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Thread: UK atillery reskin

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    Default UK atillery reskin

    Hi,I just made a UK atillery pack for history
    I do not do very well on PS
    so it's not so smart

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    Default Re: UK atillery reskin

    refer to

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    Default Re: UK atillery reskin

    They look quite nice! Even if you are amateur with Photoshop, they still look good. I'm downloading this now.
    If you don't mind, I would like to post your work in my thread. Your name will be in credit list.
    Bored/Frustrated/Angry at inaccurate in game uniform?
    Want to see another historical variation instead?
    Or are you a someone who wish to show your work on how "it should
    have look like"?
    Go and visit
    TWC community ETW re-texture compilation!!

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    Default Re: UK atillery reskin

    Nice work! Other than line infantry, there don't seem to be many UK reskins, so good job!

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    Default Re: UK atillery reskin

    Just what I was looking for , Many thx

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