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    I'm using the RTR-BI mod switch version. Currently doing a Roman campaign and when I right click on the provincial barracks and citizenship to view detailed unit descriptions, their pictures aren't there and there's only a white background shown. More pressing though is when I right click on the Hippodrome to view the unit descriptions and details 'Equites Roman Citizenship' and 'Italian Cavalry Roman Auxilla Phase 3'; a CTD occurs.. Same case for when I try to view many other unit descriptions in other buildings too

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    The unit CTD happens when a unit requires 2 or more types of buildings to be present to be trainable, and one tries to access the unit description from the building card. This is an RTW bug, and some mods have got around it by using resource rather than building requirements.

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    Alright thanks.

    Another issue I have is when I install the original RTW loading bar mod, the original Rome Total War logo is also shown overlapping the Rome Total Realism logo during loading screen. Minor but annoying - see attached. If you don't know a fix, is it possible to download and install the Becksim Gladius loading bar again individually?

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