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Thread: The Playwright - Issue 1 Released!

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    Default The Playwright - Issue 1 Released!

    Welcome to the debut edition of the Playwright! With your esteemed editor Kátz, along with the crews Nazgűl Killer, Giovi, Sunbird Alkibijad and Caesar Julianus Morelli. Giovi has been incredibly useful by filling us the graphical needs for the present and future. NK is also essential for the spotlight of mods (of course, reviews too.). As today we seen Third Age : Total War on the spotlight. Sunbird and CJM will fill in the Supplementary Articles and reviews.

    I would like to note that in this publication. Everybody, no matter how minor or major you think his role might be. Everybody in the team is essential to me and the life of this publication. Every piece of your help will be appreciated .

    Buddies -- Meet the Team!
    Kátz --> Editor | Writer | Interviewer
    Nazgűl Killer --> Spotlighter | Writer | One of t3h main reviewers
    Giovi --> Graphical Artist (Very important to the publication)
    Sunbird Alkibijad --> Writer | Interviewer
    Caesar Julianus Morelli --> Writer | Article Provider

    Whatever is Inside
    Mod In SpotlightThird Age : Total War by Nazgűl Killer

    AAR Reviews- Gondor, Gondor between the mountains and sea! by Nazgűl Killer
    - The Grass is ALWAYS Greener : The Dark Tale of Mordor by Nazgűl Killer
    - The Story of the Moorish Empire of Timbuktu by Nazgűl Killer
    - The Center of Conflict 2 : Renaissance of the Fallen Empire by Kátz
    - For Tea And Country! by Kátz
    - The Eastern Eagle by Sunbird Alkibijad

    Supplementary Articles- An Interview with AAR Veteran Kallum by Kátz
    - An Interview with Kampf Um Europa RPG Leader Santini by Kátz
    - An Interview with Antiochos VII Sidetes by Sunbird Alkibijad

    EditorialsThis is Like Londo Bell. . . .by Kátz

    (Hey, we got a nice amount of articles in our arsenal! 3 Interviews should be a lot of oomph! And we certainly hope that we are good for the future issues. Hope you enjoy this publication.)

    Meanwhile.... Let's start with a bit of a Mod in Spotlight. NK has been working very hard to get these done! Actually, we got an interview set but since our interviewee is too busy with modding we'll let it go. A bit sad. .. but that's life.

    Mod In Spotlight

    Third Age : Total War

    Developers : Developer Team List
    Team Leader : King Kong (formerly < Shved >)
    I've been following this Total Conversion Mod for Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms since six months ago, and was delighted at its release.

    This mod has created a gigantic fuss around TWC and all over the web, many have even stated that they joined this forum ( just because of this mod, and I believe I speak for all who have watched the development of this mod that expectations were sky-rocketing high, as it is a Lord of the Rings themed mod, any Lord of the Rings related mod, product, movie, book or any of the likes is expected to be grand.

    Several previews of the factions of the mod were distributed and published, and created a fuss every single time, if I recall correctly, at the releases of the Rhun, Gondor and Isengard previews, Total War Center's severs actually went down due to so many people logging on at the same time, sometimes for days.

    The developer team has always heeded the advice and suggestions of their public, who gave feedback on the previews and several other things, and have changed their mod accordingly, and I believe this has contributed in making this mod what it is now; Nearing perfection.

    As this is version 1.0, I really did not expect so much of the mod, I figured there would be bugs here and there, and several fixes need be made, and there are, but they are so small and insignificant compared to the mod as a whole that they rarely pack a punch, in addition to that, the great fan base this mod has, has developed dozens of sub-mods in order to 'improve' the game, fixes that are meant to come in the next version or patch have already been done by sub-mods, all in the hopes of making this mod perfect, and it nearly is.

    The developing team has, and is, working swiftly in making this mod and the patches, the development rate was staggering at the beginning and there are already (Supported) rumors of a new patch coming up, a week and a half after the release! The speed of the development is huge.

    Several aspects of the lore had to be sacrificed to fit the Medieval 2 Total War engine (Assassinations, Merchants, character-accuracy), but the result is, once again, satisfactory. The character problem has been held to a vote, it was impossible to make generals appear correctly within the family tree (For example: This game starts at the rule of Ecthelion as the steward of Gondor, not Denethor, so it was impossible to make Faramir and Boromir his sons yet as they were not born then, it was also impossible to make them appear in the family tree under him later on), it was only possible to either get generals up for adoption or script them into appearing, but they won't be on the family tree, and the fan base has decided that the first option was the best, the team complied.

    This rarely hinders the gaming experience, if anything, it adds to it, and is yet another example of how the developers listen to their audience and modify their work accordingly, most of the things done in this mod were supported by the public or helped by the public and even consulted with the public by the team.

    The making of the factions is simply professional, and I honestly believe it can rival all Total War makers in their games, and many of the Lord of the Rings based games, whether it was the team, the supporters, the Medieval 2 Total War engine, or all of those combined that made this mod what it is, not only is the result satisfactory, it is also unbelievable. I have only seen one user in Total War Center who really did not like this mod to a point of hate, and I have not seen him since...
    I must say that the house of King Kong (Stainless Steel 6.1) has once again delivered.

    This mod deserves a 10/10 because it is version 1.0 and so well done, however, since it really is version 1.0 and has some patching to do, I must give it a 9/10. I highly recommend this mod to anyone, Lord of the Rings fans will not be disappointed, and Total War fans won't be either, and those who are not fans of either, will not take long to become one.

    Next. . . one of the backbones of this publication. . the AAR Reviews, what can you say? This is published in the AAR fora. It obviously needs something AAR-ish. We hope you are attracted to the reviewers (not in love but love the review) in a nice way.

    AAR Reviews
    Picture is designed by Giovi as usual. We hope you have enjoyed whatever we give until now. Here are 6 AARs on the review. Nazgul has done 3 of the reviews. That means half of what is here. He deserves the most praise among us (except me as the beloved editor ) for he has worked tirelessly just to realize this. Don't leave, mates. Sunbird has also done his job well. Along with his interview with Antiochos found in the areas of Supplementary Articles.
    "Gondor, Gondor between the mountains and sea!"Writer : Sithlord447 & Coeur de Lion

    This AAR is based on the total conversion mod called Third Age: Total War, and I must say I was quite thrilled to see another TA:TW AAR aside my own.

    This AAR puts in a very special point of view of a faction leader sending his people to war and awarding them, whilst the development of characters has yet to full unfold, I will be sure to keep a close eye on this AAR as the start is very promising. This AAR shows that even though his main character is the steward of the fictional kingdom of Gondor in the Lord of the Rings lore, he still does not control everything and this AAR portrays the politics of the royal court in a way that feels very realistic, the son who aspires the throne, the father who will not let go and the rebellious daughter.

    With the threats on the faction, the leader is very troubled and the politics do not help.

    The combination of the greater picture of the faction standings and the private and first-hand look of several of the characters involve combine together into a very wealthy and welcoming atmosphere, and this helps the reader cling on to the story and before I even noticed, I finished reading the chapter, however small as it may be.

    Many would see the 'lack' of pictures as a bad thing, but I do not. Putting all of them in one spoiler for people to pick if to see, I believe, was a wise idea, however, I believe also that more pictures of the campaign itself would look better.

    All in all, this was a great start to a very promising AAR and I would keep my eyes peeled for more updates on this one, my only hope is that the following updates will be longer, but aside from that, I have no complaints. I doubt there will be even one LotR fan who would not enjoy this.

    The one thing I very much found intriguing about this AAR is that it has two writers, whilst I expected a much different reading experience than any other AARs, it failed to show. This does not damage the AAR, at all, however, this could also be seen as a testimonial of the great relationship between Sithlord447 and Coeur de Lion which made an AAR, who doesn't have much differentiability between other AARs, be written by two writers.

    Overall, this is a very nice AAR, a very good start to it, and I like it very much, and I might just dare in a little grade:
    I grade it a 7/10 - Whilst it is not the best AAR around, and it is not expected to be, this AAR is fine reading material, very fun to read and is very realistically set, a nice mix between enough screenshots and plenty of text, make this AAR a very nice reading experience.

    In case you still didn't know where the AAR is. This is the one located in the united AAR fora and this is located in the TA : TW AAR fora.

    "The Grass is ALWAYS Greener: The Dark Tale of Mordor"Writer: Sargon_of_Akkad

    Many people that I have asked before just looked at the title of the AAR and said "That AAR sounds silly", it doesn't just sound silly, it is silly! It is a very well written AAR, exactly the right amount of screenshots, and the writer obviously knows what he's doing.

    I am a fanatic reader of this AAR, I have read it for quite a while now, and I must say that not one update has passed without me laughing at least once. This AAR never fails you. Even the parts that don't have you, literally, laughing out loud, are still funny and will bring a chuckle or a smile to your face.

    This AAR is silly, mindless fun, all you have to do is take the time and read it, and my assurance is that you will never grow bored of it. I can't wait for the next update and I have already threatened Sargon, jokingly of course, twice, to make him bring up more updates, and I am not the only one.

    Also, this AAR never ceased to amaze me, I have read the first update, and the second, and I must say that the third compared to them was not that good, very good, but not as good as the first, and guess what? The following updates were amazingly funny, I loved them. The portrayal of Gondor as hooligans and the characters of Mordor as the civilized ones is just hilarious.

    I will grade this a 9.5/10, the only reason it does not have a 10/10 is because it is not finished yet, so I dare not grade it a full grade. Overall, extremely recommended AAR, will make you laugh, without a doubt.

    "The Story of the Moorish Empire of Timbuktu"Writer : Kallum

    Even though this is a 'vanilla' M2TW AAR, it is quite very much diverse, and I must say that upon entering this AAR and first few lines, my expectations dropped beyond approach, seeing pictures from Call of Duty 4 in a Medieval 2: Total War AAR, to my eyes, were not promising, but how wrong was I.

    This AAR involves an overall great personal point of view and a very nice personal story, and the confusion at first is very quickly cleared up by several additions to the plot, it is very diverse also because it is a Moorish AAR, I have not seen one in a while, especially one that concentrates on Timbuktu.

    Now, with all the excitement of a new AAR, and surprisingly good one, this AAR has a very big drawback; the quotation marks on almost every word make it impossible at times to know who's saying what, but once you complete the sentence, you understand logically who says what, but it does not help to the love of the AAR and I have found myself several times now forcing myself to keep on going. In addition, the very small font makes the job even harder, making my eyes hurt and my face wrinkle.

    Whilst the storyline may be good, I believe this AAR lost a lot of readers because of the very small font and the lack of grammatical punctuation.
    This AAR, literally, throws you from the present to the past, and it is one of the few AARs who actually managed to do that to me, it might be because I love Sci-Fi, it might be because I am a sap for new things and diversity, or it might just be the hope that some day the writer will decide to increase the font, either way, it usually makes you stick to your chair and read, but like most AARs, it has those spots in which you must force yourself...

    The last few updates were very nicely written, a good mix of not too many pictures with a lot of text, but it is still a nice balance, and the parts in which you seem to need to force yourself into reading have grown shorter, and fewer, this AAR has grown better and better with time, considering the rocky start and the very steady continuum, I believe this AAR will not soon fade away, and I must risk myself with a grade.

    This AAR fully deserves a 9/10 - There is always room for improvement, and whilst this AAR is very fun to read and a very fascinating experience, testimony of the writer's great imagination, it still has its flaws, however small they have become. Overall, extremely recommended, those who won't stick to their sits in anticipation for the next update soon after the first one, will stick to their seats very quickly, after the third one.

    The Center of Conflict 2 : Renaissance of the Fallen EmpireWriter : Heartfire

    This AAR describes about Andreas from the rather, perhaps present day who seems to love science and mathematics . He retells something from the perspective of Andreas, who got school to worry about. And there goes the book, whose author is unknown as of yet. The book's content is there. . .

    There means the ETW inside the AAR. More or less it is a book about the history of Austria in the alternative. Or a rephrasal would be : The AAR he is running, no AAR can match true history. That one we had known for so long a time and none yet can match true history. Despite any and all attempts an AARtist may do. So. . rather than trying so hard isn't it just better to create an alternate history?

    Andreas believed that history is a pointless lesson. Due to what some might think, the bore reading long textbooks describing and again.. maybe, economics, politics and such. But after he read the book he felt that history has a place within his heart. The book is something written like a novel within itself. And sometimes does not seem to be an AAR in this site. This is what we had hoped from an AARtist of a certain caliber like you.

    To summarize everything for now. The start is done wonderfully, I felt like the AARtist within Heartfire started to awake. Like a dormant dragon in it's nest. It awakes fiercefully, although slowly. Realizing that one has a potential at this. But he may has realized it, or perhaps not. The introductions are kickass and I hope this is continued until the end.

    Don't forget the power of the center BBCode. It can be extremely useful so that the cropped pictures may still look neat. But it pays good attention to crop your battle pictures to the same size. Which you have done well and try to center every pics that are not related to battles. They are of different sizes and it can be good trying to make them neat.

    I love the battle pics because it seems you are able to play on high. Believe me, I don't have ETW and I wouldn't looking forward into buying it right now or in the next month. Every report does not seem to have it's failure in my eyes. But maybe the cropping for captured cities (By this I mean along with the city model) can work for the 800 x 800 pixels.

    The dialogues are long along with some spelling and grammatical mistakes. But I do not put that into mind as I have them too within my AARs. The letters sometimes are put with the element of humour. But it's what is called jest. Unlike a full-blown humour, it cannot raise a lot of chuckles, but it is amusing at times. People write for fun and jests are for fun. They have almost the same purposes to fill time for the writer with fun.

    I love the campaign and battle descriptions. The battle description are an improvement from before and the campaign descriptions are seemingly a perfection from the good ones from the previous AAR. This is one of jewels found in the realms of ETW AARs. I found out that a lot of ETW AARs are not finished because of weird problems, mainly corrupted saves, CTDs and such. And I certainly hope that you would finish this AAR. In a nice end.

    For Tea and Country!Writer : tuore

    There he goes again doing a comedy for his AAR. It has been finished though. So I can review this in an easier pace.

    I was quite troubled trying to find an opening to this AAR. It is the journeys of William III the Tea Lord that is focused? Or perhaps it would be something else?

    The jokes now at least got an ability to raise a chuckle, the Obama, Victoria, Gaylords etc etc can give my heart a bit of a mixed feeling. I can chuckle when I'm very happy. But nonetheless it gives a generic impression in the mirror when I'm angry. Comedic AARs are supposed to be able to make people enjoy, no matter in what mood people may be.

    I don't know where the plot of this AAR is focused on, other than it is the search for tea. It means that I don't know the core of this story well. Other than it being a search for tea. The jokes sometimes are too offtopic. Maybe you should not make reference to a specific TWC member. For example Pink Beard.

    Sir, you call this thing 'we are outnumbered'?
    I laughed a bit at this joke. I found out that in the picture, it's not your army that's being outnumbered. In fact, it's just the opposite! The jokes sometimes can, sometimes cannot make my heart blow up in laughter. But nevertheless I found this AAR to be enjoyable.

    The story goes on and on again, with victory after victory. I suppose that is why TW Games can be boring in a long-term campaigns. But of course, the best AARs instead chose to use this as an advantage to behold within. Tuore has not managed to deliver this, and I can surely tolerate that. Because I know it's hard to do that and the ones who can do that are badass.

    Because of the patch that seems to make things turning out bad. This AAR ended tragically. It's not a corrupted save thing or CTDs. But the destruction of the beloved tea-thirsty nation. What I found amusing is not the destruction alone. But the defeat against the troop of lulz A.K.A the rebels and. . . this.

    As I have said before, the jokes can or cannot raise a real good chuckle. But it is an entertaining read to say the least of it.

    The end is very amusing. . .indeed. What do you expect after lines of victory and richness? Of course you would expect those things again. Thanks to the patch. . it ended like this.



    The Eastern EagleDear reader.

    Seldom it occurs to a man, that while shuffling through a pile of decent books, he stumbles upon a masterpiece.

    A few times in eternity, to each of us, if we are lucky enough. And lucky, I indeed was.

    Several months ago, I've gotten impressed with potential of expression that AAR's provided us AARtists with.

    And it took another few months to get even more impressed by someone's ability to take the same potential, and put it to good use.

    Antiochos VII Sidetes, the "culprit". The Eastern Eagle, an EB AAR, his "crime".

    You are recommended to read my interview with him first, which can be found below here.

    Well, here's my review :

    "I, Ptolemy Philadelphos, second to bear that "praenomen", as the Romaioi call it, wish to record the events that happened under my rule - to be a beacon and a reminder of times past, when Hellenistic might was something to be feared, when mighty heroes walked the sands of the East... before the Return of the Phoenicians."
    Being somewhat biased against the Ptolemies, I've thought to myself "Ok, at least it's not M2TW based, I'll give it a read, though I doubt there's much to be written about Ptolemies." And after reading the intro, and another few lines, I was left dumbfounded, shocked, and silently floating in the pool of bewilderment...

    This guy wields the pen and the sheet of paper, in same manner as Alexander used his hammer and anvil - with utter brilliance and ruthlessness.

    The story starts shyly, almost at a whispering amplitude. And it grows with each update, in the manner the waves grow as they come closer to the shore.

    The deafening noise, that came from something that started as just another wavelet in the AAR sea...

    You get lulled into comfort of his slow and soothing writing style with lines, descriptive, and easy to consume :

    "I met with great success initially. The relative mobility of the machimoi I led was impressive; armed with a leather corselet, a Greek xiphos, and two reed javelins, they were able to counter most lightly-armed raiders."
    And just as you think it's going to go on like this, you sit up straight, as he had just turned the feeling upside down! :

    "Until, that is, I encountered the man who was to shape my military encounters for the next twenty years: the most gifted leader the Seleukids had in the East--and possibly the most amoral and cruel son of a whore that was ever spawned by Zeus's divine touch."
    Read that line, several times, and see how it makes you wonder, "who the hell could it be?" And you shall already feel the dark aura even before that same character has made his entrance to this novel.

    "Nemeb-hedj was a short, stocky native Egyptian" , "Well, prince," he drawled sarcastically, "I thought it prudent to warn you of approaching cavalry, likely a vanguard to a larger raiding party. You might want to mount up your pretty-boy Greek pony-riders to go out and deal with them."
    The characters that follow up in the epic novel of Ptolemy Philadelphos, are made with each having their own personality that seems to develop and thus embed themselves upon the reader's memory. Each and every one of their remarks, as well as their actions make you nod with acknowledgment to the skill with which they were thrown upon the story.

    "Gods above, why did you make heathen barbarians so skilled at warcraft? It took every ounce of my academy-learned swordcraft to keep their blades from the unprotected flesh of my arms and neck. All I knew was the ring of blade on metal. We fell into a mind-numbing routine of cut and thrust. Unfortunately, this was precisely what they were going at. Surprising me ..."
    It makes you shift impatiently in the chair and reprimand yourself for not being able to read faster. Yes, it does...

    Another pang of reality, a boy that grows into a man through a baptism of fire and seeks confirmation in someone unlikely to be an example to a future ruler.

    "And yet the most poignant praise of all came from my lochagos Nemeb-hedj. He looked me in the eye, nodded once, and turned back to his men. I knew then that I was a true man in his eyes, and was fit to lead as well as rule."
    I will cut short the review of the story and the writing style itself, and make a remark or two about the story outline and it's presentation.

    What surprised me the most, and to be quite honest, disappointed me at the early stages, was that there is no screenshots in this AAR.

    But, as the story grew, so grew my realization that, where it was needed, words this man wrote down said more than thousand pictures ever could.

    The hard-pressed fight for survival against those three suicidal Arachosians, I could picture easily in my mind, each time his horse propped up the rear legs, each time the blade slid down another blade, I could even hear the heavy breathing of horses and men in the heat of battle. The ambushes in the tall grass, the slingshot hitting his trusted adjutant...All spoken and written down in such manner that the lack of screenshots and pictures was easily left behind and lost in the dusty desert of my memory.

    The updates, as well, are very, very regular, and a reader is never left waiting for too long. The length of each update is also well thought off, not too long, and never, never too short.

    The writer himself, communicates well with readers and acknowledges their remarks, even if not accepting and applying the remarks, makes his own view on the topic, and makes it clear for what reason was a certain element of the story such and such.

    My conclusion to this review : An AAR that will leave it's deep mark upon the AAR community, with it's stylish presentations, ensnaring the readers into it's web of intrigue, action,epic battles, memoirs and enemies that rise and fall.

    The author, very likely the most skilled writer to have emerged in TWC yet, even at the early stage he's at the moment. There was but a few spelling/grammar mistakes, that are barely noticeable, and I didn't bother to add them here, if I did, the amount of praising remarks would have to be increased exponentially.

    The only remark, if it could be called such, is the feel that somehow, the story grows past the AAR format, as it could be easily invented, which only gives more credit to the Author, as his writing skills are such to make it unnoticeable, even if he did.

    If my words do little or nothing to persuade one into reading this AAR, then I apologize to both the Author of this AAR, and to the readers that expected more to be said. Here, perhaps, a picture might have said something better about this AAR, with much less effort. It would have to be da Vinci, Van Gogh or Picasso piece though, else it would fail far off the mark.

    Thus I end this review, with only one thing left to say: "Phew, did I really write all this?"

    Best regards,

    [user]Sunbird Alkibijad[/user].

    Now is another one of the biggest backbones of TP to differ itself from others. The Supplementary Articles. The phase for this part of issues has been a bit alpha so to speak. But we are going to kick with Round Table Discussions, Battle Reports, etc etc by the next 3 week! So you may love this part a lot.

    Supplementary Articles

    We have 3 people answering interviews. 2 of them are by me and whom the interviewees are Kallum, the veteran we all know and love around here and Santini, the rising RPG Kampf Um Europa's Leader and Sunbird is interviewing is reviewee, Antiochos VII Sidetes. He has a tendency to chat while interviewing () while I do prefer to a bit formal way. Nevertheless I am proud of his interview.
    An Interview with AAR Veteran KallumKallum. . . Kallum. . . Kallum. . . one interesting individual indeed. He is an old guard of the AAR fora. And guards the place from the darkness of spam and troll by becoming a local moderator there. And tries to maintain the standard of good AARs by tirelsesly creating a streak of great and epic AARs with great and epic updates.

    There is one thing that peeked my interest the most in his AAR : It is the element of RP containted within the AAR. Which seems to become some sort of lifesaver for the AAR because they provided the plans and ideas. Along with the characteristics of their characters, most of the time. I felt the "RPG" in it since I've read it.

    That's why I'm going to interview him. He is an old guard within the AAR fora. Along with the uniqueness deep within his AAR. Who knows, I -- no, we may learn a lot from somebody with such experience like him.

    Greetings, dear Kallum! Introduce yourself.

    Hi, I'm Kallum and I'm living the Netherlands currently. I'm a high school senior at the moment and next year I plan to do my finals, after that I'll go to college in the hopes of becoming a doctor. Most people know of my long running AAR entitled Basileia ton Romaion and a few of other AARs.

    What does the Basileia ton Romaion AAR describe about?

    Basileia ton Romaion is a trilogy and features the Roman Empire in their struggle to achieve and maintain absolute power. In the first book we followed the emperor Zigavinos on his quest to restore the lost Empire in which he eventually succeeded. In book 2 we followed Zigavinos' successor Constantine and his campaign to increase the empire even further. In this book the legendary order of the Red Eagle was also introduced and they are going to play a very important role in Book 3.

    In Book 3 We fast forward 100 years as The Empire is getting out of a large civil war. As a result of this very long war the former empire is divided up in roughly three parts, Two of these parts (Romans and Turks) are currently in a final showdown which will determine who will have dominance over the eastern world of the Mediterranean.

    Wow! That's such an incredible feat! Of course, who are your little helpers along the journey?

    Calling them my little helpers is a little bit err. . . how do you say that, that doesn't give them enough honour. These men have made my AAR to what is now and all have a share in it's success, without them BtR would be just a AAR with a lot battles and plots, I began as a newbie with interactive AARs in BtR 1 but over time I became better(at least that is what I think to my self) and I could give the members a better part in the story, now they are living characters who fight and die on the battlefield.

    Sorry for calling them little helpers, mate. Since the AAR consists of RP elements, What are your challenges to make this 'something unique'?

    The greatest challenge I face is that I repeat myself, and I want to be realistic. No super weapons like nukes of the old age who come to the aid of the Romans, but a logical reason why the Romans have a superiority, with that I want to stand as close to the past as possible mixed with my own ideas how the Romans should have done it.

    Another challenge or thing that I find hard is to keep track of all my members and more importantly to balance all of their roles, big roles in the story I give to persons who have spend the longest time with me(such as Stormer and Musty) or they have to earn it during the course of the story(such as Eien had done).

    But I find it hard sometimes to divide the most important roles because I'm afraid that people will lose their interest in joining this AAR, then every month I receive 5 PMs or so in which people ask me to join, some I have to refuse others join, it's all about how I feel the story should evolve and if they can have a place in it.

    What is/are the essence/s of RP AARs contained inside your AAR?

    The essence of RP AARs, you think I can give a definitive answer about that as I've worked with RP elements for so long, the only thing I can see is this: use your imagination, write guidelines for yourself in the beginning about you want to do it and look at other AARs, I'm not ashamed to say that I looked at Babagitta's AAR(That Norwegian one) when I started BtR 1, of course at the time of BtR 2 my story and I "evolved" and now I don't need inspiration anymore, but in the beginning other AARs were inspiring me.

    As a veteran in the AAR fora, do you consider that the members hold you in high respect?

    I'm not sure, I think you should always treat people with the highest respect you can give so I try to live up to that. If other people do that to that's their business. I guess I can be influential but I don't desire such a position.

    What drives the lust will in you to become a local mod in the AAR fora?

    To help something that I thoroughly enjoy grow and florish.

    If considered from a veteran's perspective, do you think that the general standard for an AAR is deteriorating overtime?

    Yes I think because a lot of people just write AARs for rep or because they are bored. In the end a lot of these AARs don't survive and aren't a fun read. I find it very disappointing that there are too much comedy AARs, don't get me wrong. I like humour especially when it is presented in a excellent way but these days there are too much and a lot of the same type of comedy AARs.

    And I think that is true that the number of truly epic AARs are decreasing, a lot of AARs consists somewhere out of 10 screenies with two lines of text supporting those screenies, how the hell can you call that a story.

    How fast do you think that a dedicated AARtist would improve his skills over time compared to those that are not dedicated?

    Very fast, a dedicated AARtist's main strife is to improve his AAR as much as he can possibly do. I think the crowd plays a vital role is this as they can see the mistakes faster then the AARtist does.

    Any final words before we would end our chat?

    Hmm, never be afraid to post anything even if it's not liked. Don't care about the negative criticisms you might get but stay going(that's the good thing about our world, no one has the same opinion). When you are planning to write AARs do that with a faction you thoroughly enjoy so you won't be bored in the long run.

    Farewell, then, Kallum. May our future be blessed by God. Amen.

    An Interview with Kampf Um Europa Leader SantiniToday I'm interviewing the leader the First Marshall of Prussia, Klaus von Santini, or whom we know as Santini shortly. He is the leader of the RPG entitled Kampf Um Europa, a rising RPG at the current time.

    He is a rather unique character, which his Prussian style humour and a mixture between his Prussian Character and TWC Characer, whom talked together at this moment.

    And so I begin to interview him. . .

    1. Introduce yourself, my dear Marshall.

    Hi, I’m Santini. Twenty something college student trying to scrape by a physics degree in the lovely state of Oregon. I’m at the head of Kampf um Europa, an interactive RPG campaign that sees a collection of forum members working together to command Prussia in the turbulent years of the 18th century.

    As First Marshall of the Reich, Prussian Chief of Staff, I, Klaus von Santini, like to think myself as listed amongst the most influential men of Prussia. Some might dislike me for my occasional fiery outburst, my occasionally callus mannerisms, or even just the way I look.

    I, however, couldn’t care less. The health and safety of all Citizens of Prussia is my prerogative, and I refuse to let a little thing like personality get in the way.

    2. Now tell us a bit about Kampf Um Europa, my friend.

    The past 18 years have been rough, my friend. Only through the supremacy of Prussian arms, Prussian Generalship, and the strategic vision of the General Staff has the Fatherland managed to retain its rightful station in Europe. A tenuous peace in the West, and gathering storm cloud in the East, however, speak of a far more difficult time to come.

    Until now, the actions of the Officers of the Reich have held our fronts together. Blistering maneuvers in Poland, naval strikes at Sweden, and brutal sledgehammer battles against Austria have torn German lands from the hands of their vile occupiers. The upcoming action, however, will require even greater efforts and brilliance from the very men the Reich depends on most.

    Those amoung you man enough to command a combat formation of the Reich, know this. Planned exspansion of the Landheer in anticipation of a war in the East will be creating many new divisions, and therefore many fresh oportuinitys for a man with resolve and ability to earn great fame and fourtune through command on the Field of Battle.

    OOC: Kampf um Europa is a highly ambitious RPG AAR Campaign, just beginning to cast off its infancy. While KuE is, perhaps, fragile, at this point, it stands to quickly become among the most epic campaigns of TWC, currently making ready to put 15 different Generals onto the field, in a battle for the supremacy of Europe.

    3. During the proposal of your RPG, who are your best supporters, or so to speak, fanbase?

    To be honest, it was entirely the fans from Thunder in the East. As the readership for that AAR grew, and the readers slowly became contributing members of the AAR, I realized that the idea could be remade on a much grander scale.

    So, I started talking to the participating TWC'rs of TitE. like Plank of Wood, and Roloc. We just kept bouncing ideas off one another, and through a combined effort, kick started an RPG, and developed it through its infancy (the most dangerous period for an RPG, I feel).

    Then as additional members joined, fleshing out the structure of the campaign, and giving the RPG its flavor. For example, take Don’t Tread On Me. Don't Tread arrived perhaps a week into the start, but quickly became one of the General Staff's most valuable assets. After assuming command of an Office, as Tactical Advancement Chief, he quickly not only established a school for wargames, but had already derived clear tactical knowledge from running such wargames against the current threats to the Reich. Another TWC member, KhannusKublius, spotted the the Kampf um Europa subforum in it's infancy, and accepted a role on the General Staff, taking the role of Operational Chief. However, his task was made more than a little difficult. It quickly became evident that the extreme speed and fluidity of the early campaigns, such as Poland, or Austria (With the noteable exception of Sweden and thus far the invasion of the Barbary states [Strange... it seems that whenever you involve the Prussian Marines, the plan is perfectly excecuted, regardless of enemy dispositions...]). Instead, he effectively adopted the role of caretaker of the Reich and Chief of Staff, working jointly with Plank of Wood to keep the Reich and RPG from bursting at the seams. Bongfu was a late joiner, learning of the RPG several days after its launch, but by building the Prussian Navy and Marines quite literally from scratch, he placed an entirely new and atounishingly effective angle of attack in the hands of of the General Staff. Pendragon, a veteran RPG'er, joined the Intelligence branch, bit and scratched his way to the top, and was the driving force behind the format and depth of the RPG elements of KuE. And last, but not least, Emperor Christinianos IV. Initially slotted for a combat command, a sad state of equipment affairs left him unable to command. Offered instead the Office of Enlistment, Chris has steadily worked his way up the ranks, achieving the rank of 3rd Marshall following the total shakeup of the Economic Office. He now holds a double post on the General Staff, controlling a sub Office of the Interior Branch in addition to Economic Chief. Chris has proven himself one of the more ambitious members of the campaign, and I have high hopes as to his impact upon the Reich and RPG.

    While several of members on the Active Commission List (That is to say, commanders of a division of the Landheer) are in fact secondary or tertiary characters of a member on the General Staff, there are two TWC'rs that play solely as Posted Generals (Commanders of a particular division on the map), that I feel merit mention. Heartfire has commanded KG "Berlin" (Now KG "Leopold") through some of the of the most brilliant field maneuvers and battles, quickly building it's reputation as the most powerful combat formation of the Reich. As a highly decorated and much celebrated General, he has transcended the rank barrier entirely, providing a great deal of insight to any planning session. JbG, the Posted Officer for KG "Gottlieb" occupies a particular position. JbG found himself unable to command several battles fought by his Division, and having returned from sick leave, finds himself a still somewhat inexperienced commander of an elite force.

    However, that is the beauty of the Commission system. If you want to join the Reserve Commission List, and perhaps command the occasional battle when you had the time, you can. However, if you have the time to play a turn a day, or share joint command with another commander, you can quickly earn a post, and with it, quite literally battle your way into influence and power.

    Oh, and PowerWizard. And Aradan. Your support, advice, and godlike powers made this all possible.

    4. As a leader of an RPG, what are exactly your feelings when you are granted your subforum?

    I was ecstatic! These forums have a long a proud lineage, and I was worried that my relative newness to the community might weigh against us being given a forum. After that, I was mostly shellshocked. A lot of work goes into creating an RPG, let alone making it work. Sometimes I swear it’s like herding cats, but I feel the end product is more than worth it. But the overriding emotion in pride. I am proud to be a part of an RPG Campaign that has been deemed worthy of TWC, and this pride alone is more than enough to carry me through.

    5. Sure, RPGs have their good times and bad times. For you, what would you think of your own RPG?

    Well, to distill all my experience thus far down into one sentence, I’d say keep on your toes. The political landscape of Kampf um Europa is ever changing, and not always to my liking. However, as the entire idea behind the campaign is a collaborative effort working towards many goals, sometimes you gotta take one for the team.

    The real difficulty thus far has been coordinating the General’s of the Reich in the command of their various units. There are several time zones, and quite a few TWC’rs involved in running the save, and I at times find myself frustrated by the plodding pace.

    However, our new system for issuing orders and providing saves to our field commands has been a success so far, and I hope it will streamline the process, and give me less gray hair.

    6. How much relevance is Thunder in the East to KuE?

    Kampf um Europa in its current state is pretty much the grand child of Thunder in the East- that is to say, the second evolution of the original. The early KuE was pretty much just TitE with some new faces, a reorganization, and a subforum. However, as various characters within the Empire have fleshed out their roles, their characters and their respective domains, it has evolved quite a bit.

    The first evolution came about in response to inactivity from certain departments, IE their functions were swallowed up by considerably more active, and therefore powerful, offices.

    The second evolution, however, which is current in action, has been brought about by a re-organization of the General Staff, and a formalized battle sharing system.

    7. How would KuE decide to be unique from the others?

    Kampf um Europa is unique because it puts a collective in charge of an Empire. It’s a ball of clay, to be molded as you see fit. Anyone can join, anyone can contribute, and anyone can rise to the top!

    Because of the way the entire operation works, you can join in, change some policy, command a battle, suggest a move, and then the very next week, point to the campaign map, point to your medal bedecked uniform, and say “I did that.”

    All Prussia is at your finger tips, if you’re willing and able. The General Staff needs a few good men, ready to do the dirty deeds, and the Fatherland has great rewards in store for those that serve.

    8. As a Leader, loyalty of members are of importance. Then, are you sure every member of KuE is loyal?

    (hysterical, desperate laughter)
    Oh gods no! I swear 2/3rds of the Staff is out to get me, but that’s half the fun! To become a powerful figure in the Reich, capable of challenging the Chief of Staff, you must first act to benefit the Reich, and achieve status and support from those around you. Therefore, even in seeking to destroy me, these members contribute greatly to the operations of the Empire.

    9. How influential would the reality be to the RPG?

    Well, both the Reality of 18th century Europe, and RL interests, had a huge influence on the structure and nature of Kampf um Europa.

    For example, I’ve tried to translate the highly professional nature of the Prussian General Staff into the command structure of the General Staff of KuE. We’ve done our best to craft a system that rewards initiative, loyalty, battle field prowess, and dedication in all members of KuE.

    I feel this has resulted in a fluid command structure, that permits any member to expand their influence and power through the application of effort and thought.

    However, in terms of real life interests, I have a great deal of interests in several genres of military history, particularly focused on the Eastern Front/Ostfront/Great Patriotic War in the Second World War, and the Patriotic War/Napoleonic Invasion of 1812.

    As my role as the Chief of Staff see’s me conducting a large portion of the “backroom negotiations” that govern the flow of the current Reich, this influence has had a tremendous impact on the strategic operations of Prussia.

    However, perhaps the most overarching influence from both Reality and RL was the nature of the Offices and Titles of KuE. No man can occupy a position of power against the ill will of surrounding power figures, and ineptitude, malice or absenteeism will quickly cause the collapse of their station. A highly motivated man, capable of soliciting support or assent, can rocket to the top, and the stability of his station of the Reich will be secured by his policy or battlefield success.

    The result is a system where any TWCer can join, and participate exactly as much as they want. If they’re ambitious, they stand to become very powerful indeed. If they wish to simply be a political figure or citizen, so be it.

    Come on over, check it out, and post any questions or suggestions. Everyone here at Kampf um Europa is dedicated to making this RPG Campaign grow, evolve and adapt.

    10. Thank you my dear Marshall for answering my rather, weird interview. May the Reich stand still and the flag of Prussia flies high.

    Well thank you very much, Aster!
    I’m honored that you’ve chosen me to be your interviewee, and I hope some of you readers out there stop by to join, comment or observe!

    Ciao. Hope you enjoy it.

    An Interview with Antiochos VII SidetesHello everyone. This is an interview with one of the most promising AARtists on TWC, a young one at that too. Draw your impressions, and conclusions from the following.

    First question : What made you start an AAR, and how did you choose EB as a base for the AAR.

    Well, I've started an AAR because I really enjoy writing, quite a lot. I also was quite embarassed at being on TWC for more than a year and not having one. Thus, I started it. EB? I chose it because it's the most historical mod and allows for the most dramatic storytelling.
    Oh, and Force Diplomacy factored in largely as well. That was vital.

    Nice. How strongly is your real-life connected to your writing skill?

    Hmmmm...not terribly. I'm just naturally pretty good at it, I suppose.
    Though, the amount of encouragement I am getting for writing this does not hurt. I've shared it with some of my friends and they quite like it.

    Heh, good, self-confidence is important. What made you decide to make an AAR entirely in text format, with no pictures, screens and graphics at all?

    I did that for several reasons. Firstly, I really wanted to see if my writing skills were up to the task of holding an audience without flashy graphics, like Ishtar Gate to Alexandria. I also knew I could never compete on a graphical level with some masterpieces out there, so I wanted to innovate. Lastly, if I ever lose the save, I can continue writing as if I did not and just imagine what happens.

    Good points there. How do rate your support so far? Is it what you expected, is it more, less than expected?

    Hmmm...If I were to give it a number out of 10, definitely at least an eight. The amount of people posting regularly is great; at least five consistently, and sometimes more. It's way more than I expected. I wasn't even sure people would like it, at first.

    People more than like it. Rest assured. Did you have any role-model or was this entirely your own inspiration for writing the AAR?

    Hmmm... Well, I'd always sort of wanted to write an alternate-history type epic based in that period. Though I cite inspiration from the Pyrrhic dynasty with the Force Diplomacy...Truly wonderful. Basically gave me the drive to mod my EB, thanks to some earlier help by Marcus.

    Yes, Pyrrhic Dynasty is an amazing AAR, indeed. Could you say that you have a full plan for this AAR, or...

    Full plan...Hmmm...

    You just have a certain period planned, and then go with the flow?

    Well, I have it plotted up to where the Phoenicians invade and defeat Egypt, which is to say still a while. I'm using FD to make sure my campaign goes the way I wish it to; forcing Rome to cede Sicily, giving Cyrene to Carthage, etc.

    Nice to see some personal modding touch. Is there any questions you would actually like me to ask you,or matters that you would like to point out?

    Hmmmm.... Well, I'd like to point out that I'm using the Eastern Eagle as a training ground, so to speak, future novels I plan to write. I'm going to get a degree in Post-Alexandrian Hellenistic history, and then write.

    HAH! That pretty much answers one of my earlier questions

    Heh...alright, then.

    Can you tell us more about this Post-Alexandrian hellenistic history degree that you're after?

    The degree? Well, first I have to finish high school (I'm 16) and then I plan to major in a history in college. From there, to graduate school, and from there a PhD. Hopefully. Then, I'll try my hand at writing alternate history novels. I also plan to write a modern, interesting history of the Seleucid Empire, somewhat in the style of Tom Holland's Rubicon.

    Now there's a young man, with a plan on his mind!


    What made Tom Holland your literary role model and his Rubicon novel as the center piece?

    Hmmm...I just really, really liked the style in which he wrote Rubicon; sort of a half-narrative, half-history telling with all the major and minor events represented. I also liked Persian Fire (also by Holland) for the same reasons.

    Very well. I have a few similar role models like Pressfield, I am sure you know of his work?

    Yeah, Pressfield is excellent as well. I've read every modern historical novel writer in the Greek and Roman period, almost.

    Give us some of your recommendations then, if I may ask.

    Book-wise? Hmmmm... Definitely, as you said, any of Steven Pressfield's...Except for "The Last of the Amazons". Didn't like that one terribly.
    Ehm...Eagle in the Snow by Wallace Breem is excellence.
    "The Last King" by Michael Curtis Ford is brilliant, as is The Sword of Attila. For general all-around knowledge of the Hellenistic Period, Graham Shipley in "The Greek World after Alexander", and I plan to pick up "The Making of Hellenistic Baktria" as soon as I earn enough money.

    What are your expectations of upcoming MAARC?

    Ah. That...I don't expect to win, of course. But I hope it will help put my AAR more "on the map", as it were. Perhaps my base of readers will increase by entering the MAARC.

    Yes, I agree with this. AAR announcement thread is good, but not fool-proof.

    Yeah. I had no idea it existed until halfway through my AAR.

    How long do you think it will take you to bring the AAR to conclusion?

    Hmmm... That's debatable. I have to cover quite a bit yet, like the Parthian War and then a little Roman adventure...Before I reach the Return of the Phoenicians. And that segment of my tale will take a while. So, I could probably keep it going for at least 15-20 more chapters. And after that, I know exactly what my next AAR is going to be...

    Ho, ho, ho! What are your feelings/impressions regarding your membership in TWC so far?

    Hmmm...Well, I like posting on TWC quite a bit. However, I don't aspire to become a citizen of any sort. This is purely a diversion for me; the one time I made a commitment on here, I came to regret it. My apologies to that person who I injured with my lack of focus...

    Your favourite Total War mods so far?

    Oh, my God. I have so many.

    HAHAH. Pick a few, please? That's a common problem for most of TWC members, tbh...

    I have a "Mod of the Week" thing in my signature; of the ones that have made it on there, my favorites are (of course) EB, Diadochi Total War, Third Age Total War, Rise of Persia... Let's see what else.
    Associated Invasio Barbarorum mods... Assorted, rather...Ehm...
    And of course 77BC: Twilight of the Republic.
    That is undoubtedly one of my favorites and will be the host of my next AAR.

    Ok, which one is the Hercules among the mortals among the ones you mentioned?

    Tie between EB and 77BC. Both of them had immense effort put into them and have great replay value.

    Ok That makes me consider downloading poor Hard Drive...

    Heh...It's excellent. I even created a Seleukid faction on it so I could play as Antiochos VII.

    Ok. Not to bother you much longer, what's your message for readers?

    Hmmm... Thank you so much for reading, and I hope that I've kept you entertained despite my lack of screenshots.
    And thanks for the encouragement.

    Oh damn, almost forgot. I want to ask you about the parts of AAR you were most proud about. A few bits?

    Oh, yes. The bit about Sarpedon's Suicide...The Antiochos II messenger...What else... Ehm, Nemeb-Hedj's death. You also mentioned one about Nemeb-hedj's nod of respect? I believe?

    Yeah. My personal favorite was Nemedj-heb's nod of approval after the first major victory. Very, very deep indeed.

    Again, I was playing into the "grizzled veteran" stereotype. So I can't claim complete innovation on that. But, It was good. Thank you for the compliment.

    Most definitely. Thank you for spending time to do this with me.

    No problem. Thanks to you as well...Indeed. Well, I'll go update The Eastern Eagle now...Goodbye.

    Aye, see you on TWC!

    Editorials are used when TP members wanted to express themselves in a more civilized manner and fashion. I won't allow people to use this as a place to insult people around. They can vent their anger and frustation at things around the world except those around here (Beware the ToS!). I tend to make it a bit fun and hidden though. I will make sure the banhammer does not touch this place. After all, editorials are for fun. Not some rant site.
    This is Like Londo Bell. . ..Okay, some of you might have watched the movie Mobile Suit Gundam : Char's Counterattack. Now, do you know why Char managed to launch an assault despite Londo Bell's investigation to every corners of the world, including space? That's right, it is because they are seriously understaffed.

    The lack of staff, despite having aces like Bright and Amuro. Does not cover for the lack of firepower. 2 tough guys would not be able to cover the power of 100 guys. Even if said 2 guys are very tough, because they only have one mind, two hands all befitting like a human.

    So far we have only 5 crews including myself. We have many topics that can be made anew and expanded even further. I have planned for many new things to be made for the next issue. And with 5 crews, how can we work proficiently? We have 5 people, with so many topics that we can think about. But without the power to make it a reality. How come we say it a reality? A dream is a dream, a reality is a reality.

    And my point is that if we are also understaffed like they did. We cannot cover all of the fields proficiently. We are seriously understaffed at the moment. Although our graphical needs have been satisfied by Giovi. There is much more to be explored. Much more to be filled.

    While we are not being narcissist for being tough. Because we are all humans and we all have our limitations in life. And so forth, lend us your aid! We need every new firepower we can afford right now. Although afford may not be the correct word. We do this publication for the purpose of fun. We never involve money in our projects.

    If you want to search about the aforementioned movie I speak of. Google is your friend. Once more I say, please lend this publication your aid. We need all the help we can get.

    Btw, can't believe I have shameless done two shameless advertisings. . . first is a space to join this publication and second to watch the Gundam Movie. . . Consider this editorial half-rant, half-advertising.

    Alright, the first issue turns out to better than I thought. I'm sure you might think that way too. Now, Nazgul and Giovi have done a bang-up job on this publication, but that's because they're the first ones I have contacted. Sunbird comes 2 weeks before and he's busy. CJM has been contacted 1 week ago and unfortunately. We didn't see his articles right now. But nevermind, starting from next issue, all contributors will be in full blow!

    Of course, we are not grammar gods or something. So if you spot any mistakes here. Feel free to post about it, we appreciate the relationship between readers and writers. Furthermore, we are welcome to basically every questions and suggestions. We want to improve and without you, we can't improve as you might have heard about this : Bacterias in the sea can be seen. While an elephant in the eye's front cannot be seen.

    And I would also like to thank some people other than the contributors -- are the moderators in the AAR fora. All of them have nodded and have approved that I am able to post here. Well, I'm certainly proud that I can earn an approval. Especially from 3 people, they are -- Hesus, PW and molls.

    Lastly, I would like to thank you -- the readers for reading this little publication I have made.

    Now, I will bid you farewell. May we meet again 3 weeks forward.

    Somebody else

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    Default Re: The Playwright - Issue 1 Released!

    Woohoo! I've been waiting for this to come out for a while! Great work on the editing, Katz, a lot of praise is deserved! (+rep)
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    Default Re: The Playwright - Issue 1 Released!

    Heh nice stuff, it's finally out, and my *cough*cough forum absence ended just in time to read the entire thing .

    Sorry I couldn't do better editing on my review part, would have bolded those quotes from the AAR I reviewed. To make them easier to spot. If it's not too late, maybe
    Katz(why do you change name so often ) can do some editing ?

    Anyway, loving this

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    Default Re: The Playwright - Issue 1 Released!

    I have given them quote tags so it can be seen more clearly. Is that fine enough for you?

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    Default Re: The Playwright - Issue 1 Released!

    Yea, makes it so much easier to understand and spot. Thx

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    Default Re: The Playwright - Issue 1 Released!

    Great issue, reps all-round and stickied. Also made publicity for this issue in the 3 respective stickies, f.e. here. Please make a smaller banner that can be placed at these threads.
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    Default Re: The Playwright - Issue 1 Released!

    Nice. Thanks PW. We got stickied!
    Er.. That sounds wrong...
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    Default Re: The Playwright - Issue 1 Released!

    @PW : The resolution is something like 5/600 x 2/300?

    Thanks for the sticky and advertisement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kátz View Post
    @PW : The resolution is something like 5/600 x 2/300?
    500*200 would be cool. The smaller the bigger chance they will scroll down to the link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PowerWizard View Post
    500*200 would be cool. The smaller the bigger chance they will scroll down to the link.
    Good, I will ask Giovi soon.

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    Default Re: The Playwright - Issue 1 Released!

    This is great!
    You'll have to be careful to distinguish it from the CQ however, seeing how both cover AAR reviews
    Please come see the BAARC
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    Default Re: The Playwright - Issue 1 Released!

    thnx for your review and very nice score, though as you've seen I've worked on that font thingy

    anyway thnx and nice issue
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    Default Re: The Playwright - Issue 1 Released!

    I'm sure that the TA:TW vote ended up with them saying they wanted them spawning (winning by a massive amount) but for some reason the devs still didn't put them in and it was possible to pu them in the family tree as well as one guy who am to the thread proved.

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    Default Re: The Playwright - Issue 1 Released!

    Quote Originally Posted by SonOfAlexander View Post
    This is great!
    You'll have to be careful to distinguish it from the CQ however, seeing how both cover AAR reviews
    Don't worry, I will distinguish it from the CQ.

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    Default Re: The Playwright - Issue 1 Released!

    wow awesome work i love the issue

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    Default Re: The Playwright - Issue 1 Released!

    Nice work, guys.

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    Default Re: The Playwright - Issue 1 Released!

    Appreciated Legio

    Lovely graphics Giovi.

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    Default Re: The Playwright - Issue 1 Released!

    This is great. Good job, folks.

    Thanks to Sunbird for reviewing my AAR!

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    Default Re: The Playwright - Issue 1 Released!

    Thanks guys, for all of your support.
    I think I speak for all of the team when I say we had a blast making it too
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