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Thread: New Germany will help?

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    Default New Germany will help?

    I started my french campaign and my plan is that i will give a lot german lands for Bavarians so i want a strong New Germany. Will they help me agains russians when time is come?

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    I have no idea, I have given money and land to my protecr but they do nothing.

    How ever I have been told that, if you pay regular tribute to them.

    they will assist you, so I have heard

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    Actually allies or protectorates help you a lot in this game... In my campaign as Sweden, I went campaigning in Germany re-instating Swedish goverments to corrupt German States and Prussia came to help me...

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    Protectorates and liberation are for the weak!!!

    Conquer...always conquer!!
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    AI is crap. Allies /protectorates hardly ever help.

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    Default Re: New Germany will help?

    once my dutch protecrorate marched a whole stack across europe to take italy
    proud to be dutch

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    Don't dismiss the protectorates. I liberated Italy and left them as a buffer state between me and the Austrians. I kept a stack in Italy incase (or when, as I thought) the Austrians broke through. Its now 4 years later and Italy is still there. They also conquered the Switzerland aswell as Rome along with Tyrdon (or w/e, that mountain city inbetween Italy and France). They also keep stacks next to my ungarrisoned cities to protect them.

    The protectorates in this game are very helpful.

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    Default Re: New Germany will help?

    I liberated Italy and built it up. The only problem is how your big allies (Prussia in this case) focus alot on killing your protectorates!
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    Yes they seem to do, I liberated Barcelona. Gave them technology and cash to attack the French. Next turn they had seized Toulouse(sp?). Also, they dont automatically inherit their protectors wars, E.g liberate Barcelona with British, Barcelona wont automatically be at war with the French.

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