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Thread: It must be karma... :)

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    Icon10 It must be karma... :)

    OK, so the new Sparta TW III mod is out and I helped out with an installer.
    Earlier today I commented in the release thread that I hoped to play it this weekend.

    Work day progresses...

    Time to go to lunch, so of course I go, I have Chinese, it was tasty.

    So I'm driving back to work, I stop at a red light and while I'm waiting I look up and what do I behold spray painted on the overpass in big green letters?
    Nothing other than:


    Seriously, I sh!# you not, LOL

    It is Destiny! I must play this weekend!


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    :sparta: i would advice you to start a spartan AAR while you play it. I am interested to read how it is to play this mod with another faction. What do you think?

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    It's most likely that some stoned dude who just watched 300 painted it there It is idd destiny , go play STW !

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    donít ignore the signs!!!!!!

    go play it now.

    and donít forget to play it using spartan gameplay rules!

    sorry i am a bit late posting
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