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Thread: [Faction Discussion] Kingdom of Dali

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    Default [Faction Discussion] Kingdom of Dali

    Kingdom of Dali

    This thread can be used for non-team members to discuss the Kingdom of Dali faction. Research, ideas, and imagery for the team to use in our development of the faction are appreciated. This post will contain more information about this faction and their inclusion within the mod in the future.

    Note: Please do not include Osprey images in this thread, as it is against the policy of TWC to allow copyrighted material to be posted, especially Osprey Publications.

    AUH Team

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    Default Re: [Faction Discussion] Kingdom of Dali

    Nanchao/Dali's are the ancestors of Thais, Burmese and Laos today. They fleed south to escape the Mongols. The Khmers had many "Thai/Dali" mercenaries and depicted them in bas reliefs.

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    Excellent stuff mate, good to see you back here ! Can you give me details on that last pic ?

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    Have you ever heard of Dai Li Duan shi ( Duan clan of Dai Li ), a famous royal family of Dai Li from the novel "Demi God and Semi Evil"

    For those who not know, it 's a famous novel of Louis Cha ( God father of Wu Xia ). There were many of TV series adoption base on the novel.

    Best TVB series ever:
    I am so excited to see them in the battlefield.
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    Default Re: [Faction Discussion] Kingdom of Dali

    What a quiet thread for such an interesting faction

    I was at the library the other day and I saw a book about South Chinese history, and they had some interesting stuff in there about this faction.

    Some facts:
    -The Kingdom of Dali's capital was the city of Dali, which is located in what is now Yunnan
    -A wonder controlled by the Dali was the Three Pagodas, which still stand today
    -The Dali used Elephants, Yunnan still has more elephants than any other province in China, although nowadays they are becomming endangered
    -Because of their contact with the Song Dynasty, the Kingdom of Dali had many Chinese technologies, including crossbows, ballistas and catapults. It is said that they even had rockets used in war, but as signals and flares rather than as weapons
    -Much of Yunnan is jungle, so their armies should be adjusted accordingly. It should be noted that they still used pikes/longspears however these units would not be used in dense jungle areas
    -If Dali has control of the Canton area, then they should be able to engage in trade with the rest of Asia...even before the arrival of the Europeans, this area was an important commerce center

    Modellers needed, if you are interested please click the flag ^^

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    I only know a little of Yunnan:

    Most of Yunnan people are pacifist.

    Imperial palace

    Dali emperor visit Buddhist temple (National Heritage Painting)
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    important trading town on the Silk Road. Take a boat ride to explore minority Bai villages on foot. Hike through the pine forests of Shibaoshan and discover ancient Buddha statues along our path.

    Immerse yourself in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lijiang and learn about Naxi culture. Visit Black Dragon Pool and enjoy spectacular views of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Venture deep into the surrounding countryside for a visit with the sacred Bimo of Xuehua, a Yi shaman of great importance. Drive to Zhongdian via the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge.

    Visit Songzanlin Monastery, known as the "Little Potala" and learn the secrets of the Yellow Hat Sect, or Gelugpa, monks who live there.
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    Armor from Nanchao-Dali
    5 mirrors from lacqued leather. The rest from laced lamellar pieces. Maybe a slight influence from "Ming quo jia" style of Tang?

    Royal Armouries XXVIA.

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    Would they have elephants? And perhaps some kick ass kung fu mystics as well ...

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    Dali itself was a very hard city to invade. It is localized around a lake nested in the middle of a maze of tall, sharp forested mountains. I believe that the Mongols had difficulty when trying to make their way down to Dali.

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    Default Re: [Faction Discussion] Kingdom of Dali

    Yes, but they got some local tribes to defect to their side and they showed them the best path into the city.

    Dali's source is difficult to find, that drawing in post 7 was the only one I've really found that would be somewhat useful.
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    If you need reference of Dali City, photographs aren't that much a far-flung way of getting it. A lot of the old city's architecture stems from the Ming Dynasty, but there are still buildings around in the style that was present during the Tang and Song dynasties. Of course, you are then presented with the obvious difficulty of being able to discern which buildings are examples of this, but I may be able to post some photographs of this such architecture later today-- if it is of any use-- as I have a friend who knows a great deal about historical Chinese architecture. In the meanwhile, I can direct you towards these coordinates in google maps (25.708548,100.146173) which put you directly overhead the Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple-- impressive things that were built in Nanzhou.

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    Well, as it turns out, the differences in style between Ming and Song architecture are subtle, and probably unidentifiable at present.

    Apparently it goes as such: the Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty pretty much had the same modus operandi when it came to constructing important buildings-- spacious timber-framed structures with strategically placed duogongs being a big feature towards the intersection of walls and columns and roofs-- the difference being that the Song Dynasty formalized this construction style with elevation of the social status of architects within the empire, and built in a more "refined" style (don't ask me what that means). This is about the time when the inclusion of artificial environments into construction became popularized.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    When the Yuan came to power, generally the complexity of newly constructed buildings decreased, losing ornamentation like duogongs and external girdering.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    (^ The base of this temple has likely been restored several times ^)

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    The Ming adopted the same elaborate styles of the Song and Tang, except the use of brick pretty much became universal in the construction of buildings. As most of the common buildings from Tang and Song times have been rebuilt using brick, it's quite hard to distinguish between the styles. Although apparently the Ming were quite predisposed to the inclusion of ostentatious external colonnades, which can be an indicator of Ming Era construction.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    That may have been a bit more extensive of an overview than it needed to be, but I guess what I'm trying to say is that I may have been mistaken; it would actually be more difficult to try and differentiate between modern buildings that heralding from the Song or Tang or Ming than I previously alluded to, except, of course, in exceptional cases like the Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple.

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    None of those pictures, though, come from Dali, and this was only useful if we assume that Dali generally emulated Chinese architecture, which we can probably only safely say was true at least by the Ming Dynasty.

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    Hello everyone.
    I am a new player from China,the Dali city is my hometown.
    Several days ago I heard the news of this mod.
    I can provide some pictures and information abot Dali.

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    This is a picture called "Namchao Tuzhuan"(the picture biography of Namchao)
    As Dali kingdom inherit the culture of Namchao,this image is still useful

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    Default Re: [Faction Discussion] Kingdom of Dali

    There are some errors with the hardware,I can't upload images now, I will try another day.
    If someone can’t understand the words on the images , please reply my message, I’ll translate it into English.

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