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Thread: Townhall - Curial Commentary and Chat

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    Quote Originally Posted by General Brewster View Post
    I was there when Aik and Diamat were zapped. Can't quite remember if I was here or on my hiatus when brig earned his. Regardless, I fail to see the point why there would be a need for such an award after the site updates. As far as I know nobody got zapped.
    I thought VZ was being tongue in cheek.
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    Default Re: Townhall - Curial Commentary and Chat

    Just another quick update- I've begun getting some things going and hopefully haven't botched being consul too much thus far . As I stated before, I've still been communicating with StealthFox and since most of that was tried during the forum updates and slowness experienced on the forums, it's been a bit difficult getting the transition done in a timely manner. As such I feel it is fine to leave him in the consul usergroup for a time still and allow that transition to finish smoothly as it could not during the turmoil of those updates. I hope the Curia will be fine with this given the circumstances.

    Additionally, if anyone is able and willing to step in as a Censor, feel free to PM me and we'll get that squared away. As the position is essentially the same as former curator's/consul's assistants, there's no real requirements beyond wanting to help serve the Curia, though given my own schedule is sometimes pretty random, being able to help out on any given day of the week would be perhaps the most beneficial thing to bring.

    Other than that, looking at hopefully getting a curial report done for the end of the month, and catching up on all that needs catching up on most immediately, with the rest to follow in coming months. And personally I hope to have a more complete proposal for the liaisons ideas put together and on the table somewhat soon as well, though it is also not the highest priority.


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