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Thread: Crash (Black Screen) in Forest Battles

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    Default Crash (Black Screen) in Forest Battles

    I cannot for the life of me seem to be able to finish a battle in a forest or woodland (few sparse trees on the battlefield is ok). Its really annoying now, particularly this morning as I've been playing the same battle 5 times now. On the last go I turned off shadows and reduced unit quality too (in addition to vegetation and grass settings at lowest) and made it to the end but it crashed on the battle stats screen. When it crashes, the screen just goes blank. I can still hear the sound but I have to restart the machine using the reset button to get back to Windows

    Now, my self built PC hasn't been upgraded for a while but it should still be more than enough for RTR. Last time I played MTW2, it was fine. Key stats are:

    Windows XP Home, HIS Excalibur X1900XT, 4GBCorsair DDR2 TWINX PC6400, SB X-Fi Extreme Intel E6600 Core2Duo,SStone 750W Modular Quad12v (all put together November 2006).

    Has anyone else had similar problems with trees? I wonder if it also might be to do with the net running in the background. I'm out of touch with diagnosing PC problems and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Your PC is definetly better then mine ( iīve got only 2 gig ram etc. ), so i donīt think itīs about your system. IIRC, iīve got such a problem when i was trying to fight epirote army on the new landbridge between Italy and Greece.

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    Well I decided to unplug the wireless dongle and I was able to finish the battle. Not sure if that is the issue but I'll try it again if I get a future crash. If anyone is skilled in interpreting crash logs then that would be really handy.

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