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    Default >>>>>>>>>> X-Mas Update <<<<<<<<<<<

    hello everyone

    Its allmost x-mas and its of public knowledge the delay on the release, but about that we've explain our reasons.

    But now its time for we introduce what's going on behind the scenes and whats new.


    we've implemented a new traits,ancilliaries system, a more wide offer in all gameplay aspects, making the player and ai more agressive and smart, making a good management more than ever important for your success.

    some new features:

    - Orders Grandmasters : on our current version we've some orders, some are the same (santiago,templars,hospitallers,teutonic) and also some new (calatrava,st lazarus, order of the dragon,sword brethren...).

    this orders are not longer just simple traits, now you can choose who is worthy of held the title of grandmaster, each order have is own strenght and weakness, and also can challenge your king if you're king lacks in authority, loyalty etc

    also every time you give this to one general or move, your character ill be displayed on campaign map with a different model(1 model per order) so you can find them easily on map.

    - Kings Coronation : now become king ill be more hard, non longer you'll be king without claiming it, this ill make you move your king to pre-determined settlements and receive his crown, if you don't your rivals can plot and lead to civil war, exploiting your weakness.

    - Cities AOR : this feature ill create a settlements type (trade,warfare,religious,etc) wich makes now some cities more important in status than others, making more than ever perfect targets.


    since we still working in our map, balancing, fixing, we've brought back Kievan Rus, and make khitai roster (units) avaliable but only recruitable on their native zone, units, banners can be enjoyed by everyone

    all factions are practically done, so we can move our resouces into another areas.


    We've moved our start date to 1219, well we've GED 4tpy so we'll give you 936 turns.

    This allows us to introduce a true mongol empire, now closer of samarqand walls and ready to plunder and invade the west.

    Also this requires some minor changes (ghazni - ghorids) but its just minor changes, i'll not change much.

    some special characters are confirmed:

    Alexander Nevsky
    Osman I

    Crusaders ill start very weak, so you'll need all the skills to reconquer your lost territories.

    We've also added and reinforce with new units the polish and hungarian roster.


    You can now building several religious temples (depending of wich faction you play) and you can find several new buildings.

    among this you can find many new wonders (example hagia sophia, nidarosdommen,dome of the rock,kaaba,church of the holy... etc)

    We hope provide you more info soon, but for now x-mas and our friends and families are more important, so we'll see you soon with new info
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    Default Re: >>>>>>>>>> X-Mas Update <<<<<<<<<<<

    Great info Ataegina! And merry christmas!
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    Default Re: >>>>>>>>>> X-Mas Update <<<<<<<<<<<

    good to hear things are moving

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    Merry Xmas and happy new year

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    Default Re: >>>>>>>>>> X-Mas Update <<<<<<<<<<<

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year for my patron and your team from XAI team.
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    please do somethings about captains loyalty , it's the same to turn to rebel a army of twenty units .
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