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    Hello all,

    After learning about some basic modding, I've been toying with my music files to enjoy myself by adding my own music. I made this for me but I figured if anybody else happened to like background music that's not of that...erm... "time period" *cough*
    My music mod incorporates mostly metal-whatever my brother happened to allow me to download off his computer.

    Current songs(When I get more I will update):

    Dragonforce - Through the Fire and the Flames
    Rise Against - Prayer of the Refugee
    Disturbed - Stricken
    AFI - Miss Murder
    Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane
    Nightwish - Bye Bye Beautiful
    Dragonforce - Cry for Eternity
    Dragonforce - My Spirit will Go On
    DragonForce - Revolution Deathsquad
    DragonForce - The Flame of Youth
    Hammerfall - The Fire Burns Forever
    Hammerfall - Natural High
    Hammerfall - Howlin' with the Pack
    Hammerfall - Shadow Empire
    Hammerfall - Reign of the Hammer
    Hammerfall - Genocide

    A few of these songs may have some "poor" language. I try to avoid songs like this but it's inevitable to have the occasional bad word.
    For example, a band about pirates is bound to involve pirate activities...You can guess what those are

    Thanks to:

    All of the developers of Darthmod, TROM, IS, and APE:TI - for renewing my interest in the game.
    La De Da Brigadier Graham - for inspiring me to make my own music mod
    Lt Chamers - Mod Manager
    Alpaca - PFM

    Installation Instructions:
    Simply place the EpicMusic.pack and activate with modmanager.

    This should work with almost any other mod-just place it at the top of your user.empir_script.txt
    I have used this mod in conjunction with plenty of other mods and haven't had a CTD yet.

    Future goals:
    Perhaps guitar solos of some sort for each unit, instead of the drummer's sounds
    Different Music for each section, i.e. One band for naval battles, one for land, one for Europe, one for America, etc.

    None as of yet
    -Just a heads up: My computer is slow, and during loading, it goes to 'not responding' but it works fine after a minute of loading. This is not due to my mod, it happened with vanilla ETW and all other mods. In case you're wondering it's not because of this mod.

    If you have any suggestions for new songs, feel free to post them. I'll consider adding it, although you can add it yourself-just post here if you need details for how to change up the music files.

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    You must really like the guitar hero 2 soundtrack

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schu View Post
    You must really like the guitar hero 2 soundtrack
    Never played guitar hero 2 All the music is from my brother...He probably did though

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