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Thread: The "I just saw" thread

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    Jamie Lannister becoming a Neo Nazi linchpin.

    Beyond measure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halie Satanus View Post

    Very low budget, strange (although) premise, terrible acting, awful dialogue, very cheap fx. But, it's filmed in a series of long tracking shots, not the same as hand held shaky cams. Mostly movie but watch-able in a weird way...

    What happened to Monday.

    Stella cast, most of whom seem to be posting it in. Apart from Noomie Rapace who's excellent as the seven sisters. Has a low budget Euro feel to it but is engaging enough to make it worth a watch.

    It comes at night.

    Not sure what 'it' is but this is a creepy post apocalyptic movie in the style of 'How I live now.' You kind of know from the start this isn't going to have a happy ending, it's dark enough to keep you watching but falls a bit flat right at the end.
    Other than having a talented Director of Photography, Bushwick just didn't work. The premise was nonsensical as why in the world would white nationalists attack NYC and think it would work? Weird film and yet strictly based upon the DP's efforts I kept watching it.

    Hollywood has been churning out drek in my opinion. The only compelling films have been Sicario and Arrival with Hell or High Water being very good.

    The leftists have become so self-absorbed that they're willing to make films that moderates and the right have zero interest supporting.

    Great writers, actors, and directors KNOW that if you can tell a compelling intelligent story with likeable characters then this will resonate with viewers regardless of politics, ethnicity, sexuality, religious belief, etc. And likewise if you fail to make the attempt and preach an ethos then viewers will stay away in droves.

    See Aronowsky's Mother for example which could have accomplished Aronowsky's goals and been publically and critically supported. Honestly that film is actually antihuman as well as antisemitic and antiChristian.

    If you don't mind watching a trainwreck in slow motion, then watch the doomed BBC reality series Eden. The very worst aspects of humanity come out in UK millennials as they they turn on each other despite having land, resources, and both livestock and game animals and an ocean to fish from. It should be mandatory to watch it.

    The cruelty was so intense that The New Yorker wrote an article about it. In a way it reminds me of the infamous Stanford prison experiment.
    There's minor salty language in the clips.
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