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    Hi to all!

    I've a kindy prayer to the worthy community modders:someone might does change those freaky post-marijuana "Euro militians" with another different model more '700th stiled?

    I've tried but with negative results cause textures.

    But I think Hessian or Republican Conscripts or Armed citizens (each one with more appropriate textures) should be good for that purpose.

    Best regards and thanks for every mod I've found here.

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    Do you mean you don't like the current model the Euro Militia use and you would prefer they look more like the other units you mentioned?

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    Exactly. They would seem good for USA but not for European nations in my opinion. I'm tryn' to substitute them with another of such models but I'm not sure about the right way.

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    You need to modify the value 'Model Name' listed under 'unit_stats_land'.

    For instance, 'euro_militia_infantry' is currently set with the model of 'euro_militia_infantry'.

    You should be able to just change this model to another one, for instance 'euro_republican_conscript_infantry'.

    I'm not sure how it would work in regards to the textures. Possibly you would need to find the textures for 'euro_republican_conscript_infantry', then copy and rename those to 'euro_militia_infantry', otherwise the texture wouldn't match the model.

    I've not really tried that side of things yet, so I'm not totally sure. Hopefully someone with a bit more experience can advise if that is the case or not.

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    I just tested this, that doesn't work (it crashes the game). It must be necessary to extract the original model and rename it to the same as the one you're trying to replace, then you would definitely also have to do the same with the textures.

    Gimme a few more minutes and I'll try to figure that out.

    EDIT: Actually, no. I think it might've been a conflict between my test mod and another mod. Let me just try this again.

    EDIT2: Yeah, it is as easy as that. Do what I suggested in my first post and that will work. You don't appear to need to change any textures, it just uses the default ones for the model.
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    Good! I think isn't necessary to include the 4th Lod, cause conflict with the no4lod_mod, and consequently changing it in this one

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    I actually don't think it's necessary to make changes to any of the models whatsoever.

    Just change the value of 'Model Name' to the one you want and that's you.

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    theren't way to make it work for me. I've try your way on vanilla ETW (to avoid every possible conflict). I've changed the model to euro_expat_infantry in every euro_militia_infantry related field...but ingame I've the same stupid models.

    If you have succesfully made the change do you might posted your file?

    However thanks for your kindly effort.

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