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    I know this isn't on everyones mind but it is really annoying me I am fighting naval battles against any of the major nations and all of the marines are wearing the same uniforms and it becomes dull and boring watching the standard CA textures which look life football teams wail on each other. I have no retexturing skills but was wondering if somone that does could help me out.

    The officers uniforms are also historically incorrect to as 18th C british naval officers wore blue not red.

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    Totally the wrong forum, dude. I think everyone should understand what "released mods" means. If you have a request, there's another subforum:
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    just seemed that more people that could help me would see it in this fourm

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    NO ! this is the Released Mods forum.

    Please don't post all kinds of things on this forum to keep here clean.
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    Thread moved.

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