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    Hello gents!

    I haven't purchased Nappy yet because I just started playing Empire a month or so ago. I read in another thread someone mentioning that NTW each faction has its own units. Therefore, not just line infantry in different colors. What are they? Or, is there a post somewhere that feature each factions unit roster?

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    Please to be taking a look here.
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    As with all total war games some countries have some unique units but they still all share alot of the general types of units
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    A very nice Compilation of Units in PDF can be found here too:
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    Would you guys say that each faction has alot more of a unique colour scheme with their units ? (ie Baden Wurttemburg has line that isnt red and black)

    What I mean simply is "are units more historical this time".

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    nope, no variation at all. you know the color glitch when sometimes all uniforms in battle are white? cuz they are all the same for different factions. the line for instance is of course the same everywhere, but even some elites, just have a different collar (gold instead of black) and thats it. the "special" units are nothing than vaguely the same, but have stats the correlate to one experience level...
    only exceptions are the russian unicorn howlitzer for example, but they are rare. unitwise this is the most boring tw, although the best by gameplay.
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    unitwise this is the most boring tw
    It's the Napoleonic era. There's a lot more diversity between European factions in this than in Empire.

    the line for instance is of course the same everywhere
    Even emergents often have their own unique militia and line infantry. The fact that many uniforms were very similar during this time period isn't CAs fault.

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    Thanks for the info. Is there regional recruitment at all? Like could the Brits recruit fussilers outside the main land.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Total Bliss View Post
    Is there regional recruitment at all? Like could the Brits recruit fussilers outside the main land.
    There is, but applicable only for certain units. For instance, when playing as France in the grand campaign you can only recruit the Polish Legion in, well, Poland.

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