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Thread: Really desperate 'bout vikings invasion in medieval total war

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    Default Really desperate 'bout vikings invasion in medieval total war

    That's just the right word, desperate! I got the game medieval:total war and the viking ivasion installed, and I play as the vkings, but I DONT HAVE THE FAINTEST IDEA ABOUT HOW TO RAID!!! I mean how to start a raid? I can conquer lands and gain a bit of gold, but from what I understood the vikings need to raid a lot to raise money, so how in Odin's name can I do that???

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    Default Re: Really desperate 'bout vikings invasion in medieval total war

    When you raid, you set up your fleets and you attack the province, DESTROY THE BUILDINGS, go back, wait a few years, do that again.
    Or you can attack multiple provinces and you do the same.

    That's raiding.
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    Default Re: Really desperate 'bout vikings invasion in medieval total war

    Exactly - destroying buildings for cash. But it works only when the AI has enough money and is willing to built enough new buildings after the first raid.

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    Default Re: Really desperate 'bout vikings invasion in medieval total war

    And as the Vikings you have the advantage that you do not need a port to transport your soldiers - so you can destroy those as well, and hop out the same turn you take it.

    It is sensible to avoid raiding provinces from several different factions, as while it works fine for a raider, once you have to settle down and build a kingdom, being at war with everybody and his dog will not help. . A common stratagem of mine is to raid the Picts first, then switch to the Saxons or Mercians while preparing for a later re invasion of the Pict lands. You can do just the same with any two factions within raiding distance.
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    Default Re: Really desperate 'bout vikings invasion in medieval total war

    You don't need to manually raze anything. The buildings that you need to raze are the Abbeys and they are razed automatically when you take the province. You don't even need to break the siege - just move on, it's far more profitable. Do not train units, rely only on the Huscarle units that will come of age regularly. Build traiding posts in your home provinces. Keep building ships and circle the coast line of Britain taking provinces indiscriminately (forget allies for now). Once you've completely encircled Britain and Ireland with your ships and raided every Abbey, withdraw your armies back to the homelands and pull out all of your fleets completely into the deep sea regions (make sure none of your ships are in coastal waters adjoining rival factions' provinces) then wait two years and bring them all back in. You should now be at peace with the other factions and trading nicely.

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