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  • Rome

    97 58.08%
  • Carthage

    59 35.33%
  • Greek City States

    106 63.47%
  • Macedon

    75 44.91%
  • Seleucid Empire

    43 25.75%
  • Ptolemaic Empire

    31 18.56%
  • Baktria

    56 33.53%
  • Armenia

    20 11.98%
  • Pontus

    29 17.37%
  • Saba

    36 21.56%
  • Gauls

    26 15.57%
  • Germans

    31 18.56%
  • Iberians

    29 17.37%
  • Thrace

    35 20.96%
  • Parthia

    29 17.37%
  • Scythia

    16 9.58%
  • Massalia

    34 20.36%
  • Syracuse

    51 30.54%
  • Cyrenaica

    26 15.57%
  • Epirus

    33 19.76%
  • Pergamon

    41 24.55%
  • Bosporan Kingdom

    35 20.96%
  • Galatians

    22 13.17%
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Thread: Which campaigns have you played?

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    Quote Originally Posted by a-woowie.doowie View Post
    I'm not sure how the building "Martial law" works(try to get DimeBagHo to explain how they work if you want to know that), but my guess is that you have that building instead of temples, am I correct? If yes; You should pretty much demolish every single one of them, and builid temples, the martial law building is a temporary building that is supposed to help you hold on to newly conquered settlements with very low public order. When the public order is starting to become managable, then you should immediatly demolish the martial law, because it seriously caps your income. As you can see yourself your trade income is laughable, this is probably the result of using martial law.

    So my tip to you is; Demolish all martial law buildings and replace them with temples, thereafter(unless you already have done it) builid following buildings in as many settlements as you can; sea-ports, trade-caravans(eastern provinces mostly, I think), law temples(usually Jupiter for the romans), roads, markets and farms.

    Because that trade income is something you can have in Athens, Kydonia and Pergamum alone.

    I found the link from where DimeBagHo explains martial law a bit;

    thanks man

    I played with the Greeks and I built Martial law and I'm already in balance with the money..
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    Default Re: Which campaigns have you played?

    Quote Originally Posted by cvele1984 View Post

    how is it possible to go into debt with the money and I have over 100 cities?

    we are in it. In my last season with Rome had 100000 of corruption, and leave it, now I have started another.

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    Default Re: Which campaigns have you played?

    You must seriously have martial law buildings, even if you havn't build them yourself, the AI sometimes do. Be sure to check in every settlement where you can't upgrade or builid a temple because I've never used martial law and the only problem I have with economy is getting the "corruption" and "extravagant" traits(from having to much of it).

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    Default Re: Which campaigns have you played?

    Greek Cities and Macedon, of course

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    Default Re: Which campaigns have you played?

    My Sabean campaign is epic. Imagine this: The three most powerful factions in the game are allies, since they have no desire to expand any more... Well, at least into each other's territories... YET.
    I have all of egypt, all of eastern Turkey and the middle east, and all of Saudi Arabia. I'm just now dealing with Parthia and Baktria. Baktria is no problem, but Parthia is a major problem on normal open field battles. Though Sabean archers SEEM a highly logical choice, they cannot simply deal with the Cataphracts that Parthia is fielding. Not in large numbers, anyway. And throwing Temple Guard at them is simply moronic due to the lack of shields... So I'm having to rely on Sabean Heavy cavalry. Any other tips to give? Money is no object since my economy is perfect... At least while that 89 year old jew of mine is still faction leader... Btw, he's perfect for leading a large faction, since he's such a good guy. One of his traits is -5 to disorder, and that's not from being the great Malak or being the Perfect Ideal of the Chosen People. I really chose well with this guy.
    My plans include leaving Seleucia alive until I take care of Parthia and Baktria to secure total victory, since their goals are pretty much the same. It shouldn't be difficult once I overcome Parthia's cavalry. How they have the resources to field that many, despite being AI, is beyond me. Oh well. I make 100K a turn with full armies and half full garrisons, so I'm set. I got room for when my leader dies and corruption starts spreading... I hope. His blind son is a great candidate though...

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    Default Re: Which campaigns have you played?

    Best faction was bactria
    enough was said

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