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    Hello. I was wandering if anyone has a British Redcoat skin that resembles that seen in the Patriot movie. For some reason, when I try to view the pics of various people's (Razor etc) redcoats it says my bandwidth on PhotoBucket has exceeded so I have no idea what they look like.

    Basically, its a normal Line Infantryman. Change the waistcoat to white. Change the bright blue tunic facings to a darker Royal Blue colour as seen on "The Black Watch" unit and add a white rim to the Tricone hats.

    Has a skin like this been made? If not, is there any skilled skinners who would be prepared to make one? I apologise if I'm asking too much because I don't know the steps involved in ReSkinning so I don't know how much I'm asking of you xD

    Rep and eternal thanks would be involved if that makes it more likely lol


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    Oh SWEET! You managed to get the EXACT type I wanted! They have the white trims, Navy Blue facings and gold decals! NICE!

    Is there any way of just getting that specific unit instead of the whole bunch of them??

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