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    I thought it would be a great idea to have seige equipment possibilities, when beseiging a fortified position.
    Like in medieval total war 2, when you can build towers, ladders, rams.
    You would be able to bring on Mortars, and Seige Cannons 24 pdrs and up.
    In truth no one would start a seige, and bombard with puny guns.
    I wouldn't have thought it to be too complicated?
    Much more ambience and real feel.

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    Yeah atleast ladders and maybe tunnels to place explosives under the wall

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    If you look through the game files (Empire's files at least, don't know about Nappy's) you can see siege items such as petardiers and siege cannons etc there. Which means at some point CA acutally wanted to make cool sieges, but for some unknown reason they decided to make them crappy and unreal with thousands of spidermen.

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    Sieges were normally used to starve the garrison of a city stronghold until they surrender if no outside help arrives. You don't attack a square thick walled fort with 6 or 8 pouders. I think no brave soldier, not even Bonaparte himself, will climb that damn wall with grapples and ropes. Even if you have your motars, there are parts of the wall which are undestructable so you end up climbing that wall anyway. Siege sucks since ETW.

    So basically, I attack immediately a city without a fort. If there is one, I will wait a couple of turns if no enemy reinforcements are on sight and attack later. Or I can wait until he comes to me since there are a limited turns where the garrison must sally out to fight.
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