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    Default Local Moderator Forum Rules

    Local Moderator Forum Rules
    This board is moderated in large part by local moderators who have been given their positions by reason of their involvement with this project rather than their contributions to TWC. Local moderators are given considerable leeway in moderating their boards, but there are limits to what they're permitted to do—they are not permitted to suppress dissent, for instance, if it does not violate forum rules. If you believe you've been wronged by a local moderator, feel free to contact a TWC moderator and ask him to review the local moderator's decision. Be aware, however, that the TWC moderators will usually not interfere with local moderators' decisions.

    TWC moderators can be identified by their user rank images, which include the name of their rank and a shield design.

    All General Forum Rules apply as normal in this forum:

    General Forum Rules
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