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Thread: Corruption and other expenses

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    My corruption and other expenses is at 16k and it is causing me to not make any money. I don't know how to lower it. Do watchtowers cost upkeep because I have about 50 of them . When I add money does that affect the overall game or AI?

    I am not building any structures and my army expense is balanced. Any advice on how to lower my corruption expenses would be appreciated.

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    Actually everything about this mod is great but I don't understand this.

    � Revised all modifiers for growth, income, public order and set new thresholds
    � Increased corruption, religious unrest, distance to capital penalties
    � Increased high tax penalties
    � Increased income from trade, decreased income from taxation and farming
    � Increased garrison effect on public order
    � Increased govenors influence
    � New settlement tax for the human player based on the settlement level fast expansion should be more difficult now!

    My corruption is really whacked and I'm thinking it has to do with my distance to capitol. My capital is Moscow (I am Poland). I have about 35 regions now. I am thinking that maybe b/c Moscow is so far away that I am getting a HUGE distance to capital penalty just b/c I am playing with these massive regions.

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