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Thread: [HELP] .mesh to .obj / .obj to .mesh converter?

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    Default [HELP] .mesh to .obj / .obj to .mesh converter?

    Hey guys, one of my team mates is in need of a converter of this kind. He used a free 10 uses trial, but, as you may realise, it's not much. In fact, it has ran out of uses. Any program we can use?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: [HELP] .mesh to .obj / .obj to .mesh converter?

    presuming you mean for M2TW units
    Goat converts mesh to ms3d (Milkshape) which only costs about 20 - and back again

    don't think there is any completely free option.

    btw - you shouldn't be asking in the tutorial section....

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    Default Re: [HELP] .mesh to .obj / .obj to .mesh converter?

    I dont think there is a straight .ms3d to .obj converter. I think your best bet is to convert the models to ms3d using GOAT or GOM's converter and then use milkshape to export the model to a .obj file again. The downside to this though is that when you import the model back into milkshape from your .obj file, you'll lose all vertex bone assignments.

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