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Thread: Change the whole british uniforms

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    i have modded unit texturs b4 but with empire tw i dont kno how to get the unit textures and i have forgot what programs i need to mod units, if any1 can help then i will make the british units a lot better. thanks

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    The unit textures are located in the models.pack file in the data folder of ETW, and you need LtChambers' Pack File Manager to extract the textures into moddable format, at which point you need Adobe Photoshop (and NVidia's DDS plug-in) for the editing work. You find the PFM among the Empire Modding Tools inside the Empire Mod Workshop forum here at TWC.

    But several people have already modded some British units to great improvement. Check out Razor's Redcoats Line Infantry or Vanquisher's 17th Regiment, for instance, among the Released Mods. Unfortunately, the latter has temporarily removed his unit from the site, but there are still screenshots from his thread showing the way they looked like. The "TWC community ETW retexture compilation!!" thread contains many re-skinned units for several different nations already, and the number of them keeps growing.
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