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WoW PedroL you are an expert in Portuguese information.. I always learn a lot... and I didn't know (well I imagined, but never got it confirmed) that there was WAY more people in rural Portugal. I mean Lisbon had 60,000? And Tras os Montes 100.000? Seriously? That place is deserted now..
In the middle age The north of Portugal had a huge population. Because of the fortifications (Castles, forts), they secure the population. Another thing was the Black plague (it killed a lot of population in the cities).
Another thing was the emmigration to others Country's (Discouvery Age). Many people left on ships from Lisbon (Ribeira das Naus). Much of the population belong to Lisbon, which made the actual population (in that time) diminished.

Brasil, Goa, Diu, Chaul, Cochim, Calcutá, Ceilão, Africa (Angola, Ceuta, Moçambique, Guiné, Cabo Verde, São Tomé, Arguim) etc