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Thread: Helios the 29th: Feel the power! Feel it!

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    Default Helios the 29th: Feel the power! Feel it!

    The Basement by Freddie
    Political Mudpit by Shyam Popat
    The Athenaeum by The Fuzz
    The Political Academy by Captain Blackadder
    The Ethos, Mores, et Monastica by _Pontifex_
    The Circus Maximus by Freddie
    The Arts by Thanatos
    Editorials by the Black Prince and Sundance (sorta)

    Hardy dah du dah! Welcome to another edition of the publication packed full of extreme brilliance, witty quips and journalistic integrity of the lowest order! Yes! You guessed it! The Eagle St- Helios is back for another issue. It's our 29th, in fact.

    So before we launch into the TWC news, what's new in the world? Well, Russia is kicking the ass of a former-Soviet nation, Michael Phelps is kicking the ass of ... well ... everyone and ... err ... well ... that's about it. It's the Olympics and Russia ... and some other random things, going on, but we don't really care about those.

    "So", I hear you say, "if the rest of the world is this boring, surely the Helios will brighten my day?". Well, right you are! We have a lineup full of everything and what-not, some new additions, some old additions and some not-quite-coherent rambling! It's very exciting, so do read on. Or don't. But if you don't, then screw you.

    So first up, as always (I honestly can't remember if he's always first, but lets say for non-argument's sake that he is!) is Freddie, with his Basement report.
    The Basement
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    It’s been a bit of a mixed bag of threads in the basement recently, the usual crop of video card related threads have fallen by the way side ever since ATI have established themselves as having the best value for money consumer video card on the market. This means the forum has opened up to a wide verity of subjects ranging from wall papers, sound cards and physics.

    Most of you who are reading this will be aware of Ageia’s physics card which started shipping out in late 2005 on top end gaming PC’s. The product flopped as Ageia couldn’t get enough developers onboard to support it, combined with competition from its arch rival Havok (which was a software based engine not hardware based like PhysX) they were eventually brought out by graphics behemoth Nvidia late last year.

    I should like to point out that modern physics models are nothing new and they have in fact been around for a lot longer then you might realise. For example Havok was in use when Valve designed Half Life 2 which was due for release in 2004.

    So why all of the sudden is there interest in Physics technology? Well it’s been announced that the next Total War game will be supporting PhysX and as such a thread was formed.

    Now anyone who owns an Nvidia 8XXX or newer card will be able to benefit from PhysX supported games as the calculations will be done on the card as opposed the CPU. With Nvidias weight behind PhysX and with developers like CA backing it PhysX may have a future.

    Now Ageia was brought out by Nvidia but prior to that happing Intel brought out Havok, leaving AMD/ATI as the only key company in the market with a model. Currently AMD have decided to back Havok, knowing first hand what Intel's massive R&D budgets can accomplish but perhaps surprisingly Nvidia hasn't closed the door on allowing ATI cards to support it's PhysX model. It seems AMD is the fair lady at the ball that all sides want to dance with.

    Baabaaloo has asked if he should get Vista just so he could get the DirectX 10 graphics API. This is an interesting question that has raised some considerable debate in the basement and has resulted in a secondary thread started by Roman Clone who compares DX9 to DX10 visuals in Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

    Quote Originally Posted by Roman Clone View Post

    Of course DX10 looks better, but look at the water and think for a second; does lake water really look like that? I was camping near a lake for a week and quite honestly, the water in DX9 looked like the lake.

    Does anyone else think that DX9 water is better?
    Opinions are split at the moment,

    Quote Originally Posted by Wheelchair View Post
    The difference is substantial. If you look for the differences, try Googling DX10/DX9 screenies.

    I would say if you have the money, do it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Thanatos View Post
    The changes are so minuscule it's not worth it, IMHO.
    Quote Originally Posted by Simetrical View Post
    That page kind of confirms my suspicions about DX10. The differences in even prepared shots always seemed to be remarkably small to me.
    The problem with comparing DX10 to DX9 is your comparing an API which has been out for a relatively short period of time (DX10) and an API that’s been around for years. The games we today (Crysis, HL2, COD4) have been in development for years back when DX 9c was still new. We can’t expect developers to full utilise DX10 for at least another 3 to 4 years as that’s the sort of time it took for games like Crysis to appear with it programmable pixel shaders.

    Tired of the same old desktop? The Zapotec wallpaper not doing it for you? Fear not, our former Emperor HorseArcher has exposed us to a fine selection of new themes for Windows XP.

    Mirji has also posted help for users who want a better wallpaper.

    Please visit the threads and leave rep for both of these guys as they thoroughly deserve it.

    Do you need one of these? That’s the question being asked in this poll. Historically sound cards have had a tough time competing for system builders cash because a unlike a new video card it doesn’t offer a tangible benefit such as making your game look better or play faster.

    If you considering a sound card I would say you should do your research first. Google for reviews for sound cards, make sure it will offer you a better end product then your current onboard sound card and most importantly check that its compatible with your operating system.

    That’s all from me for this addition. If you any suggestions please leave them in the Helios Thread, I read all comments but I don’t always reply.


    Ever wonder what he does in that Basement when he's not writing? Hmm ... there's an image and a half! Next onto Shyam Popat, reporting on the festering cesspool of nationalism utopia of enlightened discussion that is the Political Mudpit.
    Political Mudpit
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    We'll return to the Dyslexic Theatrical Society's Production of "Bitty Bitty Chang Chang" in just a moment. Now, for the news.

    Our top story today, Russia does some stuff in some country and everyone gets mad. Currently in its 7th thread, the Russo-Georgian conflict has raised some serious issues about Russia's loose military trigger-finger, the EU and the US' bureaucracy, and whether all imports of vodka will have to be banned. The BAR Association comments: "oh, not again... you've got the wrong bar."

    In other news, homosexuality runs rampant. With gays stealing our children and having all the sex, the world's morality shatters along with its innocence. The religious right's false sense of self-righteousness, in contrast, remains stalwart. Shaun and Pivra stand on their side, defiantly fighting off all sense of rationality and empathy to defend conservatism and fear of the unknown.

    I'm hearing some breaking news... yes, yes, it seems that India's caste system still sucks balls. With Medi Rapper loose in the D&D, who will harass the moderators and cause drama? The golden age of Ferrets54's warnings is over with his feeble attempts at joining the administration, and with a fairly lenient site owner, drama is at a minimum. Stay tuned.

    And before we go, American hysteria is at an all time high. It has been predicted that white will be only the largest minority in the US by the time the world has been frozen by nucular winter. What this means for you, at 10.

    Now for the Blackie weather forecast:

    "IT GON' RAIN".

    Oh god. Political incorrectness runs rampant in this publication. So while we're at it, let us get it all out of the way. Here's the Fuzz.
    The Athenaeum
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Life in the world of science has been busy of late. This is good because otherwise I'd be annoyed as hell at having only two new topics to report upon. So. Let us embark (as always) upon a scientific safari!

    First up we've got an article that might fit better in the Ethos, but since it's in the Athenaeum, let's cover it: When will humans loose the trait of Warmaking? [sic] by Caradog. This shaky title actually leads to some great discussion, namely from TWC's neighborhood robot Comptroller of the Censor:
    Quote Originally Posted by Simetrical View Post
    War is not a natural human tendency per se. It's caused by other natural human tendencies, like ambition, fear, and the desire for vengeance. My view is that wars are obsolete even now, between developed nations, and will become so throughout the world as other nations become wealthier.

    The rewards of war are less than they once were. In an information economy, waging war to obtain natural resources is not the issue it once was. Although there are a few really valuable resources left, mainly oil, they're going to become less important as time goes on. Japan is the third-richest nation in the world by GDP, and has pretty much no natural resources at all: a purely technological economy.

    The penalties of war are greater than they once were, too. Developed nations trade vast amounts with each other. They're ever more dependent on one another. War means embargo, at least with the country you're trading with, and with likely its allies too. This means losing huge amounts of money. And on top of this, developed nations recognize this and will defend their trading partners militarily. An attack by, say, the US on a European country would be met with retaliation not just by that country, but by all of Europe and the rest of the industrialized world besides.

    War between rich nations just isn't profitable anymore. That only leaves a couple of other possibilities. You could a desire for vengeance: for instance, America attacking Afghanistan after 9/11. But all developed nations will handle crimes committed within their borders quite competently these days. Americans feel no need to attack the British over British terrorists' attempts to attack America, because Britain does quite a competent job of prosecuting them.

    Nuclear weapons are a powerful tool for peace, as well. Mutually assured destruction means a serious reluctance to fight by anyone except lunatics. How many lives would have been lost if the cold war had been a hot one? But it wasn't, because neither the capitalists nor the communists wanted a nuclear holocaust.

    I think this is the first time in history that we're seeing a real shift toward peace for basic reasons. We've had hegemonies and empires that maintained peace within their domains, but empires fall. It doesn't seem that the same will happen to globalization. There's no reason to think it, anyway. I think that as soon as all nations are wealthy and capitalist enough to be linked inextricably into a network of global trade, war will be pretty much finished. We don't need any genetic modifications to get people to generally do what they perceive as being in their own best interest.
    wooo. Have your say there, but don't worry, most posts aren't as articulate as that.

    Now, changing tracks, we discover modern science with an enthusiastic new guy: Do you believe everything on this earth (maybe even solar system) is related? Everyone nods their assent. Even Moby. Yes. That Moby. Dance!

    Quote Originally Posted by Broken Pope View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Portugese Rebel
    Your chemical make up, all that makes you, was once part of a star
    ... As Moby has so famously observed.
    From that inspiring bit we return to the 'we-are-all-going-to-die track of thought: The Future of Mankind theory of evolution. Basically the topic is people talking about when the sun explodes and we all die in a fiery fireball of flames..and stuff. Cool! Srsly though, have a gander. Kinda interesting if you needed brushing up on what happens to the Sun when it runs out of energy (and Earth!).

    Meanwhile, Australia's like 'WTF MATE?' Eat kangaroo. It's good for you. Or don't, it's shite. Debate rages on both sides thanks to our friends from down under.

    Finally, Exarch asks us: What happens if you go through a black hole? We learn about spaghettification, which is Shyam Popat's 2nd favorite word. Pretty cool stuff. Read it. And gimme tree-fiddy. Don't you give dat boy tree-fiddy, woman!

    I guess that's it. Look around the forum some more plz. Tschüss!

    Going from all that ... hardcore journalism to Pontifex's huggy buggy peace logo, here's Ponti-Hippy with the EMM.
    Ethos, Mores et Monastica
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Ethos, Mores, at Monastica

    I apologize for my brevity, but apparently my article was lost when a thunderstorm left my house powerless and my files weren't backed up. I apologize. In any case here is my report, however short.

    How is the Apocalypse going to happen?

    Some out of the ordinary opinions were voiced including the theory that the world as we know it will slowly be dried out until nothing is left but an arid wasteland.

    Celsuis gives us his opinion.

    I think, one of the biggest threats, because I can't name them all, is lack of Fresh Water.

    There's lots of theories with fresh water, I've even heard there is a possibility to purify salt water and turn it into fresh water, not to sure on the legitimacy of this.

    In other cases, China has run out of alot of their water, I believe 40% of the fresh water runoff from glaciers in China has gone now, this meaning there isn't adequate amount for everyone. As well, Lakes and rivers in Africa are now running dry, if only to fuel the fire of warfare there over others resources, water is now a substantial issue, though it has been for awhile, now it's becoming an even bigger threat. This is just the start.

    I am guessing that in another few decades, the possibility of war over fresh water isn't exactly out of the question.

    That's just my two cents...
    Then of course there are the biblical accounts, which are still fun to review as revelation remains one of the most entertaining and enthralling of all the books.

    Is war an inevitable part of human existance?

    My own opinion on the matter is yes. We do after all have our own egos and ideas that we want to promote and possibly force upon other people. In a way, it is almost as if we are programmed to disagree, even on the smallest of issues.

    On a less primitive note, Captain Blackadder states that

    War is inevitable it will always happen as long as any country has more then another it could only not occur is some kind of utopia situation where everyone is equal and content with what they have. As long as some one is hungry there will be war . So basically my idea is that war can be prevented but we will never reach that situation so war is inevitable.
    Which hearkens to present day problems involving Georgia and Russia, which seems to me to be a nationalistic mess.

    So, would you rather be cremated, or laid to rest in a traditional coffin and then buried? Being discussed here.

    I would personally prefer to be buried in the ground, I don't see the benefits of cremation. Anyway, at least a proper burial gives loved ones a place to mourn me. As I would surely be mourned. Suprisingly, many religious members have come forward and said that cremation in their opinions is haram or "Un-chhristian".

    Also, I found this comic and I thought I would share it with you. If anyone else finds a funny comic or drawing relating to religion, I will consider including it in my next write-up. (of course the picture cannot be overly insulting to any religion. If the opportunity is abused, I will just stop doing it.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Kamos
    Cremation it's cheaper and maybe I'll follow up on zznɟ ǝɥʇ and make my family have to do stupid things with the ashes.
    Coincidentally, I had the same thoughts about cremation. What to do with the ashes. I have heard of some cases where family members keep the ashes in a vase or jar and put it on the mantle. To me this just seems wrong :/

    Sure, the ashes could be spread into the wind, but the thought of...inhaling...human ashes is rather disgusting. Think about it. "Your last sneeze, brought to you in part by Daniel Flemming's remains"

    Here is this fortnight's short report, again I apologize for the brevity, but real life issues have kept me off TWC for a little while.

    Next we have Rowan Atkinson himself (I swear, we're paying him a tonne to be here tonight) reporting on the Political Academy.
    The Political Academy
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    This is Captain Blackadder reporting live from the home of the most intellectual discourses that our beloved Total War Centre has.

    We begin our coverage with a thread that makes the moderate in me scream in ire, Holy Crusaders thread on Facist or Communist which would you prefer. Now basically this thread can be summed up in two different posts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Big War Bird View Post
    Better dead than red.
    Quote Originally Posted by GVP View Post
    I'd be a communist. Since then I'd just be an idealist hoping to make an utopia. Fascism is based on nationalism and hate.
    There you have it that is the entire thread and all posts in it are just variations of those two themes and so far it has gone on for 170 posts and 9 pages.

    The next cab off the rank is jimkatalanos' thread on the British museum and the returning of items taken from other countries.

    Quote Originally Posted by jimkatalanos View Post
    What is your opinion about the British Museum? Many of the exhibits have been stolen, "bought" or anything else from the original owners. Some nations want some of the exhibits back, like Greece and Egypt, since they are part of their culture.
    Should the British museum give some of it's exhibits back to the original owners? Or perhaps it should keep them?
    Within two minutes Ferrets54 has pounced with this great broadside

    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrets54 View Post
    If the British Museum did this practically every museum in the world would be asked to do the same, and be practically emptied. Not to mention that it would be a disaster for all forms of research that can access these items in some of the world's finest institutions.
    Now this goes back and forth for a while in a frenzied amount of posting with sometimes less then a minute separating the posts. Mostly focusing on the Elgin marbles until Burnum comes strolling in to talk about something that is close to me as an Australian

    Quote Originally Posted by Burnum View Post
    The British are giving back the stolen Remains of Aboriginals.

    But they still face alot of resistance by British scientists, disgusting as it is.
    Now this is something that really grinds my gears. Since in my mind and in the mind of many people what the scientists did there was grave robbing since in many cases the person had only being in the ground for one day before the scientists came and chopped the head off in an attempt to prove that aboriginals were somehow sub-human.

    The next thread that provides some interest for me is this one one China and how to mangle Twains quote their rise as a superpower as been greatly exaggerated.
    Quote Originally Posted by Caelius View Post

    Pomfret states exactly what I have long believed.

    That, as Americans, we have long projected our uncertainties and imperfections to our rivals, real or imagined. While it is good to a degree to overestimate your potential rivals in order to inspire competitive motivation, the amount of fretting that people are making over China is really unwarranted.

    We as Americans (and, in a broader sense, the West as a whole) have often sought inspiration for action in the international arena. But some of the more radical alarmists out there make it sound as if it is already foreordained. Which is patently ridiculous.

    Sometimes, the near hysteria coming from many American politicians and influential think tanks and organizations really frustrates me. I hope this piece brings some perspective to an issue now given over to hyperbole.

    To compete successfully with America you have to be like America. A simple notion and historical lesson that not enough people seem to understand. I mean seriously, flip it around and ask - could America compete with China, or the old Soviet Union, in the arena of closed, ruthless, authoritarian Empire? No, of course not - we're not built for that kind of thing.

    And so to compete successfully with America you have to be a slightly screwball, risk-embracing, and open society.

    China's made remarkable progress for a country which in the 1960s was still trying to transition into the 20th Century, but that doesn't mean that the 21st Century is going to see it ascending to a level of power and influence to rival or replace that of the US.
    Dromikaites sums up the problems that China must face before it can become a superpower in a very precise way.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dromikaites View Post
    Humm, let's see:
    1. Wealth - with an aging population which would result in having 100 million people over 80, which translates in almost half of China's population over 60 by 2050 who is going to generate that wealth needed to maintain the status of superpower?

    2. Resources - China doesn't have any (well it does have some coal and some iron but that's about it). On the other hand Russia has plenty just across the border. You catch my drift?

    3. Projection of power - I'd say sustainable projection of power is more important. And with an aging population and a severe lack of resources whatever power China manages to project at one point in time isn't going to last. OK, they might project enough to take Siberia and solve the dependence on resources but I assume the Russian decision makers are aware of that and would sabotage China before it can pose a significant threat. Which means China might never reach a level of significant ability to project power, even if for a short time.

    And now let's look at the "irrelevant" factors:
    4. Government pensions: how do you think the Chinese family would otherwise be able to support the elders (a fundamental factor in the Chinese culture)? Private pensions maybe? With a wealth per capita at the level of an African country it's not likely the private pensions would be able to compensate the shortcomings of the government pensions. Or do you believe that in 40 years the Chinese culture would change so dramatically they'd abandon their elder relatives to their fate? Not to mention what impact would that have on the morale of the people in their 30s and 40s who would realize in about 20 years the game would be over for themselves too.

    5. Pollution Sick people don't make productive workers nor quality soldiers. And think about the impact of the sick children: not only they damage China's prospects of sustaining whatever superpower level it might reach in the future but they impact the life of the adults now. In the Middle Ages people would have assumed the gods are responsible for the state of their health and for the state of the health of their children. Nowadays Chinese are much better educated. Guess how long it would take before the government has a very urgent matter to solve or else? Throwing tanks at it the Tienanmen way won't cut it this time. For the simple reason the tank crews would either be sick themselves or would have sick little brothers or sisters at home.

    6. freedoms or other nonsense How long did the 20th century superpowers who ignored freedoms and other nonsense last? One lasted 10 years, the other one lasted 70. And they didn't have the above listed problems to compound the inherent problems of any dictatorship.
    Now as for the rest of the academy there is not much of interest its is mostly a pile of x or y threads like the one mentioned at the start the article. This is Captain Blackadder reporting live from the academy were intelligence is the key.

    Next up is Freddie, again, covering the Circus Maximus for VOP. 'How', you ask, 'can Freddie do so many reports in such a short time?'. The answer is simple, my friends: he's on the 'roids.
    Circus Maximus
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Regular Circus reporter VOP2288 has been detained on real life events so once again your resident tech head will be filling in and discussing topics about his favourite past time - video games. Since the last report was based solely on Metal Gear Solid there have been a lot of interesting news in the world of electronic entertainment. Diablo III has been announced, GTA IV has been officially announced for the PC, the debates battle over the Xbox 360 and the PS3 has erupted yet again and a rather disappointing E3 has come and gone.

    Diablo III

    Following on from the very successful 2000 hit Diablo II, Diablo III has finally been announced much to the relief of Diablo fans who have waited eight years for this game.
    Using a state of the art physics and graphics engine and featuring an isometric view the new game will be familiar to fans of which there are many.

    Quote Originally Posted by Estlander View Post
    Has just been announced at the Blizzard World wide Invitational.


    Quote Originally Posted by zingerburger View Post
    It's about time. I'm excited.
    Quote Originally Posted by TB666 View Post
    Looks awesome.
    Ragdoll and bloody is always a nice sign.
    But where is my necromancer ??
    I demand my necro !!
    Quote Originally Posted by King Edward III View Post
    I'm excited too. Yay!!

    The thread is already over 400 posts long and the game is only half completed, meaning Diablo 3 will be a game to watch in 2009 when it should hopefully see its release.

    GTA IV - PC

    After much fanfare over the lack of an announced release date the biggest game of 2008 GTA IV will be getting it’s PC release in November. The buzz surrounding this game hasn’t gone away despite the game initially being release in April on the PS3 and Xbox 360, since then Rockstar have in no doubt been fine turning the game in response to feedback from the console version. I would expect the game to able to take advantage of all the PC’s more advance technical abilities (higher resolutions, more AA improved AF etc).

    If you are wondering why Rockstar delyed the PC release allthesedamnnamesaretaken sums it up for us.

    Quote Originally Posted by allthesedamnnamesaretaken View Post
    It's a marketing ploy. There are so many die hard GTA fans, and if you confirm that you won't make a PC version (easy to pirate) then people will buy the console versions. Then you announce that you are releasing a PC version after most everyone has already bought a copy. Then people that wanted to play it would have it instead of pirating it, and people without consoles can buy it for their pcs.
    This is GTA is a type of game that appeals to every sort of gamer whether they be a console tard or a PC geek which is reflected in the franchises huge sales figures for the previous games. I look forward to seeing GTA IV on the PC in time for Christmas, may the good times roll!

    Xbox 360 vs PS3 games

    I really shouldn’t be advertising a thread like this but given the fact that this one has had over 200 responses in the short time it’s been open its hard to ignore.

    Despite the shaky and nervous start the PS3 had to life in 2008 the PS3 has been catching up with the 360 in the US and in Europe and has been challenging the Nintendo Wii in Japan. It would appear Sony loyal fans who owned the PS2 are starting to switch to the PS3. In response Microsoft has announced a price cut on the 360 plus some new models with larger hard drives. However what ultimately makes or breaks a console is the software that’s available on it and that’s were Sony have struggled in recent times.

    The PS3 recent resurgence could be put down to the release of the Metal Gear Solid 4 which is a Playstation exclusive and one of its prized ‘triple a’ titles. However most of the games that get released on next consoles are multi platform releases which makes it hard for one system to set itself apart from the other.

    In a recent interview with Toms Games John Carmak had strong opinions on both platforms and had both praise and aired his frustrations with working on both consoles. He liked the PS3 because it had Blu-Ray technology which is ideal for his next games high resolution textures but programming for the PS3 was made difficult because of its Cell processor. On the flip side of the coin the 360 was easier to work with but a licencing agreement over royalties for when a game is split over 3 discs means ID’s up coming project might have to have reduced quality textures in order to fit onto the DVD format the 360 uses. This isn’t the first time the DVD+9 format has been an issue, the Unreal Tournament 3 version for the 360 has been delayed in order to sort out problems with the limited space.


    This years E3 has come and gone, open only to the press the rest of us have had to make do with internet reports from the show. During it’s hey day the E3 show was the biggest home electronics show in the world.

    Prehap’s the biggest news to come from E3 was the bomb shell announcement from Microsoft.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hattori View Post

    Soo... Microsoft just finnished the press conference, not that great except for the first minutes and the last announcement.
    If you dont know yet, Final Fantasy 13 was just announced for the 360 making sony lose the exclusive.
    Another 3 RPGs were also announced for 360 and PC.
    Fallout 3, Gears 2, RE5 and the rest were music games and some other boring stuff.

    What did you think of it?
    That’s right folks the Playstation’s 2nd biggest game franchise will no longer be exclusive to the Playstation. This also had the adverse effect of leaving Sony’s gaming lineup being a little underwhelming which will come as disappointment to Playstation fans who were hoping Sony would be able to strike back at Microsoft.

    The most impressive game Sony had on display was MAG, an online third person shooter game which will feature up to 256 people online at anyone time. Now I thought playing against 50 people in COD4 was fun but 256!?! That’s amazing, I’m not sure if Sony have thought that through about how peoples internet connections are going to handle it let alone the servers. Other titles includes ‘Little Big Planet’ which will feature user-generated content, Sony feels that user content is an important part of future gaming. Sony’s trump card for the show was Resistance 2 which is being developed by Isonomic, it will feature up to 60 player battles, large maps and big battles. Hopefully Resistance 2 will start using the Cell chip effectively and the PS3 can start to show off what it can really do other then play 360 ports.

    (above: Resistance 2 for the Playstation 3)

    The PC also had a strong showing, Jumpgate Evolution a game from Codemasters online, which is set to be a more old school space title in the vain of X-Wing and Wing Commander games.

    (above: Jumpgate Evolution a PC exclusive)

    Crysis Warhead is nearing completion and will be arriving on a PC near you hopefully this side of Christmas. This time however Crytek have developed the game to be more system friendly then the original.

    Quote Originally Posted by TomsGames
    Warhead now looks just as good as the original, uses the same (but slightly tweaked) engine, and can run on high using an 8800GT. The showroom machine being used to show off Warhead ran off a Core 2 Duo E6750, 2.5GB of DDR2 RAM, and a 9800 GTX, all of which can be bought for about $450-$475. Include the rest of the mid-range components and you're talking about a Crysis machine that will cost well under $1000, which puts Crysis: Warhead within reach of the vast majority of PC gamers.
    Despite the high system requirements for Crysis it didn’t appear to hurt it’s sales figures and has sold over 1.5 million copies to date.

    The PC was also sporting a number of RTS titles. Although Red Alert 3 look set to be a cross platform release, Empire: Total War, Stormrise all set to come to the PC.

    That's all from me, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.


    To round things up, here's Thanatos with the Arts! Hooray! Please, ladies, reserve the throwing of underwear until the end of the article.
    The Arts
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    *takes microphone from Scorch, and taps it*

    Hello? Is this thing on?

    Oh, it is! Hi guys, Thanatos here, covering the Arts section for the Helios. Let's see what our fine artistic denizens have to say this time!

    First off, a big continuing thread is the discussion of Who Should Replace Ledger as the Joker in the Dark Knight discussion thread.

    We've got some input on both sides.

    Legionnaire X started a hot debate:

    Speaking of the Joker, I can think of one man who may be able to match the intensity of Heath Ledger:

    Johny Depp
    Unfortunately, this didn't exactly please other people.

    Quote Originally Posted by MaximiIian View Post
    Just no way.

    His Joker'd be too comical, weird like. It wouldn't be anywhere near as complete, or as dark as Ledger's. It's just impossible to fill those shoes. Not even a perfect clone of Heath Ledger could fill the real Ledger's Joker shoes.
    However, Legionnaire X and some reinforcements came up with some defense for Johnny Depp:

    Quote Originally Posted by LegionnaireX View Post
    Oh come on it wasn't that good. Ledger did an excellent job, better than Jack Nicholson. But he's dead now, and if Nolan wants Joker to appear in another film he'll need another actor, and Depp is one of the few that I've seen come close to Ledger's style.

    His Joker would be too comical? Ever seen Open Window or Sweeny Todd? Both crazy killers played by Depp.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gambit View Post
    I think Depp would be up to the job. He's very adaptable and believable, he wouldn't have to top Heaths performance at all either. If he could come near to it, I'd love it just as much.
    The debate continues on this and other subjects for.... oh, another ten pages. But I think Da Skinna sums it all up pretty well:

    Oscars all around for this one.

    Nolan did well with this one, considering his handful of movies, and especially Memento (which I've still not seen, but heard so much of) that this movie, a Batman movie of all things, could stand so high above everything else this year, even Iron Man, to be the greatest superhero movie of all time, and that's saying something.

    Memorable heroes, villains, and outsanding performances all round. This one is pure class and it ain't going down anytime soon.
    Next up, Nuclear decides to Showcase His Drumming Talent.

    People offered constructive criticism in response to Nuclear's drumming solo, as well as praise:

    Quote Originally Posted by Octy View Post
    I think you hit the cymbals a bit too much. It just ends up sounds muddy.

    Then again, I'm no great expert on drum solos. I've only listened to a few in my life.
    Quote Originally Posted by SirPaladin View Post
    Sounds a bit unorganised, but overall it's good I guess. I'm not much of an expert either.
    Quote Originally Posted by _Pontifex_ View Post
    I liked it. Record it on a camera next time 'cos I've seen plenty of drummers hit the cymbals more than you but it still sounds fine, I think it's because the quality isn't that great with a phone.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gambit View Post
    Sounds good, like Paladin said it's kind of unorganized but you got raw talent.
    Keep going at it Nuclear, we're all rooting behind you!

    And for our last thread, something of a more humorous note, Hilarious Alternate Movie Titles!

    Kanaric started it off:

    When another country shows a movie sometimes they have to change the title either because it doesn't translate or the company is just idiotic, i'll start.

    Knocked Up
    China: One Night Big Belly
    Odovacar had some hilarious titles from Hungary as well:

    Quote Originally Posted by Odovacar View Post
    We hungarians have certain phrases to use as titles. Especially if they rhyme.

    For example there was a film with a title like Red Hill or some mountain in it, it was named: My pair is my stair (it rhymes)

    Another fav. was ever: Being in trouble up the ankle.

    Basically applies to every foreign title.
    Quote Originally Posted by Anarius View Post
    Somehow, the titles of bad comedy movies are always changed to "Help, we're going to X", or "help, I'm an X" etc, in Norway.

    I have no idea why.
    Quote Originally Posted by Knight_of_PQN View Post
    Resident Evil --- Evil Guest
    Rush Hour --- An explosive couple
    Star Wars --- War of the Galaxies
    And lastly, Ashashi gives us a title too:

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashashi View Post
    From family guy.

    The arabian version of "Dude Where's My Car"

    "My Friend, Where Is My Car But Thank Allah We Were Not Hurt"
    That's all we have time for this Helios, but keep a look out for the next one!

    Yours, Thanatos

    Oh crap! Forgot to add a segue here. Blah blah blah, editorials, blah blah blah, enlightened ones.
    Editorials Well first up, in the section for the enlightened among you, is tBP's regular editorial, Queer Concern:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Queer Concern

    Straight Clubs and Holiday Fashions

    So after a recent and scary experience, I’ve decided upon a new legislative proposal for the government. Official warnings that must accompany all straight clubs warning of the horrors that lie within.

    Those people who have read my back catalogue of Helios articles (Queer Concern has appeared as a Helios Regular since Helios 4!!) will recall, I first came out as openly gay at uni. This has numerous advantages, university, while not necessarily liberal is usually a very tolerant and accepting place. Not to mention that most of the people of my generation have very little issue with gay people and those that do are usually chivvy scum and unlikely to appear at uni. Back on topic, before going to uni, I had very little experience of any kind of club scene. While I’d been 18 for a while, several of my friends were among the youngest in my year, and most of the nightclubs in my hometown were red hot on IDing people.

    So here’s me a fresh faced gay going off to uni, and coming out. Unsurprisingly, I spent a lot of time in gay clubs. In fact by and far the majority of my nightlife has been spent in gay clubs. The one other place was the students Union, and the SU has no comparison to any other type of nightclub, it’s a unique university experience.

    All this is (slowly) leading up to me saying that I have very little experience of the straight scene. Until recently, the last time I had been out in a straight nightclub was about 4 years ago, A-Level results night the summer before uni started.

    So when a new nightclub opened in Chester and Chester Conservative Future decided to pay it a visit I thought that this would be an exciting new experience for me.

    Oh dear no. This club is branded as Chester’s biggest and best. In terms of looks it certainly achieves. It comes with several stylishly decorated themed rooms designed to cater for a variety of tastes. Entry is expensive and so is the bar, but that’s par for the course. Any student, once back in the real world, considers alcohol too expensively priced!

    No, the problem was the people. Firstly, lets talk fashion, or lack of it. I have NEVER seen such a total lack of originality. When you see a football match, you see everyone wearing the same thing and expect it, at a nightclub, I expected variance. How do you lads expect to stand out and attract women if every one of you us wearing jeans, shoes and a white shirt (stripes optional)? Yawn… what a bore. I know some night clubs expect smart dress, but have you ever heard of colour. And has no one ever told you brown shoes don’t go with a black belt, and definitely not black jeans!

    Not to mention the number of people wearing shirts that didn’t fit them! Word to the wise, a tight shirt and bulging belly is a TURN OFF not a major ticket to a night of fun. If you’ve spent your youth drinking the most fattening beers and ciders around, do yourself a favour and wear a shirt that’s loose fit, that way you don’t end up doing a jabba the hut impression.

    You get plenty of fat people in gay bars of course, straight people don’t have a monopoly on fitness, but at least gay people know how to dress to suit their bodies. Which brings me onto the next point. Women. Revealing dresses may be the in thing (I wouldn’t know) but dressing like a cheap street lady won’t help you get laid if it makes you look like your muffin top’s been fed on a steady diet of baking powder. The fleshy hang overs I saw were enough to make any self respecting person throw up.

    Appalling fashion and dress sense aside, I always thought the purpose of a nightclub was to drink and dance and dance and drink. I was initially puzzled by why so many of the rooms in this place seemed designed for people to chill in while listening to different types of music. Only 2 of the many rooms actually had dancefloors. Then it struck me, nobody really was actually dancing. Everyone was sitting/standing around talking – a situation that didn’t improve throughout the night.

    Come on people, if you want to do that – go to a pub or a bar – that’s what they’re for! Why pay loads of money to go to a place and do something that you can do for the cost of a cheap pint elsewhere? What on earth is the point.

    That said, based on the performance of those people making fools of themselves on the dancefloor, its probably best that they stayed off. In a gay club its not just the official dancers who can strut their stuff, plenty of normal punters have the beat in their feet and the moves to match. Alas this talent seems to escape the majority of straight men.

    Finally, old people do not belong on the clubbing scene. Again, this is what pubs are for. No matter where you go, you always get a selection of older men and women hanging around the scene. In a gay world, they’re usually their to get a piece of the younger audience. In the straight world, these are more likely to be drunked fat 45 year olds who havn’t caught onto the fact that their not 18 anymore. It’d be a terribly depressing sight if I’m not absolutely surrounded by smelly fat sweaty poorly dressed old men in a club of all places. The proportion of old to young people was almost half and half – a terrible thought and a terrible sight. Plus, old men have no stamina. A decent club night has to last till at least 3am, for preference 5am at a bigger venue. 2am is just poor, but much later would be beyond the capacity of the old (tired) and the young (paralytic).

    I can think of worse nights I’ve had out, but that’s largely been due to my results in trying to pull that night. For a night out purely for fun, I strongly recommend people come to a gay club, and we’ll show you what a real party is.

    I’ve always wondered why you get so many straight people coming on to the gay scene. For the straight women, I know they feel safer in gay clubs, and the lads have previously told me that gay clubs are simply better and more fun. Now I know why. I have plenty of reasons to be glag I’m gay, but now I can add another to the list – straight nightlife is just depressing.

    Moving on from the horrors of the straight scene, I today (well some days ago from publication date!) saw an article on the Daily Telegraph’s website (30/07/08) about holiday fashion faux pas. Apparently fashion experts at leading British store chain Debenhams have complied two top 10 lists of fashion no nos for men and women based on company research.

    Some of these are so very very true, and one cannot urge people enough to avoid them at all possible costs and avoid embarrassing yourself, your friends, family and fellow country at home and abroad.

    However, there are some items on these lists that I oh so strongly object to, and I simply felt the overwhelming urge to make my case!

    For women:
    1.Muffin Tops 2.Fat women with their navel pierced 3.Thongs on the beach 4.Henna tattoos 5.Braided hair 6.Saggy Bikinis 7.Middle aged women in mini skirts 8.Belly Tops 9.Bra-less women 10.Jelly Shoes

    yes yes yes – especially the muffin tops, jelly shoes and mini skirts.

    For men I have more of an issue
    1. Speedos. 2. Socks and Sandals. 3.Sarongs 4.Handkerchief on head 5.Union Jack shorts 6.Bum bags 7.Men with nipple piercings 8.Football shirts 9.Cycling shorts 10.Crocs

    How dare they. So long as the man/boy has the figure to wear them, go ahead, be proud, show your body off. I agree there is a serious issue with fat older men wearing skimpy beach things and looking terrible, but a recent surge in speedo sales of a variety of styles should not be discouraged. For a certain age and type of man, they are both an entirely suitable and dare I say attractive garment to wear.

    Debenhams would like us to wear long shorts and linen shirts… why? What is this trend with wearing shorts longer and longer… Some of the shorts I was able to buy last year were so long they weren’t shorts at all, they were ¾ length trousers. Ankle length “board shorts” may be all the age for the teenage skater and surfer boys of California, but we don’t live in orange county here, so lets try and demonstrate that British fashion and British fashion chains aren’t dependant on the OC for its style tips.

    Socks and Sandals – oh a very definite no, as I have so often told my father to no effect. Handkerchiefs on the head belong in the Victorian era, and bum bags went out last century…

    Football shirts I can agree with on a personal level, as I hate them, but I don’t see how they are such a fashion error, save that they portray a certain stereotype of British football hooliganism when abroad. Sarongs should be left to the women, as Beckham has been told…

    Cycling shorts and Crocs have their places, but I agree not as standard beach wear perhaps. But then again, referring back to the speedos, we’re talking clothes here that show off a persons figure, if you’ve got the body to wear such clothes well, by all means do so. There is no need to feel embarrassed about showing off your body. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! (As Ula told Max Bialystock…)

    Male nipple piercings? Again, why? Body piercings when not done to excess do not detract from a mans physical beauty and can often improve it. There are limits of course, but so long as it is tastefully done…

    Union Jack shorts? Another outrageous statement. These delightful garments come in a variety of designs from large and small logo embossed shorts to shorts and trousers made entirely in the design of our great flag (ala ian poulter and geri halliwell) If anything, in a time of emerging nationalism in our Union, we should be encouraging people to take pride in the flag of our great nation, not be embarrassed about it. As our government attempts to inspire a sense of Britishness among us and people are seeking to reclaim the flag from being a symbol of British right wing ultra-nationalism its outrageous that anyone could consider it to be embarrassing to be seen wearing the flag.

    The trend of the article appears to suggest that all British holiday makers are either old, overweight, or both and should therefore at all times wear loose non clingy clothes and refrain from wearing anything in the slightest bit revealing or that shows their age. In some cases they are right, but by no means is that a description of the entirety of the British holiday going population.

    If Debenhams is angling to provide fashion sense and style whilst restricting itself to the middle aged and above, no wonder high street sales are so low.

    If the store thinks so little of attractive young women and good looking young men, then it’s perhaps no wonder that people like me shall refrain from going to the oldies shops and stay with the real fashionable brands, like Next, River Island and Topshop.

    Finally, the Black Prince would like to announce that he will once again be spending the August bank holiday at Manchester Pride’s Big Weekend. (Aug 22nd -25th). Any other TWC members who might be in the area and looking to meet up/chat say hi or party from dawn till dusk should get in contact by PM, Facebook or email. Or you could stop by the stall of LGBTory at the Lifestyle Expo. If I’m not there, leave a message for Aden Lucas and the guys there will pass it on!

    Next up, we have an editorial-ish mutant-stream-of-consciousness thing, from god's gift to women (and tBP), Sundance.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    "Sundance's Musings on Life in General, by Sundance"

    Life in General is a bit of an oxymoron. There is absolutely nothing 'general' about life, in either the military rank sense or the common occurrences sense. This rule may be flouted if you are, in fact, a military general, but as they say, there are always exceptions to rules.

    This in itself seems slightly odd, and adds to my earlier point. Why are there rules if there is always an exception? Surely this makes rules imperfect and thus detracts from their usefulness in anything, ever? If I solve an equation using a certain rule, who is to say it's right? Could this be the exception to the rule? How can we tell? Furthermore, does this mean that rules such as, par exemple, "Nothing with mass can travel at the speed of light" has exceptions? It is entirely possible, in actuality, that I may be the sole person in existence to be able to travel at lightspeed due to being a freak error when whichever almighty deity as dishing out the laws of science, due to them being high off their roommate Chugg's pot, or an insane hangover from an all-night bender up in Valhalla.

    Therefore, every rule has an exception. This means that general life is always throwing you curveballs; exceptions to rules and whatnot. Everyone expereinces everything differently and no two lives are the same, so ergo the phrase is defunct.

    However, I could be blowing this whole thing out of proportion and actually scientifically evaluating a phrase that has evolved from English, possibly the stupidest language on Earth.

    Permit me to elaborate:

    English, unlike every other European language, has only one gender. This makes it very difficult for a foreigner to learn it. It is derived from about 50 other languages, mainly Germanic and Old French, with a bit of Arabic, Scandinavian, Spanish, Italian, Gaelic and Martian thrown in for good measure. Add a soupçon of retarded islanders who left the first human tribes on the fantastic whim of colonising a bleak little island somewhere in the chilly, rainy north of Middle-of-Nowhere, and you've got a language which is butchered beyond all recognition yet we still insist on retaining a deep-seated pride and fierce love for. Despite the entirety of Europe hating it and never being able to speak it (whereas we didn't even attempt to learn theirs), we subsequently thought it would be jolly good fun if we sailed away over the ocean and introduced it to 2 new continents, where the confused and terrified locals insisted they'd use the languages if the British would just stop those ****ing Scots playing their bagpipes. An accord was struck between the natives and the colonists, and in 1566, all bagpipes were cemoniously burnt and their ashes dumped back in Scotland. The Scots weren't too bothered, and immediately began using the ashes to make Black Pudding. No one has noticed since.

    To that end, why do we mince meat? I never understood what was wrong with the original meat product, cut from the animal and in all its bloody yet slab-like glory. It's like having a sandwich but ripping the bread up into tiny pieces before painstakingly pressing it back together to try and make...a slice of bread. Don't get me wrong, I love a good burger now and again, but mincemeat is utterly stupid. It is an insult to the memory of the cow in question that her fine steak remains have been ground up in a huge industrial play-do squeezy machine and packaged to look like the intestines of a small piece of roadkill. Daisy's probably up in cow heaven trying her very best to do the hoof version of sticking her middle finger up at Tesco ltd.

    On the subject of putting things together, and while I'm in a rant-y 'complain about everything' sort of mood, did anyone ever use airfix when they were younger? I only had a couple of sets, but they insane accuracy with which you had to piece your Spitfire Mk. II together was mind-blowing, often requiring degrees in advanced engineering and glue-onomy before an attempt could even be started, putting you well into your mid-twenties when the appeal of the kit had long since passed it's sell-by date. The glue itself was magic, sticking to anything and anyone and often leaving you with the odd tailplane or wing-cannon stuck aesthetically to your ear or one of your many digits for months, resulting in it becoming part of you and making you want to run repeatedly down runways making 'Nyowwwm' noises. The one thing the glue doesn't stick to is the plastic itself; it just ends up as slimy lubricant, once again proving that every rule has an exception, which in the case was a major flaw by the Airfix design company, who were probably far too high off the glue to really give a ****.

    AT this point I can't figure out whether I've written enough or not, or even if this'll be published, as I resigned my Arts correspondance some weeks ago due to heavy procrastinating to Scorchy-boy and a rare and unfortunate bout of extreme laziness...itis. Thus, I shall soldier bravely onwards, until this creative dirge eventually runs out of steam and puffs sadly into the station, where the fat controller will undoubtedly tell me I'm a very useful engine.

    I, for one, loved Thomas the Tank Engine when I was younger. Any of you who haven't witnessed it's sheer excellence should Youtube it immediately, lest you fall any further behind the few who experienced it's awesomeness during youth. The fact that the engineers made faces for the trains, and talked to them normally, was amazing to my 4-year-old self, though I never did see the point in them having drivers when they were perfectly capable of driving themselves. It also contained the first example of racial discrimination in shows for children; the trucks were clearly picked on repeatedly and 'Diesel' engines were treated with a sort of mild neglect. Apparently, in the futuristic world of the 90s, steam engines were the way forwards. I still eagerly await the moment they are proved right.

    The 90s were a good time for all. Saturday morning TV was longer and funnier, winters were colder, summers were hotter, games were simpler and had more platforms. It was the age of the Commodore, the Nintendo, the Mega Drive and the Playstation 1. One of the main things I recall is that I went outside a lot more than I see kids do nowadays. Maybe it was hotter, I don't know. But it was a good time. Nostalgia is one of life's best and worst emotions; it is thoroughly depressing to think of things that have gone and will never return, yet it is also one of the nicest feelings in the world to remember how good life was, before responsibility and stress. The biggest thing that could stress me out at age 8 was Leicester City losing a football match, and even then, I didn't lose hair over it.

    Now, if we weigh up me then to me now, I've become a terrible person. I drink occasionally, I have sex now and again, if anyone's willing, I listen to rock music and cause trouble for the establishment by loitering and other such heinous crimes. I party hard yet work hard, I chew gum, I wear leather jackets, and I work out a bit to impress those awful creatures known as women. An awful, awful shame....I was such a nice boy.....


    What? I meant terrible by Roman Clone's standards!

    Peace out y'all,

    Sunny D

    Well that's it folks. Nothing to see here. Move along.
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    Dom, you should blog.
    So if you
    Stumbled on a watch I'd assume it had a watchmaker,
    That a muffin presupposes a baker,
    So you must agree sooner or later,
    That this proves that there's a creator.
    So if I put my foot in a stinker,
    You'd assume the existence of a sphincter,
    Thus you don't need to be a great thinker
    To coclude that God's a bum
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    *Dom changes his life career*

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    Default Re: Helios the 29th: Feel the power! Feel it!

    My very essence ached so hard after reading that article, Dom.

    So hard.
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    I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and
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    Haha Scorch loved the intro
    we are beautiful
    we are doomed

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    Wunderbar everyone.
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    I believe that I win teh Helios this edition

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    I loved tBP's lecture on how us straights should dress, it seems what straight men wear matters more to gays than ourselves.

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    I get ladies panties thrown at me?

    Would.... would these be sanitary panties?

    'Cause I'm only askin' since I like my women the way I like my women's panties: Clean, Spotless, and White.

    Nah, I don't really care about what race you are or what color your panties are. Honest.

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    if i'm looking round a room, i want too see something that's nice and pretty to look at, not a fashion disaster trying to score and failing. I'm sure women do to... no doubt thats one of many reasons why so many straight women are found in gay bars (along with sundance, apparently).

    Sunny D, that was redoubtable. I can't think of a more fitting compliment lol.

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    I can assure you its not 'riods, more like insanity and 'what was I thinking!' I was genuinely broken mentally after doing those two articles, as soon as I see Helios 30 PM, I'll be thinking 'What? Already!?!'.

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    This one seems to be missing something this time. I can't put my finger on it though.
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    right toward the top.

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    That would be the Themia Devia. I believe VOP was supposed to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thanatos View Post
    That would be the Themia Devia. I believe VOP was supposed to do it.
    Nah, VOP is the regular CM guy. Usually Shaun does the TD, though real life made things difficult again.
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    The University of Sydney | Bachelor of Arts III (Majoring in Ancient History and Italian Studies)

    I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and
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    Quote Originally Posted by the Black Prince View Post
    Sunny D, that was redoubtable. I can't think of a more fitting compliment lol.
    In the terrifying sense or the worthy of respect sense?

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    Default Re: Helios the 29th: Feel the power! Feel it!

    Either way, good post, Sundance, good post.

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    ahhh now, you see why redoubtable is such an appropriate word lol

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    first time i read The Helios

    i will probably be a regular now, unless i forget

    i will be trying that gay bar visit

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    Default Re: Helios the 29th: Feel the power! Feel it!

    Very nice read. thankyou.

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