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Thread: Syracuse: A Tale of 1000 Pikes - Update 8

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    You're doing Syracuse proud!

    Keep up the narrative

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    Very much what Apollyon said.

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    I still find it hard to believe how easily you won against heavier units. It kind of made me lose my self-esteem a bit.

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    I really like this and all of your narratives. Except, as I read them I'm noticing that not all of your spoilers work. Maybe my computers just too slow but I can't see the story of the battles or anything. I still get the gist of what's going on but I don't get the full Alavaria experience, you know?
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    I should have done this for my Epirus campaign, winter 271BC, and the Romans are finally dead. Too bad Macedon are giving me grief

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walkers_Shade View Post
    I really like this and all of your narratives. Except, as I read them I'm noticing that not all of your spoilers work. Maybe my computers just too slow but I can't see the story of the battles or anything. I still get the gist of what's going on but I don't get the full Alavaria experience, you know?
    Hmm, it might be that your browser doesn't like downloading all the images. In that many updates, even if it is in spoilers, your computer still has to store and cache all of that.

    I believe if you try refreshing a few times, it should work. Sometimes (well frequently, on my updates) it gives problems unless you make it load everything a few times ...

    Alternatively, find the link on the post number (eg: for this one it is :
    and change the bit "showthread" to "showpost". This means you only have to load the images for that one post (instead of all 4 update posts on page 1). Hope this helps!

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    Spoiler for Update 5
    Update 5: Eastern Pikeman

    In the west, Gelo's campaign against the Carthaginian's continued to meet with success and the Alliance's approval. Somewhere across the sea was a city called "Carthago Nova" or "Nea Carthage". However, the new senate formed there appeared unwilling to prosecute the war in Africa that had been essentially lost by their founders.
    Spoiler for Taking Carthage's Ports

    The battle was uneventful, and Alliance forces failed to decisively defeat their enemies and seize the settlement that was being sieged.

    In the middle of this, Nymphodoros, careful to avoid the last mistake of his late father, searched the ranks of his officers and selected a second-in-command from among them.

    After the usual celebrations, news arrived of the expected victory in Africa. Of course, Italic gains were were valuable, as Carthage was well defeated, unlike the Romans.

    Spoiler for Lets Try Again

    It wasn't to say there were no holdouts. Desert tribes might not have liked Carthage, but they took even less kindly to hosting the Alliance on their land.

    A minor battle claimed Arretium from the flagging Roman power.
    Spoiler for Claiming All of Rome's Bases

    The Alliance had grown considerably in both size and population. Sicily was relieved of a great number of peasants and farmers who emigrated to newly-claimed Alliance territories in Africa and Italy.
    Spoiler for 'Total' War

    As we set out, the mood was somber. Nymphodoros had taken ill soon before news reached us of a Roman attempt to reclaim their lost lands.

    With all haste, we set out for one more conquest. Hopefully, our "Italian" Commander-in-Chief would live to hear news of history being made. Roman poison was suspected, and doctors from Syracuse were sent by ship to attend to him.
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    I'm not sure why, but even though this is a good AAR, I wasn't getting into it. Suddenly I have! Thanks, good update.

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    this is a really good AAR. plus +rep

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    Spoiler for Update 6
    Update 6: Roma Fell

    We were ready.

    The mighty siege engines knocked down two portions of wall, as well as a tower that stood in between.

    However, the Romans stood ready to defend the gaps.

    The levies were sent forward first, with their large heavy shields. In fact, some of the enemy might have recognized their own standards on the captured Roman scutums.

    It didn't stop them from throwing their pila, however. Not many of our men fell, though a large number of shields were hastily thrown away.

    Once the pila stopped flying, the men were pushed into the gap head on after ruined shields had been replaced.

    The Romans rushed forward to hold the gap.

    Just behind the light infantry, our hoplite units took position and formed into their phalanx as the italians fought and died around them.

    By sheer mass and discipline, they pushed the romans back, clearing some room.

    Assault pikemen (phalangites armed with a short sarissa or long spear) crowded in behind the hoplites.

    Behind them, men armed with the more standard length pike waited to enter the breach.

    Once the assault pikes were ready, they began forcing the Romans back with spearpoints as the remaining hoplites faded back into the formation to avoid distrupting the phalanx.

    The first breach was cleared. Men also took over the second breech uncontested.

    Elite Roman infantry tried to regain control of their walls, however unit after unit of pikemen were pouring in and had already taken position along the road.

    There was a small forest of pikes in the air and another only slightly smaller one leveled at the Romans. They couldn't get through.

    The enemy general tried to attack the formation from behind.

    Unfortunately for him, the rear units were unengaged, thus they simply turned around and dropped their pikes into position.

    One of the men managed to spear the captain off his horse.

    The infantry that came with him were a little harder to dispatch. Slingers entered the walls through the other breech and shot them in the rear.

    At the front, gaps began to open up as some of the assault pikemen began falling to Roman gladii and hasta.

    However, just behind them more and more men appeared, allowing their comrades with shorter weapons to fall back and pick up replacements.

    One the last of the triarii from the rear had been removed, the Romans could probably see the men turning and marching up towards the front.

    Spears were thick and though the Romans were still somehow getting through, it was hard work for them to kill any of the pikemen now.

    It must have been hard for them to move through the crowd of weapons. Imagine trying to push yourself forward while ten or twenty men push back with sharp points.

    The men had been trained specially in pike use in such cramped quarters. Essentially, each soldier held his pike straight and looked down the shaft. If there was a Roman in front of the point ...

    At this point most of the assault pikemen had either died or moved backwards through the phalanx.

    The Romans made some slow progress through the longer pikes now presented before them, but it was hardly going to save them.

    Even when the phalanx began to crumble slightly, it was of little consolation.

    The pikemen had a mixture of long knives, greek shortswords and (especially prized, but not particularly rare) looted Roman gladii.

    While the Romans had good training in how to fight with their weapons, the large scutum proved to be troublesome with all the spears about.

    That and the fact that any number of sarissa points could hit them in areas such as the leg, arm or even the front of their helmet.

    Eventually, they were simply overrun and died there.

    Pikemen and slingers, operating in the standard dual-prong manner, went to take the city square while the others secured the rest of the streets.

    The Romans tried their best, but couldn't do any better than their friends had back at the wall.

    I was stationing some of my trusted men around high-value areas, to prevent looting and destruction of the places.

    Our absent general had to see the city for himself. As a result, some of the officers were assigned to guard duty in order to keep the city looking "good".

    Later on I heard that the last Roman was stuck so full of holes that his chainmail armor was worthless except to be melted down as scrap.

    I wonder just how many people speared him before they realized he was dead.

    Spoiler for Details

    In order to keep the streets clean, the soldiers rounded up all the Romans of military age and marched them down to the docks before executing them at the waterside.

    We also tore down some of their temples so that our general wouldn't have to see it.

    It wasn't too likely that we would be able to put up another one before he arrived, but that's just the way these things work.


    After the battle, Epikydes saw my men and I standing outside of the Roman senate, getting some of the Roman slaves into the magnificent building to clean it up.

    You see, a group of senators and their guards had barricaded themselves inside. As a result, hoplites and assault pikemen were required to force an entry and clear them out.

    The interior was a mess. There was a lot of blood, everywhere (even on one of the ceilings, which mystified me).

    Epikydes: "There you are, I was looking for you."

    Me: "Are the other areas secured?"

    Epikydes: "Yes, and in good condition."

    Me: "That's good news. It will take a few days to make this place presentable."

    Epikydes: "Don't worry Theopompos, I'm sure your father would like it even as it is."

    Me: "Maybe so ..."


    He arrived in time for a triumphal parade into the settlement. (Actually, we were waiting for him to come, but no one's going to leak THAT).

    The night before, some of the men had climbed up on one of the triumphal arches in the city and hung leaves, flowers and a large banner made of stitched-together senatorial togas (thankfully, cleaned of blood first).

    Nymphodoros, my father, liked it very much and decided to take it with him.
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    Default Re: Syracuse: A Tale of 1000 Pikes - Update 6

    Awesome! You got Rome!!!

    "I've read the last page of the Bible. It's all going to turn out all right"
    -Billy Graham
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    The very instant I became old.

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    Update 7: Mop That (Blood) Up!l

    The Carthaginians call me the "wrathful". My men call me the "killer."

    But really? I'm simply a winner. Fortunately for me, these enemies make winning easy.

    As usual procedure, light spearmen were sent in first. The enemy's horsemen (which were patrolling the walls) spotted and engaged them. The battle was on!

    The enemy falls for the bait, committing their heavy hoplites. Our spears backpedal into the pike phalanx and slingers hurriedly move into the textbook "rear position".

    Heh. Rear of the enemy, not of us. Needless so say, this group of hoplites is completely devastated.

    I admit, they do learn a little about pike phlanaxes. They took group two by surprise as they were rounding a corner.

    Unfortunately, we are steps ahead of them. They only caught the spearmen screening the actual phalanx. The pikemen simply formed up behind the shields of their comrades and began marching forward.

    As the spears faded away into the mass of pikes pushing forward, they could hear the resounding sound of hundreds of sarissa points striking Carthaginian shields.

    Group one pushes forwards cautiously. The pikemen stay in formation and their screeners keep a careful eye out for any -

    These enemy spearmen are no threat, but they are capable of buying time. However, the question is buying time for what? Perhaps they are unaware that our forces are split into two groups.

    The poor men fight and die, their hoped-for reinforcements already bogged down elsewhere.

    And slingers are doing their usual work, sending their missiles deep into the town.

    They can't flank enemies in these roads, there is no way to get around the heavy melee combat that plays out when the enemy pushes directly against a pike wall.

    Realizing they can at most prolong their lives by running, the spearmen... run.

    Behind them marches a massive force of pikemen, who drive straight into the square.

    Its a brave attempt, but they are doomed nonetheless.

    We are here to neutralize the remnants of Carthage. In order to keep going, we ensure only a heap of corpses is left behind.

    Forward and onward!

    Morale is high as news of the Italian Campaign reaches us. Roma has fallen before us!

    The Romans and Carthaginians, our great enemies, are in trouble now!

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    Well done so far

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    Default Re: Syracuse: A Tale of 1000 Pikes - Update 7

    That's a great AAR, it takes some serious stones (no pun intended.... maybe a bit) to play on H/VH.

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    Update 8:

    (I lost all my stuff long ago. However, there are a lot of images that were uploaded that stretch to the end of my playthrough.)

    The Alliance continues to prosper. While we have broken the backs of Carthaginians and Romans alike, there is no intent to stop until the Romans have been reduced to history lessons.


    Yes, the war effort continues. The Alliance continues ever onward! For a Greek Italy!

    (Are we recruiting generals or just self-renewing heavy cavalry here?)

    The focus will of course be the main settlements still in Roman hands. As long as we move in good order, the Romans must abandon their land and flee ever north, or suffer a massacre at the hands on our soldiers.

    Still, finding some Romans out in the open areas of Italy is reason enough to fight. Theopompos spots one such group, disorganized and out of supply. There is never a time when we shall walk away from a "battle" like this!

    (It hardly seems fair ... yeah, it isn't fair)

    The Romans must realize instantly that they're out of luck today! Their Roman gods have availed them not at all. The force of Greek vengeance is upon you, sons of the Fallen City.

    The sight of all our pikes terrified and unmanned the enemy.

    (Your shields won't help you that much against all those slingers ...)

    Before we realize it, the Romans are fleeing for their lives! But of course, if they do that, some of them may yet live to see another day.

    Sadly, not all of them are able to get to a safe distance ...

    (Roman militia: Oh crap ohcrap ohcrap nononononono)

    (It's the end!!)

    At this point, it's just gratuitous murder of Romans, and another battle to report to the Alliance leadership back in Syracuse.

    Such are the trials of being a true Greek. We must enforce our superior democracy upon these barbarians at the point of a pike.

    (A fitting sacrifice, worthy of Greek soldiers!)

    Nymphodoros: THERE you are. Help a fellow Greek out here, will you?

    Theopompos: (mumbles something about murder, "them" getting away)

    Theopompos: Foolish Romans, your people's glory has ended, now only a the glory of a large grave for your corpses awaits you!

    Theopompos: Tell the ferryman he owes me one for all the business!

    (So unfair)

    (Welp, there go the Romans again)

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