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    I was wondering what kind of AAR I should do? I was thinking of starting it out with a discontented old (enter country demonym) General who begins sowing the seeds of rebellion once neighboring countries declare war and the bulk of the nation's troops are on foreign soil (seeing as I'll be playing on h/h and they always try to attack me in groups), then shift to an ambivalent newspaper chief (or maybe a governor) or whatever. I'll also probably make up a detailed (or not) fictional europe since I know nothing of this era :-/. so I ask if this is both a good idea and which country I should play as?

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    Are you using R:TW, M2:TW (with or without kingdoms) or E:TW? Will you use a mod or just play the vanilla game?
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    (Sorry for missed information DX)

    Empire: Total War... (see edit)

    And another options, I was thinking of, (Spain) after the rebellion losing my American holdings and all soldiers in the Americas die in a hurricane on the way back home. (Meh, I hate starting with province-laden factions, too easy) And this pretty much goes for any large faction (except in place of alternate continent holdings it'd be the home-states (only 3-2 remaining)

    EDIT: I was thinking about either dl'ing Darthmod or The Rights of Man.
    For Darthmod:
    I really like the harder campaign and battles (I also plan on declaring war on the world in 1750-1770, depends when I consolidate a strong power base), however the forum doesn't really put too much description into what exactly is being changed (at least of what I can find) and I feel uncomfortable about that. Also I don't think my graphics card could take the massive armies that this mod entails.

    For The Rights of man:
    I really like the way they're changing the recruitment system and the change of colours (f'ing epic ) but the -35% speed rate for movement just bothers me a bit, I guess I could just use triple speed like I normally do, but eh. The lessened effect earned traits I find despicable, I mean should you really punish the player for the AIs foolish use of his general...? Some things about the morale bother me, but that's not all that bad. Music is a big plus, the government change is a great add seeing as it will force me to decide whether I want to take the Republic (for larger but more costly field army) or a Monarchy (for a quicker-to-field military)/
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