Why is Total wWar making the same mistakes it made off of the lunch of Empire. Empire was a horrible game to say the least. It only sold because Total War had a good record until then. Note for developers, We don't want better graphics! We want better Gameplay! Total war needs to stop making games that wont reach fulfillment until 3 to 5 years after release. Sure Empire looked great, however the looks of the game was the only thing that was better than Medieval II. There is a reason why the total war series has the highest amount of modds per game than any other series combined. We want gameplay, and since you aren't delivering, we are doing it ourselves. However total war is now losing fan base and customers, and if things continue it no longer be one of the top gaming companies. I have already stopped buying total war after the discrase of Empire and I sure won't buy this redo knock off of Napoleon. But in light of past events I will recommend some ideas for the developers of total war.

1 Focus on eras of time that have great diversity in Tactics, Units, Empires.
2 Use only eras with high amounts of Malee units. (One of Empires greatest falls was that more units had ranged attacks than malee units. It makes for bad tactics and I would rather see someone get stabbed in the face rather than shot, arrows and spears aren't bad though.)

The three big problems with total war is AI, function, and diversity. If you look at most modds, that is what has been changed more than anything. The reason for that being is that graphics are part of a game but aren't the main focus. Here is an idea for the next game. Take either Rome or Shogun, set their graphics to the settings of Medieval II (best to just use the graphic engine) and then fiddle with the game. If you did that you could have a truly epic game, and you could probably release it by winter 2010 or spring 2011. If in need of ideas, ask forum members for them. I have so many you could use for Rome alone.

Anyone who agrees, please post an agreed, signed, or approval sign. Also If anyone loves to modd I would happily share my ideas with you, all you need to do is contact me.

Finally, Total War staff, please take this into consideration for your next game. Cause if you do, I might consider buying your games again.