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    Default Skymod + Night Battles in RTW =

    Link to this mod in TWC downloads:

    Update (1/1/2006)

    The latest skymod (RTW1.3/BI skymod) is compatible with vers 1.5 (rtw) and 1.6(BI). I confirm this since I just tested it with campaign and custom battles.

    The newest skymod adds torches for RTW 1.3, changes the skies and light effects as usual. It only has 1 skydome, which varies throughout the game with the different weather and lighting conditions. I made this change to remove redundancies and also to make it easier to find problem areas.

    Use this mod, if you have either RTW 1.3 (or 1.5/1.6) or if you installed BI.

    updated: 11/03/05
    RTW1.3/BI skymod

    These version are outdated to be used with RTW 1.3. They were made for RTW vers 1.2 ( skymod 1.32 and less)
    Skymod 1.32 final


    1.Unzip the file to a place on your hard drive

    2. Copy the data folder from there into your rome directory so it overrides your data folder. (it should ask if the files should be overwritten)

    3. You're done, try it in custom battles or campaign !

    How to back up your current vanilla files:

    1. make a new folder somewhere on your hard drive (you can make one in the rome directory and name it something like "backup")

    2. copy paste the following files(the original ones) into your new backup folder rome-total war/data/
    -descr_daytypes.txt ;

    3. copy paste the following files also : rome-total war/data/models/textures/;;


    If you saved those into a folder , then you can restore those files later if you really hate me or my mod.


    Sunlight/strenght adjusted, see the previous posts of mine for screenshots.
    -A new Lensflare, it is more visible, but still not the best (i'll try to make it better later)
    -A new Sun. Completely my design with photoshop, you might not see a lot of difference, but it is slightly bigger and shinier.
    - New colored skies, new colored days, there are a lot to list what has been changed,
    just check them out and see if you like it or not!

    -By controlling the amount of sunlight and different aspects of colors, the landscapes are more pronounced, sharper or perhaps has a better
    coloration depending on the climate or the time of day, you decide!

    - All the rest of the changes that was made in skymod 1.31 and 1.30 are still apply (4 different skydome, many many climates and daytypes, etc.)

    Tested with Rome - total war (vanilla)
    Tested with the SPQR 4.3 mod.
    - no crashes or strange anomalies so far.....


    So far with every mod you can find. EXCEPT BI


    previous versions:

    = vers. 1.31 = - more morning skies, less unit contrast

    =vers. 1.30 = - high unit contrast, more evening skies
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