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Thread: RTR Platinum 1.9 crash issue

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    Default RTR Platinum 1.9 crash issue

    Sorry for my poor English, i hoop to explain my issue so well.

    I've birbed a settlement, but after a few turns i've had a riot and i'll lose my city...

    In this time, before to lose the settlment, the game goes in crash..... and i cannot resolve the issue... i have to restart the game from the beginning....

    ..... ty for your patience..........

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    Default Re: RTR Platinum 1.9 crash issue

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    Default Re: RTR Platinum 1.9 crash issue

    OK the issue seems to be solved with your solution, Florin80..... ty again.............

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    Default Re: RTR Platinum 1.9 crash issue

    Hallo i need help badly!! i am a huge rtw fan but not so good with computers. I have installed rtr platinum v1,9 and it works, right until i pick a nation and try to start the campaign. then it crashes. I have the rtw gold version(1,5) and i told the rtr to instal in: c/program files/the creative assembly/ rome- total war and it does and it removes the map.rwm file in the Data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign. so why does it crash when i start the campaign? The menu runs well and so does the intromovies. Please help me.

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