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Thread: [Mod-searching] realistic Prussian Infantry

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    Default [Mod-searching] realistic Prussian Infantry

    I'm searching for a mod that only changes the lapel and border of the prussians from white to red to make them look more realistic. And the mod should change the Prussian flags the flag bearers wear to real battle flags and the drummer schouldn't be some kind of a blue Santa he should look mostly like the other Soldiers
    And i would be glad about better officer and generals.

    Is there any Mod out there that does these things? because all the other mods put alot of new Infantry units etc. in the game but the old behave their old drummers and white blue uniforms.

    I hope you understand what i mean and help me to find what i'm searching for months

    PS: and a happy new year!!!

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    Default Re: [Mod-searching] realistic Prussian Infantry

    it adds new units but i don't think it has Santa Claus drummers. i hope this helps

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    Default Re: [Mod-searching] realistic Prussian Infantry

    Thank you very much these guys look great and the drummers arent little santas

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