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    Default SigniferOne's Animations Pack

    SigniferOne's Animations Pack, v0.8 Beta

    This mod is available without restrictions for non-commercial use, as long as credit is given where due.

    What's new:
    - Complete conversion for fs_s1_gladius. All animations have been converted,
    except walking/running anims, and of course turning during battle.
    -- charge with gladius held level, not waving above the head
    -- block high/block low, dodge high/dodge low much improved
    -- matching "impact"/getting hit anims
    -- appropriate attack during run
    -- hold shield if knocked down
    -- no taunting of enemy before battle
    -- non-static "idle" animation, now fully matching idle animations
    -- no slashing with gladius because it doesn't make sense within game's mechanics
    -- etc

    - Complete conversion for fs_s1_hoplite. All animations have been converted,
    except turning during battle.
    -- all crashing associated with using this skeleton has been removed
    -- Fixed charge, does not skip any longer
    -- Minimized skipping during attacks
    -- block high/block low, dodge high/dodge low much improved
    -- matching "impact"/getting hit anims
    -- appropriate attack during run
    -- no taunting of the enemy before battle
    -- non-static "idle" animation
    -- etc

    - New faster and smoother javelinman animations,
    -- improved efficiency of Romans and of skirmishers
    -- animation is smoother and quicker to respond

    - Relaxed swordsman stance available for all swordsmen, not just fs_s1_gladius
    -- completely fixed (non jerky) and very smooth idle animations
    -- non static, slightly moving "stand" animation

    - a total of over 300 animations added to the game
    -- All animation skeletons upgraded to be compatible with RTW 1.5/1.6
    -- Speed variants for all infantry skeletons

    The following animation skeletons are now available to be used:

    FS_S1_HOPLITE (variants: fs_s1_slow_hoplite) click here for explanation and screenshots

    - no wild taunting
    - classic hoplite stand position
    - fully compatible charge

    FS_S1_GLADIUS (variants: fs_s1_slow_gladius), click here for explanation and screenshots

    - no wild taunting for Romans during startup
    - during a fight, holding the shield close and the gladius ready next to it
    - stabbing fighting style with the gladius, no slashing

    FS_S1_SWORDSMAN (variants: fs_s1_fast_swordsman, fs_s1_semi_fast_swordsman, fs_s1_slow_swordsman)

    - holding the sword relaxed
    - smooth idle animations
    - non-static "stand" animation
    - no "feint" animation to make fighting less jerky and more smooth

    fs_S1_BARBSWORDSMAN (variants: fs_s1_fast_barbswordsman, fs_s1_semi_fast_barbswordsman, fs_s1_slow_barbswordsman)
    - everything included in fs_s1_swordsman
    - no thrust for barbarians, only big slashes, as their swords were not designed
    for thrusts and even had blunt points

    FS_S1_ARCHER (variants: fs_s1_fast_archer, fs_s1_semi_fast_archer)

    - aiming vertically to the sky, rather than horizontally, and fully drawing the bow


    - when aiming, holding the bow vertically rather than horizontally, and drawing
    the bow with full power

    - javelinmen can stand on elephants and shoot javelins
    - good complement to charion javelinman skeleton in 1.5/1.6

    Where to download:

    How to install:
    Unzip the four files into Data/animations folder, overwriting the existing four files there (always remember to back everything up!).

    How to use:
    Go into descr_model_battle.txt and change which units use which skeletons (i.e. give fs_s1_hc_archer to Parthian horse archers, change Roman infantry from fs_javelinman, fs_swordsman to fs_javelinman, fs_s1_gladius, etc).

    Supplementary note: I strongly recommend that for using fs_s1_hoplite, you remove the soldier's secondary weapon (sword), and also remove the "phalanx" ability; however giving them "shield wall" works great. This is for best results. To do all this, open export_descr_unit.txt, search for your hoplite unit, change his secondary weapon stats to 0, 0 (the rest doesn't matter), delete the word "phalanx" from his abilities (and give "shield wall"). fs_s1_hoplite works really well with this combination.

    This version of the mod is released to be 100% stable, and is not expected to interfere with any other part of the game. So, as always, remember to describe what goes wrong, if it does (even if I don't expect anything to).

    Enjoy, and have fun!

    Revision history:

    0.8 Current version, conversion to 1.5/1.6, new skeletons, completed gladius and hoplite
    0.7 Updates to fs_s1 hoplite and gladius, new barbswordsman, various fixes
    0.65 Resolved bugs with the Campaign map animations
    0.6 Fixes to bugs (finally made possible by a new release of Vercingetorix' XIDX program)
    0.5 Original release

    The primary credit and thanks for my release go to CA, both because of the great game they have created, and the wonderful base animations which I used as an invaluable foundation for this project. Literally, they did 90% here (and I did a LOT myself, so that should tell you how much their contribution was).

    The second credit and thanks go to Vercingetorix, without whose wonderful programs none of this would be possible. He literally made it possible, so treat him nicely and send him cookies whenever you can.
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