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Thread: Turns per year?

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    If they were, why would they have different forums?

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    Quote Originally Posted by k/t View Post
    If they were, why would they have different forums?
    I don't know; I thought perhaps this forum deals with a more specialized aspect of the SS mod (e.g. troop/combat aspect of the main mod)?

    I am not sure why you are being so sarcastic and hostile. I can understand all this may be transparent to you since you've resided here some five years or so; I, however, have been on this forum scarce few weeks - and I have only had the game for 3 weeks. So everything is new and confusing to me; and it certainly is not clear to me what the overall relationship between particular mods/sub-mods/fixes. etc. are in fact. I have seen numerous other games where sub-forums of a mod forum are run by precisely the same modding team, and that different sub-forums are intended purely to better organize topics. Moreover, I had merely revived a topic that already existed here - meaning that I thought this was the precise forum to ask my question.

    Perhaps I over-stayed my welcome by asking too many questions in my enthusiasm. If so I apologize for disturbing your splendid isolation; I shan't do it again.

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    I just don't like it when people post in the wrong places. The fact that you started spamming both forums didn't do much to endear you to me either, especially when the SS forum has a clearly marked thread for asking questions (started by me, precisely because of people who start 8 threads with a single question each). Being new is no excuse for that, as the thread was right THERE.

    I haven't singled you out because you're you; it is your spamming that makes me cranky. Having been here for so long, I have grown short-tempered in such situations. I don't like people who don't read the FAQs, don't look at the stickied threads, don't do a search and just post wherever it's convenient. I'm not saying you're like that, except for the second case (although the question thread is not stickied), but I hate people like that, and I become hostile.

    As can be seen from the first post in the download thread, the Compilation is a huge submod that includes many other submods. This subforum is not run by the same people as the SS forum. While this subforum is the best place to ask about the troop/combat aspect of SS, as the RR/RC system was adopted by the SS team but the system was created by the guy who made this Compilation, if you play SS 6.3 or 6.4, you should ask in that forum if you have any questions about the mod that don't have to do with the troop/combat aspect.

    I don't mind helping you out, but I like order. The rules (as long as they make sense) must be obeyed. If you post in the right place and after reading the information that's readily available precisely to prevent the same questions being asked a billion times over, you will find me most helpful.

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