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    I have tried many times to mod my medieval 2 total war game with the third age mod but i havent quite got it right. i have downloaded all the patches and reinstalled the game several times but everytime i click on the ring icon a message comes up saying "windows cant locate 'kingdoms.exe' make sure you typed the name in correctly and try again." whats that all about? can anyone help me? i have M2TW gold edition and all of the kingdom expansions that came with it are installed. what is kingdom.exe? where can i find it?

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    it is located into the original medieval 2 folder. you need no other kingdom mods, nor the original americas, crusades etc.
    you only need the kingdoms.exe. it may be a matter with the gold edition. maybe if you gave more details?
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    it seems that TA:TW don't like the game cd of the gold edition ... i use my old kingdoms disk to run it... another possibility is a no-cd exe for your kingdoms.exe ... worked for me as i forgot my cd somewhere and till i got it back
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    Quote Originally Posted by King Ardumanish View Post
    another possibility is a no-cd exe for your kingdoms.exe ... worked for me as i forgot my cd somewhere and till i got it back
    I suggest to abstain from posting things like that, because it is -to my understanding- considered as a breach of the ToS.

    Quote Originally Posted by ToS 1.6.13 Promoting Illegal Activities (1, 4, or 8 points)
    Obtaining or providing ways to circumvent copy protection. This includes no-CD hacks, key generators, hacked ROMs, etc.
    Asking for someone else to commit an illegal activity (e.g., asking for a cracked game).
    Assisting someone else in an illegal activity (e.g., linking to a site that distributes cracked games).
    Encouraging or advocating an illegal activity, or portraying it as normal or acceptable (e.g., casually mentioning that you have pirated games/smoked pot/etc. as though this were normal and acceptable).
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