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    Recently I stumbled upon a couple of vague references to something called "Geschwinda Skott" (literally, fast shot), used by Charles XII in the Great Northern War. It was, apparently, a type of wax cartridge that the Swedes used for their smaller 3- and 6-pounder cannons. Reports have it that using this system, gunners could fire 8-10 (!!) shots per minute. The drawback, however, was that because of the wax taking up space that could be better used by more gunpowder, the range of the shot was seriously diminished.

    Because there doesn't appear to be an easy way to add new shot types to cannons, and because I didn't want to replace the old, normal shot types, I decided to clone the Swedish 3- and 6-Pounders, and give them ranges and reload times that line up with what we've seen in the game.


    Be sure to read the Readme.txt. It contains information regarding the localization.loc file, which is necessary to see unit information.

    You may need the Pack File Manager, which can be found HERE.

    Whichever version you use (not all 3, natch), just put the files into your C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\empire total war\data folder, and use LtChambers excellent modmanager to load the game, which you can find HERE.

    ps - It's really not my fault that CA's brilliant mod architecture apparently doesn't extend to the localization.loc file (and before anybody tells me it does, I have spent close to eight hours trying to get it to work, and this is the only way I can).

    pps - Happy first post to me.
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    Sounds interesting... I'll give it a go tomorrow.

    "Geschwinda skott" sounds really odd though. Like a mixture of Swedish and German.
    Could you maybe provide a link to more information on this technology?

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    You have it right. It is in fact a mixture of Swedish and German.

    HERE you go. It's actually really difficult to find anything about. I can really only find the occasional mention here and there. If there's somebody out there on the forum who knows more about this than I do, I'd be happy to hear from you.

    Another place to look (yes, I know it's on a wargamer's site, so isn't canon) is HERE. Like I said, what little I have found has been tantalizingly vague.

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    Woah, that's pretty cool. It says in the first link you provided me that 10-12 shots per minute could be fired, and that this method was applied to 48-pounders. That's some serious fire power!

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