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    Northern Africa is certainly a point of any historians or cultural Studies focus!
    With the abundant and in depth history of the
    Moorish elements and populations contrasted against the Area of Tunisa which is seeing a large influx of imgrants from the heart of the Middle East Northwest Africa is certainly a topic of current affairs throughout Europe.

    initial ent of state of current affairs

    Legacy of the desert

    Northern Africa really only has two major controlling forces yet it is abundant with many smaller local Chiefs, who act freely from the spheres of influence wielded by these two.
    Northern Africa is rich in Resources and demographically populous, if All of this Region was unified it would produce a Dynasty of importance to equal any in Europe.

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    the Caliphate of Tangiers

    Tangiers reprasents the edge of the Meditterranean and limits of the old world, being one of the most sophisticated and comercially lucrative cities outside of Rome and Constantinople and with the momentous Tangierian push into Spain! Tangiers has drawn the crusading attention away from the holy land and given rise to powerful European intervention in designing and assigning the fate and future of Spain and its Diverse populations.
    (to be completed)

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    the Sultanate of Tunisia

    Tunisia is an isolated kingdom with Egypt far in the east, contending with crusades, thus poses no immediate threat and to the Tunisian west the Tangierian forces are singular focused on gaining a share of the prosperous lands of Spain. Tunisia is ripe to begin growing out into islands of the mediterrannean and if the Tunisian momentum then grows even stronger, The Tunisians may see fit to invade Italy and not stop until they are at the Kaisers doorstep in the alps.
    (to be completed)

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    Wagadou, better known as the Ghana Empire ideally placed to control trans-Saharic trade from the Middle East to West Africa . With war with the Caliphate of Tangiers and Sultanate of Tunisia not being a pressing concern and the Wagadou empire all but collapsed it is time for the Mandinka people to take their rightfull place at the head of a new empire , a Mali Empire , not just of Mandinka but all the peoples and kingdoms of the Sahel. With the southern borders secure, Mali shall have control of the once secret Ghanan gold mines , maybe now the fight must be taken to the Caliphate of Tangiers , it is only a matter of time before the Caliphate of Tangiers renew their wars for North African dominance despite their current preoccupation in Iberia..
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    On the Canary Islands

    " The Canary Islands - the "Elysian Fields" and "Fortunate Islands" of antiquity - have perhaps figured in fabulous lore more extensively than any others, and have been discovered, invaded, and conquered more frequently than any country in the world. There has scarcely been a nation of any maritime enterprise that has not had to do with them, and in one manner or another made its appearance in them."
    Read more:

    It took more than 90 years to Castille to conquer those Islands because the fierce resistance:

    The first culture to be extinguished as a result of European imperialism was that of the Guanches, the light-skinned indigenous population of the Canary Islands. In 1402, the Kingdom of Castile sent a small band of mercenaries to the island of Lanzarote. They built a fortress, captured the ruler of one of the smaller islands and forced a military surrender, followed by Christian baptism for the subjugated population. After this smooth beginning, things became more difficult for the Spanish, and it took them more than 90 years to conquer all seven islands. Despite being armed only with javelins and rocks, the Guanches’ knowledge of the mountainous terrain and their determination to hang onto their land and way of life made them formidable opponents. Eventually the plague achieved what horses, cannon, armour and muskets could not, and on Christmas Day 1495 the last of the Guanches surrendered on Tenerife, where resistance had been fiercest. The remaining insurgents were hunted down from the hills, their traditional dress was outlawed and they were sold as slaves or put to work on one of the new sugar plantations. In the slave markets of Cadiz and Seville the Guanches were prized for their strength and agility, and reports of their doomed courage in battles against the Europeans made them ideal candidates for the part of the first savages to be ennobled by their defeat."

    Little more on pre-hispanic population (the Guanches)

    More on the first genocide caused by western colonization and the fierce resistance by the guanches

    I'd suggest to include the Guanches as part of the rebel faction
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