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    I want to give here an oversight into old-Austrian Cavalry Units

    It is well known that old Austria had its Hussars, Cuirassiers, and Uhlans (Lancers) but there were some more:

    The "Uhlanen" (Uhlans) are of Polish Origin - as "Königreich (Kingdom) Galizien and Lodomerien" nowadays Southern Poland was Part of Austrian Empire.

    The "Kürassiere" (Cuirassiers)as heavy Units can be found in any European Army as
    Sucessors to the Knights, they had a Pallash - a swor with a Basket-Saber Grip like Scottish Swords have. Famous Cuirassiers were the "Ironsides" of Oliver Cromwell. Cuirassiers had also long-Pistols.

    The "Huszaren" (Hussars) are of Hungarian Origin, their Saber is Asian early Hussars carried a Bow with them - The Hussars directly come from Mongols and Huns who first conquered the Hungarian area and were followed in 896 under their King Árpád and founded Hungary.
    The most genious Hussars ever did was the "Berliner Husarenstreich" Oct 16th 1757 as
    Hungarian "Grof (Count) Ándrás Hádik de Fúták" (germ.: Reichsgraf Andreas Hadik von Futak)
    captured Berlin - he had 1100 Hussars, 1000 Cuirassiers, 900 Infantry, 2100 Grenzers and 6 Cannon.
    Backed he was by 1000 Grenzers, 240 Cuirassiers, 300 Hussars and 2 Cannons. (sorry that this link is in German)

    There also were "Chevauxlegers" (Longhaired) who were organized and Equipped French Style.
    Chevauxlegers used the same weapons as Cuirassiers

    "Dragoner" (Dragoons) these Cavalry Unit had a light Saber and mainly used their Short-Rifles

    "Jäger zu Pferde" (Hunters/Jaegers on Horse) since 1788

    "Krakusen" (Krakuses) who were Volunteer Cavalry from Poland their name is said to be from City of Krakau (Kráków)

    "Slavonian and Croatian Border Cavalry" (Kroatisch-Slavonische Grenz-Kavallery) these Units served along Austrian Southern Border to Osman Empire and was recruited from Grenzers (Wehrbauern/Grenzer) The "Militärgrenze" (Military Border) to the Osman Empire was organized in Districts - each Male inhabitant of the District of certain age was Soldier - each District was one Company - Mayor of the District was the same way Commander of the District-Company

    "Panduren" (Pandurs) were a special Unit of multiethnic origin Pandurs were mainly Croats and Slavonians but also of Hungarian or Austrian origin.
    Weapons: they used Hungarian or Turkish heavy Sabers - carried long-Pistols and a adittionally they used the Yatagan - a double curved long-Dagger somitimes described as "Turkish Shortsaber" a deadly and feared weapon still in use on Balkans Region. As long range weapon they had turkish-Musquets (long-range Rifles) of a length 4-5ft (~1,50m)
    The Pandurs history in Austrian Army began in 1740 when "Freiherr Franz von der Trenck" was allowed by Empress Maria Theresia ((wife of HRR Emperor Francis (Franz I. Stephan)) to equippe and install a Pandur-Cavalry Troop of 1000 men. Till 1745 there were 5000 Pandurs under Trenck´s command.
    They fought in the war of Bavarian Sucession and the 7Years war against Prussia.
    Pandures were deadly feared for their cruelty against civilians and for their rude behaviour.
    Trenck was past 1745 imprisoned for cruelties and devastation, and plundering of civilian property he comanded.He was imprisoned on Fort Spielberg (Hrad Špilberk/Festung Spielberg) in Bohemia (today Czech Republic) allwho he died on Oct 14th 1749. A famous Painting shows Trenck with a Skeleton in the Background Symbolizing the Dead itself.

    I hope you like it

    Here an additional info - a video about Hussars
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