates Uber Alles

    Please, add to, change, read. It is true: Two heads better than one. ToonTotalWar rights. I do not care until the technical problems in Vacabunni Uber Alles. Even let the texts will be slightly theirs. However, do interesting work. And I made another Edward Ticha. I would only get out of these localizers ...

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    Default Re: Pirates Über Alles

    In Pirates Über Alles V_1.6 planned replacement of the Cossacks.
    Now they work. Will look like this:

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    Default Re: Pirates Über Alles

    hey flavius i cant download, your Pirates_U_A_mod_v1.5.pack

    may you have to uploaded again?

    best greetings

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    Default Re: Pirates Über Alles

    Links updated. First page updated. Prepared version 1.6 (all mini-mods in a single file, the new Cossacks with the correct historical personages).

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    hi flavius,

    greetings. waithing.... for new version 1.6 ;-)

    very good, your create units manual, I look in one link domine .ru is fantastic.... I create two models new.

    thx, for your work.

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    Default Re: Pirates Über Alles (v_1.6)

    Friends, published version of Pirates Über Alles v1.6. First page updated.

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    Default Re: Pirates Über Alles (v_1.6)

    hey ho

    where i get these two files?

    3. File unit_pack_localization_eng_P_Ü_A_1.6.pack in:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\empire total war\data
    4. Document user.empire_script.txt in:
    Windows XP - C:\Documents and Settings\(Your User Name Here)\Application Data\The Creative Assembly\Empire\scripts

    nvm. they are inside the .rar
    Last edited by Luentech; May 09, 2010 at 05:55 PM.

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    Default Re: Pirates Über Alles (v_1.6)

    well i have played some rounds and prussia gave me a peace request for a new captured land in america,

    would be cool if i can captured lands sell for money

    also great mod, but iam running out of mens ;D

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    Default Re: Pirates Über Alles (v_1.6)

    The truce pirates better not to enter. As game developers pirates diplomacy failed (initially), the truce would be difficult to break.
    I planned to make a second pirate faction. And do it with diplomacy. Even in battle it is. But no time to finish. Summer has begun.
    Captured the Earth (the city) can rob money in mod Vacabunni Über Alles. Napoleon Pirate Mod
    For Napoleon: Total War. It is stipulated that developers of the game. And there is diplomacy. Although the mod a little different, but there personalities are the same.

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