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Thread: The New Shadow AAR library (FATW 2.6)

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    Icon4 The New Shadow AAR library (FATW 2.6)

    Fourth Age: Total War After Action Report Library

    Please PM any new submissions to Aradan.

    Light of the West by Cemendur Telcontar
    Description: The longest and probably most comprehensive FA:TW AAR centered on the Reunited Kingdom. Includes battle screenies.
    Status: Completed.

    A Hopeless Task by Boosh
    Description: The Fourth Age: Year 537. Fictionalized story, uses custom battle, Rohan & Dunland vs Gondor.
    Status: Completed.

    The Fall of Gondor by Alatar
    Description: Story about the Fall of Gondor. Text-only.
    Status: Completed (sort of).

    The Rise and fall of the Reunited Kingdom by Daimon
    Description: Campaign report with a few pictures.
    Status: Broken.

    The Massacre of the Plains of Elenath by Boosh
    Description: Battle report of Minastir the Tall (Reunited Kingdom) against Taanari of the House of the Black Serpent (Harad).
    Status: Completed.

    Rohan vs Harad battle by Eviljezza
    Description: Battle report of Rohan and Harad.
    Status: Completed.

    Chronicles of the Reunited Kingdom by Elennsar
    Description: A text-based story of Cemendur, King of the Reunited Kingdom.
    Status: Broken.

    The Reunited Kingdoms Lost Diaries by Count Flip
    Description: "The lost Diaries of Kings their heirs and their most loyal generals have been found in the deepest chambers of Minas Tirith..." Including screenshots.
    Status: Broken.
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    I cannot think of any you have missed here at TWC - at the moment at least - but if you are including AARs from other sites you may want to check out the After Action Report sub-forum at our home forum, or The Chamber of Scribes at the Chamber of Records.

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    @Amroth, thanks

    I see there are many other AARs, will include them and update the OP soon.

    edit: OP updated.
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    Actually, the official home of FATW AARs is the first link in my post - the second is a forum for AARs from different LotR-related mods; 'The World Is Changed', 'The Treason of Isengard', 'Osgiliath: The Fall', and 'Ten Word Story' are not for FATW.

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    @Amroth, thanks. I will process these AARs and update the OP ASAP.

    edit: OP updated.
    edit2: I expanded the library with End of Days AARs, as both FA:TW and EoD are fantasy mods, hope you don't mind it. If you do mind it, PM me.
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    Hey I made it up there!

    I did notice though that you only have a link to a bit of the AAR, most of it is on RTWH, but I put a few updates on TWC just because it is the home site of the mod. However, since I visit RTWH more than TWC, I put the full update there.

    Here is the URL of the entire AAR:,6608,,10
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    Romano British AAR
    End of Days AAR
    WRE Migration Campaign AAR
    The Official RTW Screenshot Competition.

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    @General_Zavier: thanks! OP updated.

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    whats Lord of the Mods?

    edit: never mind, i found out.
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    Thx for that list, it is very useful actually!

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    Cemendur Telcontar decided to rewrite his AAR Light of the West. So far he has rewritten the prologue and three chapters. Check it out!

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