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Thread: ACW - American civil war mod

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    Icon5 ACW - American civil war mod

    Is there a basic acw mod out there anywhere for N2TW? I prefer to use N2TW over empire-I know there is an empire acw mod out now

    Which looks great-but I'm soo hooked on the lordz version....even a half done project would be great.

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    Default Re: ACW - American civil war mod

    I do recall that someone did indeed create an ACW mod, however I am unsure if it was seen to completion. Please see his post at our official forums here:

    It is NTW2, not N2TW.

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    Default Re: ACW - American civil war mod

    does anyone know if Kaesar is still around? I want to use his skins and models.

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    Default Re: ACW - American civil war mod

    No it is NIITW -.-

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