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    This is a good film covering the lead up to and the battle of warterloo. The big battle at the end is just like I want NTW battles to be. Do yuo agree?
    I also thought napoleons portrayal quite good and as a response to a thread about this suggest that napoleons portrayal physical and mental should change as the game progresses partly based on the state of the war.

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    The Russian film 'War and Peace' is actually much better. The battle scenes there are truly amazing. Just make sure you buy the version with the English (dubbing) and sub-titles, and set aside plenty of time to watch it.

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    Will do looks interesting any other napoleon era films recommended

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    A few that spring to mind.

    The Deulists:
    Red Badge of Courage: is a real classic but set in the ACW.
    Austerlitz (The Movie): You can usually find an English version on Ebay.
    Monsieur N: The story of Napoleon's exile on Elba.
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    I was watching Waterloo again quite recently. I first saw it many years ago and I've seen it a few times since then. Some of the camera work might be amateurish (especially those close up shots of the actors on horseback - where they are clearly sitting on the back of lorry) and it has some spectacuarly weird explosions (did Napoleon have cannons or missiles?) but other than that it's the most epic war film I've seen in terms of scale. Supposedly the director, Sergei Bondarchuk (I think that was his name), had such a large amount of extras playing the soldiers at the time, that some said he commanded the seventh largest army on earth.

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    I believe a cossack cavalry regiment from the Russian Army played the Scots Greys. You can probably tell by the way they charged.

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