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Thread: Who am I? NTW

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    Hi there,
    i thought it might be a nice idea to play a Napoleonic Who-am-I-game.

    most of you guys probably know the game from the other forum sections, but ill explain it to those who dont.

    1) Take a pic of your current campaign map in NTW
    - lets say the campaign date hast to be at least Jan 1809

    2) Use a programm like paint to only make the little campaign mini map visible

    3) Post it on this forum

    4) leave it there for 24 hours and dont tell anybody the faction you are

    5) the others have to guess which faction you are by looking at the minimap

    6) after roughly 24 hours you post your solution for everyone visible (highlight it) on this thread

    7) give rep to every guy who got the right answer

    have fun

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    Default Re: Who am I? NTW

    Nah, there are only 5 factions available, which makes it pretty unfiting

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    Default Re: Who am I? NTW

    there are already mods out that make all factions playable

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    Default Re: Who am I? NTW

    Yeah we can give it a go

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