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Thread: Larger fonts

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    Default Larger fonts

    Here is a mod for the visually impaired or people who would simply think the text in Empire is way too small.

    There are 4 versions of the mod, each makes the text a bit bigger, about 2 points larger than the previous.
    Unfortunately the largest setting I made (8 points larger) doesn't work quite right, too much text goes off screen.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 


    1 step larger:

    2 steps larger:

    3 steps larger:

    4 steps larger:

    Pick the size you want, extract the zip to
    C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Empire Total War\Data folder
    And use Mod Manager to enable the mod.
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    Default Re: Larger fonts

    Cool mod.
    Is there a way to put comma or dots beatwen numbers.For ex. population 22,546,201
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    Default Re: Larger fonts

    Not yet, that has to wait for a .luac decompiler.

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    Default Re: Larger fonts

    Just the basic +1 looks great. Perhaps if possible it would be nice to have a version that only raises the very smallest text one step and leaves the existing medium and larger texts alone.
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    Default Re: Larger fonts

    great! good choice of changing!

    On which resolutions did you test?

    I will try tonight with 1920x1080

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    Default Re: Larger fonts

    I tested on 800x600 (as you can see in the screenshots) and on 1440x900.

    I think (but haven't tested) it's not possible to properly change just the smallest fonts, as the smallest font on high resolution is bigger than the smallest font on a low resolution.

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    Default Re: Larger fonts

    OMG thank you so much for this. I honestly can't read a single thing in the game due to playing on a 42" plasma. I'd rep you but I've gone over for today's allowence of Rep but I'll get you tomorrow.

    *edit*, just tested out 2step larger, this is definitely going in my sig as a recommended mod.

    **edit** rep+
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    Default Re: Larger fonts

    Finally someone did it.

    +1 will be perfect, thank you.

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    Default Re: Larger fonts

    Thank you soooooo much for this mod. I play at 1280x720 on a "46 hdtv and i could barely make out hte fonts without moving very close to the screen. This mod is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!

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    Default Re: Larger fonts

    Nice one. At 2560 x 1600 this mod is a requirement. Its rediculous how small some of the text was at that res.

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    Default Re: Larger fonts

    I'm having problem with this mod. it does not work for me. and i need this.. i play on 8x6 res. have ltchambers modman and IS mod. pls help. tnx

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    Default Re: Larger fonts

    And use Mod Manager to enable the mod ???

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    Default Re: Larger fonts

    I just signed up to say thank you! It is unbelievable although from what I have read not entirely unexpected that text size is not configurable in this game.

    I play on a 85" projector at 1920x1080 but regardless of the resolution the text size is hard to read (it is scaled by res.

    Also red background on text is bad bad bad!

    Lets just hope that the development team actually read these posts and improve this in Napoleon.

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    Default Re: Larger fonts

    Awesome! I always thought the text was wayyyyy too small. Thanks

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    Default Re: Larger fonts

    lol If said visually inpaired person was to find oneas way on to ones topic, one such scathed person would have a tad of trouble locating the download links what what O_O I say lol....

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    Default Re: Larger fonts

    Jeez! 1900x1200 here and this mod is almost mandatory. AWESOME! My eyes were hurting me so much! Thank you +rep is the least I can do for you!
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    Default Re: Larger fonts

    Fanatsitc mod, essential for big-screen gamers / high-res gamers. ...... Visually impaired I am not, but thankful? That I am! +rep!

    1920x1200 here at a 26inch FullHD samsung monitor, my eyes were burning out! Thank you so much! (Strange that you get punished for buying yourself a good monitor, should be the other way around!)

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    Default Re: Larger fonts

    This mod is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I wish CA had this implemented this as an option in the first place, but oh well.
    (O.o )
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    Default Re: Larger fonts

    This really helps me with reading the texts on my 32 inch LCD. Thank you very much.

    I was always interested in the history tidbits that would pop-up when you reach their respective dates. Unfortunately I skipped these in ETW because eyeball fatigue is uncomfortable.

    Thanks again. you have rep coming your way.
    May your road lead you to warm sands.

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