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Thread: How can I change the faction heir?

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    Default How can I change the faction heir?

    Im playing as the Turks and I dont know why but the AI always select the maddest family member as the faction heir. How can i change him? is the only way to change him sending to a battle and waiting the enemy to kill?
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    Default Re: How can I change the faction heir?

    You can't its hard coded and can't be changed.

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    Default Re: How can I change the faction heir?

    Killing is the only way
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    Default Re: How can I change the faction heir?

    There are several ways to change your faction heir:

    - get your current heir loaded on a ship, then engage in naval battle with the enemy outnumbering you. Eventually your ship will run out of sailors and "crash". Your heir happens to be not able to swim and drowns (doh).

    - get your heir on a solo mission deep into enemy territory. Eventually he will be outnumbered and either die or get captured (hopefully he dies because I reckon if he gets captured you will have to pay ransom and you don't, you will suffer reputation loss).

    - use him as a heroic suicide reliever in siege battles (once my heir killed 400/500 enemy soldiers before dying by stakes deployed be me (he routed and went into the walls through the gate, were my stakes were. He was called "the Mad for a reason then, eh-he).

    - let "an act of God" take him away from mortal life (might take a long while as they're at random I reckon, unless some pre-set events like the Aleppo earthquake).

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    Killing is the only way
    yes... this way easy and definitive

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    Default Re: How can I change the faction heir?

    I have always been disappointed that you can't change your faction heir in M2TW-- makes me miss Rome Total War.

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    Default Re: How can I change the faction heir?

    Ah, but it is historical! And even more historical as you get to kill your heir to get another in the spot....
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    That may be true, I always wanted my heirs to be the most insane and unhinged of the family and I mostly seemed to have goody two shoes next in line for the throne.
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