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    I know many have seen some of our posted units and we thank you for your support and words of encouragement, but I thought I would share with you what you have to look forward to for units. If there are anything mythological units that you have always liked but are not represented here - post it with references of coures so we know what your talking about - and we might just throw it in there!

    NOTE - this is for any -half-man-half beast or all beast units - not man units.

    Myth Unit List - not in alphabetical order

    Evil Minotaurs
    Evil Satyrs

    Anubi - Jackle men
    Horu - Hawk headed men
    Basti - Lion men
    Fell beasts
    - picture balrogs from LOTR and youve got the picture
    Hawkmen - its a snatch from Flash Gordon because I always wanted to do them - so i did - probably will be under Atlantis faction???
    Griffenmen - version of the Griffen but walks upright.

    please feel free to help inspire!
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    thanks solo, iíll add the existing ones up to date [as in beta 0.1] in an edit of this post.
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    Wut bout tha skelingtons?
    So if you
    Stumbled on a watch I'd assume it had a watchmaker,
    That a muffin presupposes a baker,
    So you must agree sooner or later,
    That this proves that there's a creator.
    So if I put my foot in a stinker,
    You'd assume the existence of a sphincter,
    Thus you don't need to be a great thinker
    To coclude that God's a bum
    -Tim Minchin

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    soloís list are ones we are working on now, iíll post a list of existing ones later. if you download the beta from the dev forum youíll see what is there, i changed names by what we said before in pmís etc.

    i forgot to upload the animations folder though so the beta wont work yet. am just uploading the files ~ trying to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shyam Popat View Post
    Wut bout tha skelingtons?
    Colchis has them-look in AP's beta. Skelly swordsmen.

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    we have giants, like talos and cyclops amongst others. at the moment they are 3 times the size of ordinary units, we can make them 9 times bigger, but this would need drastic changes in the skeleton and anims.
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