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Thread: Made a mistake?

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    Default Made a mistake?

    Hey, I've noticed you've got 'Tie Breakers' for first, second and third place.

    But wouldn't the loser of the 'First Place Tie Breaker' become second?
    The winner of the 'Second Place Tie Breaker' would be third and the loser fourth.
    And the winner of the 'Third Place Tie Breaker' would be fifth and the loser sixth.

    I don't know if you realized this, but thought I would mention it.
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    Default Re: Made a mistake?

    I also noticed that, but just didn't say anything.
    We're human I suppose though.

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    Default Re: Made a mistake?

    Well i think i might close the third tie breaker.
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    Default Re: Made a mistake?

    NO, plz
    Please come see the BAARC
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    Default Re: Made a mistake?

    Those are duels...the loser dies.

    [..] you seem to like fantasy then. Also you are not much TOLERANT to put that in middle words.
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