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    God please, PLEASE someone remake this mod for NTW! My eyes are KILLING me.

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    I agree man I am old and can't see like I use to and the black text on grey background was like the worst choice they could have made. I can't read it even when i am up close. At least if its larger then maybe just maybe I could read it. A color change to white would be appreciated to if possible.

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    I don't have NTW (and I'm not buying it), so I can't remake it myself.

    If the fonts used are the same as in ETW the old mod might work for NTW as well. I did not alter the fonts themselves, instead to change use the pack file manager to extract the fonts from either the localization pack or the localization patch pack if there already is one, and replace the sizes you want changed with a larger one, e.g. remove font8 and make a copy of font10 and give it the font8 name.

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    Yes it worked. Here's what I did:
    - I made backup of local_en.pack
    - I extracted everything from local_en.pack with PackFileManager to folder 1 (download link )
    - I downloaded Larger fonts mod by Just (I used font2) and extracted fonts folder from his pack file to another folder.
    - Then I grabbed fonts folder from extracted mod and replaced with it the fonts folder in folder 1 from extracted local_en.pack file
    - Then I moved all folders from folder 1 to Napoleon Total War default folder
    - Created new pack file with PackFileManager added to it all folders I just moved to Napoleon Total War default folder and saved as local_en.pack to desktop
    - And finally replaced original local_en.pack with modified.

    I would have uploaded the mod, but its size is - 538 mb. So, untill mod manager for napoleon is released, you would have to modify everything yourself.

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    Awesome! I can mod it myself no big highly apreciated!

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    Thank you thank you thank you !!! Worked just fine

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