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Thread: Official 'Third Age 1.0 - 3.2 Question & Answer' Thread

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    Ahmmm... Maybe it sounds stupid, but how can I play the Fellowship campaign?
    I have TATW 3.2 installed, but my heroes can't move out of the Shire if I try to play it. The normal campaign works.
    Oh, and I use the Steam Version with a copy of medieval2.exe named kingdoms.exe.

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    Hi Everybody

    Kind of a silly role-playing aesthetic question- I've just started playing Third Age total war again (still one of my favorite mods of any game ever, thanks so much to everyone who put so much time into such great work), and I've been having a lot of fun, but I've hit a bit of a snag with my Eriador campaign... In an epic turnaround I've managed to retake several orc-held settlements to the east and south, but in that time their development level has been maxed out. The only real problem with this is that as far as I can tell there is no way to change their appearance back on the campaign map- with no way to upgrade or demolish the settlement walls they will always look like orc camps. As cool as the orc camps look, I was just wondering if there was any trick or mod etc that would allow me to convert them back to a human settlement strat model. It's far from game breaking, but it would be nice if my triumphant liberation of Eriador from the forces of darkness could be reflected via architecture

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    no way to upgrade or demolish the settlement walls
    That's right. There's no way to rebuild/re-upgrade a settlement, so if it's already at its highest level (Large City in TATW) then you're stuck with it.

    What you could do is re-enable the ability to upgrade to Huge City. In TATW that was disabled except in one case: Gondor can upgrade East Osgiliath, for the purpose of 'restoring' its broken walls/buildings on the battle map.

    You would need to prevent some factions from doing this. e.g. Gondor's will be the East Osgiliath model (on strat and battle maps), Dwarves would be Erebor. Everyone else (I think) would get vanilla M2TW huge city models which wouldn't suit Elves or Orcs, though you wouldn't want Orcs to be able to do it anyway as that defeats the point.

    In export_descr_buildings.txt, find this section...

            huge_stone_wall city requires factions { gondor, }  and hidden_resource osgiliath_east
    ...and change to...

                    huge_stone_wall requires factions { turks, }
                    huge_stone_wall requires factions { gondor, }  and hidden_resource osgiliath_east
            huge_stone_wall city
    That will allow Eriador to upgrade to huge cities, without breaking the Gondor-EastOsgiliath thing.

    WARNING: do not upgrade these settlements: Imladris, Edoras, Esgaroth, East Osgiliath. You'll lose their custom models. And you should remove the "huge_stone_wall requires factions { turks, }" if you're playing any other faction, to prevent AI Eriador from doing that.

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