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Thread: Cant Play normal Rome

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    Icon1 Cant Play normal Rome

    I cannot play my original rome total war anymore after i downloaded it i still have the save games but every time i go on normal rome total war it shows up as the RTRPE loading screen and intro movie and the campaign is like RTRPE aswell i do not know if this is normal but does anybody know how i can change it back because i still need to complete some campaigns on normal Rome Total War.

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    Is the version of RTR PE the mod foldered version?

    I presume your shortcut target contains -mod:RTRPE (or similar). All you should need to do is to remove that from the shortcut or use the original RTW shortcut.

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    my shortcut is targeted to "D:\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War\RomeTW.exe" i thought that was the normal place it should be directed to should i cant even play RTRPE.

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    How about answering the question on what version of RTRPE you have?

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